Fever and Flu, Go Away!

Atrayee De
April 24, 2017
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Fever and Flu, Go Away!

Fever and cold and flu is something that we all have experienced at some point of time or the other in our lives. Now the most annoying thing with fever for me is that you feel weak all the time and generally it takes a lot of time to go. Same is the case with cold. I mean all those moments when you want to work or dance, or exercise but you can't because you are too weak or busy sneezing away to glory. Well, if you are fed up with all the allopathic remedies and want some easy and natural ways to deal with fever and cold and even flu, then keep reading.


Here are some of the common symptoms of colds and flus, like:

  • Fever
  • Body Ache
  • Respiratory Symptoms
  • Headache
  • Dry/sore throat

Natural Cold and the Flu Remedies

For illnesses that the conventional medicine can't do much for anyway, I turn to these easy and good natural remedies. They won't knock out all symptoms as quickly as would an allopathic drug or they maybe not provide the pain relief of an over the counter drug, but hey they can surely help ease the crappish feeling of getting a cold, in a natural and healthy manner plus the good thing is there are absolutely no side effects for the natural remedies. That is the basic reason why they are getting so popular these days. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:

Lots of Water

I find that we all feel better when we stay a lot afloat and well hydrated, but especially during the period of our illness. Doctors often recommend that we rest and keep a good watch on our hydration for the minor illness and the advice is extremely sound. At first sign of illness, we make sure to sip a lot of water all day to support the body's natural healing process. This remedy is very easy but super important.

Raw garlic

One of nature's most potent remedies is also one of the easiest to find in the market. It has been extensively researched in over say about 5,000 studies for its natural ability to help the body recover easily and effectively. The Raw garlic is available in many stores and is also relatively inexpensive. To take it, I usually mince it and then drink with a small amount of water. For the kids, you could also mix it with honey or even the maple syrup or you could go on to add to the food to tone down the taste of the garlic.

Face Steam

I love this incredibly soothing remedy that is extremely effective and easily made with kitchen herbs. Here's what you should do:

  • I boil say 1-2 cups of water in a large pot and then remove from the heat.
  • Then, I usually add 2 teaspoons each of the thyme, rosemary and the oregano.
  • To intensify the herbs, I cover the pan for say about 5 minutes with a lid, and then remove lid and then the sick person leans over the pot (careful not touching it as its very hot ).
  • Then person covers his or her head with a cloth or say a towel to hold in the steam and breathes the steam to help ease the discomfort.
  • When that sick person is me, I try to breathe in the steam as long as I can, or for about 15 minutes. This seems to help loosen the congestion and in turn soothes the throat and also the sinuses.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas can also be very good for cold and flu they are extremely soothing during illness. I personally like the chamomile and the peppermint for easing discomfort. I keep my ten favorite herbal teas all on hand all the time, but I drink them often during the illness only. Many of the herbal teas are now available in the regular grocery stores as well.

Bone broth and soup

The Chicken soup is the age-old remedy for the illness, and I also turn to the broth and soups when I don't feel well. These can be made with the ingredients from a regular grocery store. Homemade bone broth and the homemade chicken soup are very refreshing and also very soothing remedies during the illness and it is also a very good source of the protein and the needed minerals.

Lemon juice or ginger

I find the fresh lemon juice and the fresh ginger in water especially soothing for the illnesses involving the respiratory issues or even for the sore throat. During the illness, I'll squeeze an entire lemon and also slice a piece of ginger into hot or even say a cold water container for a soothing drink. Lemon juice is beneficial in other ways too and many of the people drink it each morning.

Electrolyte drink

When I really don't feel too well and don't feel like drinking anything even water , I sneak some remedies in by making a good natural electrolyte drink. They are also readily available in the market and also come in varied flavors and I'm able to get some Vitamin C and minerals all in one glass.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Certainly not a favorite remedy for many due to the strong taste that it has, but the apple cider vinegar can really soothe your store throat. I'll drink a teaspoon (or up to say a tablespoon) in water during the times of illness. Adding a little bit of honey makes the taste more palatable.


Elderberry is a great natural remedy with a long history of its use. I keep the dried elderberries on hand at all times to make several different kinds of remedies. Homemade elderberry syrup is my go-to during any of the illness. The homemade version is also very similar to the Sambuca, which is available nationwide in many of the places.

Vitamin C

Many studies show that the Vitamin C can really help battle with the cold and flu. I always have it on hand and take it every few hours during the times of the illness.

Detox Baths

A detox bath may not really be say a speedy recovery during an illness, but it certainly seems to help ease the discomfort to a great extent. I often turn to these detox baths during the minor illnesses to help ease symptoms.

Herbs to Help Remedy the Cold, Fever and Flu

There are many herbs that support the body when healing from say an illness. I always keep these around just in case:

  1. Nettle Leaf-It contains a large amount of the vitamins and the trace minerals and this helps the body stay hydrated and also at the same time even removes toxins. In a tea with the Red Raspberry Leaf, the Alfalfa and Peppermint, nettle makes a powerful immune supporting and the illness preventing remedy.
  2. Elderberry- A well-known for supporting the good immune system. You can find the conventionally made elderberry syrups at many stores now, or to save some money, you can even make your own.
  3. Ginger- Fresh ginger root can also be steeped in the boiling water to make a tea that is very effective against the sinus symptoms and the congestion. The Ginger baths are also a soothing way to stop some of the discomfort of body aches.
  4. Yarrow-This is a common herb for the children. Many of the children's remedies include the yarrow for its soothing properties. It is naturally very bitter, so it is often good to include the peppermint and the stevia leaf (or raw honey) when making say a tea with it. It is great for the liver and also for the kidneys and it even supports the endocrine system.
  5. Chamomile- It is an absolute staple for the kids. Chamomile is extremely calming and seems to help the children sleep. It tastes great and is also easy to get kids to take. I use it in tea and also in the tincture form. Many kids often ask for chamomile tea with say some amount of raw honey when sick, and it actually works wonders for them.
  6. Peppermint- Great for all the digestive disturbances and for calming a fever is the peppermint. It can be used as say a tea or even its tincture or be it rubbed on the skin to bring about high fever down. It is also an antimicrobial and an antiviral and the kids usually love the taste of it. It can be consumed as say a hot tea or even as a cold tea during illness in any of the amounts.

Homeopathic Remedies

Similar to the above mentioned remedies homeopathic remedies also work wonders and also in a much natural manner, so lets look at some of the most recommended homeopathic remedies :

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