Ayurvedic Secrets for Simple & Sparkling Beauty

Gunjan Lal
April 24, 2017
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Ayurvedic Secrets for Simple & Sparkling Beauty

Ayurveda believes that actual and true beauty lies in three vital elements - a balanced mind, a well- nourished body, and a peaceful spirit. Ayurvedic lifestyle strives towards these three main goals, not only do they help in bringing out your inner beauty but most of a healthy body, peaceful spirit and balanced mind bring in positivity and goodness in all aspects of life. These three elements may seem easy to read but are really difficult to achieve, it takes a lot of hard- work to keep all these elements in balance. But balancing these elements is not what we'll discuss on this blog - here I'll tell you Ayurvedic secrets for a radiant you. Here are a few simple ways that will help in bringing out your inner beauty.


Take out time from your busy schedule to relax your body and stretch. If you can make time for exercise then nothing better than that. Every morning, try to do a little bit of exercise, or yoga. Ayurveda suggests yoga, as the benefits of yoga go beyond a healthy body. You can attain physical fitness, a calm and nurtured spirit and immense peace of mind with the help of yoga.

I'm talking about just a little bit of exercise here. I know some of us are too lazy to get up early in the morning for work, let alone Yoga! The good thing about this secret is that you need not over exert yourself. You don't have to push your limit every morning or even try to reach your exertion limit. If you only use about half of your energy that'll be enough. Just half of your entire energy can give your circulation a kick- start in the morning. Better circulation means better removal of accumulated toxins or ama.

The easiest form of exercise with which you can kick- start your day is stretching. It is the simplest thing one can start with, the best way to stretch is to imitate cats. Notice how they lengthen each muscle in the body, it looks as though they're bored or lazy - they might as well be. But you doing the same will melt away all the laziness out of you. While stretching, try to be fully present in your body, practice awakened relaxation.

Deep Breathing

Breathing is an inevitable process of the body. We don't really concern ourselves with the way we breathe, do we? Well, we should. If you halt for a second and pay attention to how you're breathing right now. You'll notice that you're inhaling and exhaling just out of your upper chest, this sort of breathing is called shallow breathing. What Ayurveda recommends is slow and deep breathing. Inhale in such a way that you feel the air reaching right into your abdomen. Make sure that you don't breathe too fast when you practice deep breathing. If you breathe fast and your air circulating channels (or vat avahi shrotas) are not clear, then an unequal distribution of oxygen will happen throughout your body. This kind of unequal distribution of oxygen does more harm than good. That's why when you practice deep breathing you must keep in mind to slow down, keep the rhythm steady and the pace easy.

A really good idea while doing deep breathing is diffusing/ burning some therapeutic essential oil in the air. Essential oils like rose, lavender, and jasmine can support your deep breathing activity and are really good for your skin. Try to do this at least two times a day, you'll see definite changes in your skin. Deep breathing also helps in bringing instant calmness and serenity.

Get Rid of the Background Noise

Take out time from your busy life and spend it on yourself. Use the time when you're doing deep breathing, for instance, to shut out the world and its noise and just concentrate on absolutely nothing. All you have to do is hear nothing, say nothing, try and not to think anything as well. Try to connect with yourself, tune down the outer world's noise and disturbances and focus on your inner self. It's very important to stay connected with yourself.

You must have heard about special retreats that offer you peace of mind and bliss. All the rich and famous go on vacations in far off places, remote islands and what not, just to bring in some sort of silence in their lives. Well, you won't need such extravagant trips simply for some peace of mind if you keep in touch with your inner self constantly. So, my pitch to you is that when you start the process of deep breathing, just turn off your phone, shut the door and breathe - do nothing at all.

Some find a fraction of peace by listening to music, reading books or painting. All that is fine in its own way, but the kind of peace you feel when you're in connection with yourself gives you a different kind of bliss altogether. Ayurveda says that this type of deep silence that makes you connect with yourself increases your spiritual density and makes you a person of substance. It helps your body and mind to stay balanced and more focused and alert in times when all that matters, and most of all, when you connect with yourself a sort of constant radiance always stays on your face all day!

Discipline Yourself

Discipline is one of the most essential and powerful beauty ingredients. The term sounds strict and difficult, more like a punishment for a lazy person like me, but it doesn't need to be scary or painful at all. Ayurveda has a smart and pretty wise approach to developing beauteous habits. It only asks you to weave small acts of discipline into your routine lives.

Little acts of self- control and discipline will go a long way. Start by waking up early in the morning. Spend ten to fifteen minutes for stretching. Pay closer attention to the way you brush your teeth (know if what you're doing is the correct way) and clean your tongue. Leave some space in your tummy after each big meal (leave a quarter of your stomach empty). Spend an extra ten minutes while bathing to pamper yourself with a massage. These aren't really punishments, consider these things as favours for your body. You'll see the difference that a disciplined life brings instantly.

Most of the problems that we face about out appearances, like dull skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, signs of premature aging are mostly because of the way we treat out bodies and live our lives in a hurry. Bringing a sort of stability in your daily routine will help you in warding off all these issues.

Give Your Skin a Break

The ancient Ayurvedic philosophy is deeply intertwined with nature - it also believes that less is more. The same mantra is applicable with your skin as well. You don't need to work too hard to keep your skin looking flawless. Give your skin a break from all cosmetics. Let go of mascara, lipstick, concealers etc. - your skin can do without these things for a couple of days.

You'd know that cosmetics contain all kinds of chemicals. Your skin absorbs everything it touches. Slapping on chemicals onto your skin every day is not a wise decision. While you give you an appearance of flawlessness, they suck out your skin's inner nourishment - most of the cosmetics leave your skin feeling dry and dull. I'm not saying that makeup is a bad thing - it's good as long as it's required, and I'm sure that you don't require it every day.

Covering up your skin with products 24x7 gives it no time to breathe - your skin needs to breathe too you know! Keep your skin free of products, keep it clean and keep it protected from the harsh environment. Try to shield your skin from harsh winds and glairing sun. Keep in mind that your skin care routine should be geared towards protection and purification, use lotions and creams only as additions to your basic routine.

Eat for Your Soul

The preparation of food plays an important role in the Ayurvedic system. It advises you to pay attention and spend time while preparing your food. This ensures that you choose the best ingredients and cook your meals in the best way possible. Also, try to set up your meals in such a way that it feels like a visual treat. Keep the flavours simple and the portions small. Make your meal's presentation such a visual treat that it just by looking at it feeds your soul and all your senses.

Paying attention to what you cook, how you cook it, and how you plate play their own parts. But the very act of eating plays a major part too. While eating, keep your posture straight - sit straight, but not still, let your body relax. Have small mouthfuls, savour each bite. Put down your spoon or fork after each bite and chew properly. Such habits promote automatic portion control, in a matter of few days, you'll start eating exactly as your physiology requires.

The best part about ayurvedic foods is that most of the food items (herbs and spices) carry not just healing properties but also skin strengthening, anti- ageing and hair nourishing properties too.

Beyond Physical Beauty

Ayurvedic experts recommend you to keep in mind a simple and universal truth that each one of us is beautiful in her or her own way. Our parents and grand- parents tell us these beautiful things when we're young, but as we grow up, we tend to forget such important lessons. When we leave our childhood behind and look forward towards the future, our thoughts, perceptions, and opinions change. So, if you're mom or grandmother told you when you were little that were the most beautiful girl or the most handsome boy in the world - you best believe now, that you are.

It's a fact that we're all different, we're all individual human beings, we all have different qualities that make us who we are. We let ourselves get caught up in the projected idea of 'beauty'. We forget what our grandmothers told us, and get inflicted with the idea of beauty which the world presents in front of us. Have you ever wondered who measures beauty? By what means?

Ayurvedic beauty experts believe that 'beautiful' doesn't mean outward appearance - beauty, according to Ayurveda lies within and shows up with grace. By simply changing your view-point on the mere word 'beauty' you can cultivate inner (non-physical) attributes such as grace, elegance, softness, kindness and creative energy. Compliment these inner elements with physical qualities such as good posture, a movement full of grace, relaxed manners and calm voice. It will start making you feel more confident and present everywhere you go.

Ayurvedic Home-Made Skin Care Recipes

Cleansing Scrub - For Dry Skin

What you need

2 teaspoons quick-cooking oats

2 tablespoons yogurt

1/4 teaspoon almond powder

1/4 teaspoon lavender flower powder

1/4 teaspoon orange peel powder

Now, stir all the ingredients in a bowl and apply gently on the face with your fingertips. Let the scrub sit on your skin for about ten minutes. Then using very little pressure, flake the mask off into the basin. If you feel that the mask is too sticky, use warm water to rinse it off. Dab your face with a soft towel, and apply a good moisturizer afterward.

Cleansing Scrub - For Sensitive Skin

You can make a cleansing scrub for sensitive skin by using the same ingredients that are to be used for dry skin. Just substitute whole raw milk for yoghurt and rose petals instead of orange peel.

Cleansing Scrub - For Oily Skin

1 teaspoon toasted wheat bran

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon orange peel powder

1/4 teaspoon almond powder

Now, stir all the ingredients in a bowl and scrub your face gently with your fingertips. You can let the scrub sit on your face for about ten minutes if you wish. Wash it off with water.

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