Surprise your baby with the amazing gift packs

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April 24, 2017
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Surprise your baby with the amazing gift packs

Ok, so are you planning to gift something useful yet awesome to your baby or are you planning to for a baby's birthday party, or just a casual visit maybe, or are you wondering what should you use so that your baby always has that extra charm and is healthy. Well if you are someone who comes under these categories then you are on the right article. Here are some easily found common yet useful gift items and you could also go for these in the form of gift packs which are already available in the market or simply make your own pack by combing any of these gift items. Happy shopping.

Some of the most common gifting options available:

Cleanser: Soap-free liquids are a good choice when it comes to gifting something to the babies. It's always a good practice to use a cleanser so that your baby's skin is always nice and clean.

Shampoo: Tearless one is best in this category. Now this is something which all of us know is important for our baby's hygiene. But what makes it different is that now it's available in different forms, colors and fragrances, so feel free to experiment and choose one which will be the best blend of healthy and charming.

Diaper cream: Use the petroleum jelly or even a zinc oxide cream. Now, diaper cream is something that you could easily find in the stores, you could also pop this on in your gift basket for this is an essential, and so, when you gift it, your gift can make a difference to the baby and his life.

Wipes: Go for the alcohol-free or you could skip them altogether. Wipes can sometimes irritate a baby's skin, but if you use the right one it works wonders too. If you use the ones with the allover coating it's great for your baby's skin, and will also help your baby stay clean and happy. Plus this is also a good gifting option if say you want to give it to your friend's baby. It's useful, necessary and now it comes in different fragrances too.

Moisturizer: Pediatric dermatologists say that the petroleum jelly is "the gold standard,"; now speaking of moisturizers there are so many that are available these days, however my most favorite gifting option is the Himalayan moisturizer or the Johnson one , both are absolutely amazing. It protects the babies' skin from getting too dry and tearing and it also repairs it naturally.

Laundry detergent: The kinds made for the babies are fine but not necessary for most kids. But try to go for the fragrance-free. Liquid rinses out better than the flakes, and they often come in cute animal shaped bottles, which babies absolutely love.

Diapers. Most diaper rash happens when the babies sit in the dirty diapers for too long. "When the babies eat, they poop soon after. Stay on the lookout after you feed, and change them right away,"; Robinson says. So we can thereby understand how important diapers as a new mom, almost all the times diapers are needed so if you gift a set of diapers, it would be heaven for the mom, as its always tiring to rush to the store and keep grabbing them.

Baby dresses. Now it's nothing that you do not know I mean there are so many different and beautiful baby dresses available these days, they come in different colors, prints and designs. Gift a dress this season and make your as well as your friends baby look absolutely stunning

Soft toys. Baby Panda's, teddy bears, baby dogs, cats, squirrels the stores have it all. You name it and you have it. It's always a wonderful thing for kids. Babies love toys, they love to cuddle them, bite them or even pull their ear, therefore you could consider giving a cute little bunny or teddy too. But please check the material because some toys are made of material that is harmful for the baby always choose a cotton doll which is not too hard and as soft as cotton itself. Babies love cuddly fluffy soft toys like forever.

Barbie dolls. Now if your baby is a girl or the baby you are buying a gift for is a girl , baby dolls, Barbie dolls , betty dolls, Kelly dolls, are a wonderful options. Girls absolutely love babies and other type of dolls. You could also gift her Barbie's baby sister Kelly doll.

Kitchen sets. This is for selectively bigger children say about 5-7 or so. Children love cooking, eating and playing with all the utensils especially girls. They love playing mommy mommy and love to imitate mommy. This is also an easy and lovely gifting idea for the children.

Doctor Sets. Now this is common for both girls and boys alike, you could give this to those children who are about 5-7 years or more. Children love making their dolls as their patient and performing all sorts of experiments on them. It's a wonderful gift for those children you aspire to be doctors themselves as they grow up.

Cars, Bikes all the way. Now this is more attractive gifting option for the boys. Boys like the cars and bikes, and all sorts of vehicles, so you can never possibly go wrong with them.

Teething Toys. Now this is for the absolutely new born babies and babies who are developing the teething process. It is essential that they get something to chew on, and what better than cute duckies and bunnies. So you could give them soft teething toys, which are both useful and when they grow up they can have so much memory attached to them.

Baby shoes. Now shoes are also nowadays a trending gifting option. Recently only I was visiting West Side and there I found such pretty and cute baby shoes that made me wish that I also had a pair. They are extremely cute, colorful and soft, they even come in sets of four and you can have all sorts of designs and animals, like bunnies, mouse, cats made on them.

Baby caps. You could also think of giving the beautiful and soft baby caps for the new born babies. They too come in different colors, shapes and designs. Plus they are wonderful because they keep your babies tiny ears covered, which is especially good for the chilly winter season.

Baby loofas. Now this is something that I had when I was a baby. I remember I had a frog loofa. It also used to make some cute sound, similarly you could also gift your baby a cute loofa, it will keep your baby clean and at the same time add memories and make your baby giggle as you press the animal attached to the loofa. I remember it always make me chuckle...

Baby Alphabet Quilt. Now quilt is something that every baby needs and loves. It's the reason for them having a sound sleep and what better than an alphabet quilt, it will look cute plus would also motivate your child and help your child grasp the alphabets faster.

Baby Cot. Now as a baby, always spends most of his or her time in the cot what better than gift him or her , his or her own new space, a pretty and spacious cot, which will give him his space and also if you add some toys to it , it would surely be the babies paradise.

Baby Bag. Now as mom's, it's always difficult to carry everything for your baby when planning to go out, so you could gift the baby and in turn to the mom a cute baby bag with different animals embodied on it, it could be soft and fluffy as well, it would be the perfect arsenal for the baby and his or her mom.

Baby Play mats. Babies as they grow up love sitting on the comfortable and cozy mats, so what better than the play mat that will keep your baby clean and also will make him laugh while pulling or even touching the cute baby playmate.

Plush and Cozy chair. Now this could also be an "it thing"; for the baby. You could gift the baby a cute cozy chair where he or she could sit and watch to, read or play.

Cozy Nap mats. Now babies love to eat sleep and repeat so if you give the baby a comfortable and cozy nap mat, it would ensure that the baby has a healthy and sound sleep, whenever he wants.

Baby books. You could also give the baby glossy , colorful and shiny baby books, which would have lots and lots of drawings and pictures and also some story, it would not only make the baby happy but also enable him to learn something out of it.

Baby bibs. Now as babies always have a tendency to drop whatever they tend to eat, bibs work wonders for such situations, you could gift a cute bib that would help the baby stay clean and out of a messy situation.

Birthday book. Now like slam books, birthday books are the books that are easily found in the market and these books basically help you to record all the memories of your baby's birthday treats, so this is also something that you could gift to the babies.

Swim time sand toys. Now if the baby loves going to the beaches, these are a wonderful gift option. They help the baby to make things and thereby enthrall the creative mind of the baby, you should definitely try them.

Wooden baby music box. This charming cradle-side staple is sure to become a beloved childhood treasure for the baby. The bright, and the colorful design and the classic melody will have your little one nodding off faster than you can say the hush. So you could try to find the right music box for your baby.

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