Why should you opt for wipes and diapers instead of cloth?

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April 24, 2017
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Why should you opt for wipes and diapers instead of cloth?

Let's face it, we all know that the cloth is now slowly taking a set back and now people are preferring more and more of the wipes and the diapers. But did you know there are MANY other reasons that more and more parents are choosing the diapers today, than just because of sheer convenience.

Understanding Disposable Diapers

  • A disposable diaper is an absorbent pad which is basically sandwiched between the two sheets of the non-woven fabric.
  • The pad typically contains the chemical crystals that can absorb up to say 800 times their weight in the liquid and hold it in the gel form.
  • That helps to keep liquid away from your baby's soft skin.
  • According to manufacturers, this means that you can leave a baby in a disposable longer than in a regular cloth diaper without causing him or her any form of discomfort.
  • Most disposable diapers can actually absorb far more liquid than a child is likely to quite produce during a single use.
  • Of course, you'll probably see the differences from brand to brand in fit, the absorbency, and the leakage control.
  • The main improvement in disposables in recent years has been to make them a lot bigger and thinner, which is supposed to create less waste for the landfills.

Disposable Underwear's

The Disposable underwear is designed to keep the older children dry at night if they want to urinate while sleeping. The Goodnites Underwear, for example, is made in a different versions for the boys and girls ages from 4 and up. Pampers makes a similar product called the Under Jams (marketed as a size 8 diaper). The size is L/XL, for example, will fit a child between say about 58 and 85 pounds.

The All-in-One Diapers

These are a variation on the pocket diapers in which the diaper is sewn to the outer waterproof cover (you can still fold the diaper into the pocket quite easily). Bemis Easy-Fit Diaper is an example of such kind of diaper. They're convenient for the quick changes on the go and, with an extra diaper always inside, can work well for the overnight. But they're usually quite bulky and thick, so they might need more time in the dryer after the laundering. Some are one size; instead of buying the larger sizes as your baby grows, you simply can secure the front flaps on the outer snaps as your baby gets bigger, with the passing days.

Benefits of Choosing Diapers and Wipes for your baby

These are only the top reason why the moms and dads today are considering the readymade wipes and diapers over the simple cloth for their baby. Once you actually give them a try, you will actually discover that there are many more benefits to it!!

1- Diapers and wipes have come a long way, baby!!
Chances are that you wouldn't even recognize them today as they used to be earlier. The diapers have evolved to such an extent over the last ten years that many of the rival disposables any day. In fact, if you were to put an All-In-One cloth diaper next to a disposable, you would find very little difference in bulk, the size and function. The diapers and wipes are slowly capturing people's attention and also providing better coverage and protection than the regular cloth, which was being used earlier.

2- Diapers and wipes are becoming more economical!
Disposable diapers which earlier were very expensive, now have comparatively become cheaper when you consider a 2-3 year of the diapering period. They can only be used now for longer durations and are not easily tossed away. They can be used for a second (or more) child, as now it absorbs more than ever before. The diaper can give you ease and assure you less leakage for 3 years and that too for a lot lesser price.

3- Babies are healthier in Diapers!

  • Disposable diapers contain many of the important chemicals, and even perfumes that are not all that harmful to your baby. It gives protection and fragrance at the same time. The wipes and diapers soak in the excess liquids and locks it in, allowing your baby to be healthy and fresh. It also does not allow any form of rashes to creep in because of the otherwise liquid condition as was the case with normal cloth.
  • The majority of babies in the cloth tend to have less coverage as it often opens when they move or shift a lot. Diapers are more breathable and have none of the harmful chemicals or bleaches which were earlier found in disposables.
  • The gel that is used in disposables to absorb and hold in moisture, it keeps your baby hydrated and moisturized, you should ideally not have to worry about leakage and embarrassing situations when in comfortable diapers.

4- Diapers are more reliable and a lot less messy than cloth

  • Yes, we are talking about the leaks! With a correctly fitted and tested diaper the majority of moms experience less leaking than you get with using the cloth disposables. New, modern cloth diapers and covers are so customizable that you have the ability to get a proper and also perfect fit on your baby each and every time.
  • Think about how you will have too much washing to do using the cloth, while the diapers and the wipes are so easy and convenient , all you need to do is make your baby wear it, and once its dirty change it, no more hassles on washing the cloth over and over and over again.

5- Diapers are now so much more comfortable!

Would you like to wear paper underwear all the day? Why would you think your baby thinks any differently? Soft cotton next to a baby's tender skin is much more comfortable than the paper and plastic. Babies also tend to be changed more frequently in the new soft customized and fluffy diapers, as opposed to the earlier single use disposable diapers, because moms are aware of when baby is actually wet. And, with the new microfleece fabric which is used as liners in the diapers today, your baby will not have the wetness against their skin. The liquid is wicked away to the diaper underneath, keeping baby feeling fresh and dry.

6- Diapering is quick and EASY!

  • Yes, we said easy! The concept of convenience is a marketing ploy that the traditionalist used. With the advent of technology now the same or infect more convenience is found in the disposable diapers.
  • The traditionalist don't what you to know how easy the new diapering really can be! With new, modern the diapers and the many innovative accessories are made available today, diapering thus has become very easy today and it takes no more time to change your baby and then run a load of laundry than it does to change your baby, get the baby dressed to go out, put baby in a the jacket or bodysuit, fasten the baby in car seat, get stroller out of car, take baby out of the car seat, fasten the baby into stroller, go into the mall, weave through the aisle to get to the aisle...and get the perfect cloth, sometimes it's even out of stock.
  • Whereas as for the modern diapers they are easily available in any store and even on online portals such as healthmug.com , from where you could easily place an order and get it as soon as is possible.

7- Diapering is Fun!
With all the available choices in diapers, fabrics, the fun prints and colors to choose from and that fact that we can do away with the pins, diapering is actually quite fun! Setting up your diapering layette is just as much fun (maybe even more so!) as is the picking out bedding and blankets. The majority of moms that are using diapering love to talk about the diapers they use and how much they enjoy using them. They love to show them off as well!

8- Babies look adorable in the new diapers!
Diapers are a modern baby's fashion statement! And modern moms love to shop for the diapers. Have you ever noticed how the professional photographers use the diapers on their baby models? It just looks better on the babies. There are so many choices in the diapers today. With all the styles and the varied colors, babies look adorable in the diapers and those amazing prints! Show your little one off in a soft, yet a lot comfy, and adorable manner.

9- Putty learning is way easier!
It is a little known fact that the diapered children putty learn earlier and with the less effort on the part of the parent. Again, the diapers are saving our families a lot of time! As children are actually aware of the sensation of when they are urinating, the average child that is diapered typically putty learns faster than their cloth diapered friends.

10- Diapers are getting better for the environment!
Earlier the diapers were seen as a threat to the environment but with the new players in the market now eco-friendly diapers and wipes are also easily available that have comparatively much lesser environmental impacts than they had before. The diapers are becoming more and more baby friendly and everyone seems to use it these days. It has in that sense become the new "it thing" in the market.

Some of the recommended diapers and wipes

Herein under are some of the most used diapers and wipes from Himalaya, which is a good brand for your baby care products, some of these products are:

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