6 Essential Oils You Need To Keep At Home

Gunjan Lal
July 27, 2016
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6 Essential Oils You Need To Keep At Home

I was waiting for a friend the other day and was bored so to kill time I stepped into a little store that I found interesting. What intrigued me about it was that it had these pretty tiny bottles. I absolutely love it when normal things come in miniature sizes, from chocolates to notebooks. Anyway, this store apparently sold scented candles, essential oils and room fresheners, so obviously it smelled awesome. I couldn’t get enough time to browse through the store because my friend finally came and I had to leave. But that mesmerizing fragrance got stuck in my head so when I got back home I did a little research about essential oils and was blown away after finding out that there are more than fifty essential oils! And each has multiple health benefits. So to make it simple, I’ve made a list of six essential oils with health benefits that’ll shock you.

Here’s a list of essential oils that you MUST keep at home.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is shown to be useful for many hair related problems. It helps in getting rid of lice and lice eggs, it is also effective in the treatment of hair loss essentially for people who suffer diseases in which the body rejects its own follicles (disease like alopecia). It also has antiseptic and antifungal properties, therefore it can be used on your skin for various purposes; to treat inflammatory conditions such as wrinkles, acne, psoriasis etc, to boost the healing process of cuts and wounds, burns and sunburn.

Lavender oil isn’t just beneficial for your skin and hair it also has crazy health benefits. Can you believe that it can be used as a BUG REPELLANT? No kidding, Lavender essential oil’s smell is too strong for many bugs such as midgets, moths, and mosquitoes. You can apply a bit of this essential oil on your exposed skin before leaving home you won’t just smell like flowers; it’ll also prevent you from getting bit by bugs. If I’d known this a year back then I probably would have prevented myself from getting bit by a Dengue mosquito, well, better late than never. If you’ve got a bug bite right now, you can still use lavender oil to reduce pain and irritation, it has anti- inflammatory qualities that help with cases of bug bites. Speaking of pain, lavender oil is also beneficial in relieving other kinds of pains. It can be of great help to the people who suffer joint pains if massage their regularly with lavender essential oil.

According to many aroma therapists and dermatologists, Lavender oil is one of the most useful oils for the treatment of acne. You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your daily skin creams (or ointments), it will increase the potential for healing and relief.

It is also widely used to deal with respiratory problems such as cold & cough, flu, sinus congestion, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis and throat infections. You can add a few drops of lavender oil with your normal vapor rub that you use for cold and cough and apply the mix on your chest and neck.

Lavender essential oil is also used for the treatment of hair loss and insomnia; it assists in digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces anxiety and mental stress and defends the body against diseases like typhoid, diphtheria, and tuberculoses.

A word of caution, make sure that you DO NOT ingest this oil. It is also not advisable for people with extremely sensitive skin, lactating women and diabetic patients.

Rose Oil

Rose Oil

Rose essential oil can come in handy if you want scars, acne marks and pimples to fade away quickly. Thanks to its antioxidant qualities which boost the healing process of the skin rose oil is useful in getting rid of marks caused by surgery, stretch marks and marks what pregnancy leaves behind.

Rose oil (among other very complicated terms which I’ll tell you in a minute) is an antiseptic, antidepressant, antiviral, astringent oil in nature. This means that applying this oil over wounds protects them with the threat of getting septic or developing infections. Its antidepressant as it helps in enhancing confidence, self- esteem, mental strength, relieving anxiety and helps with fighting depression. It is also used in aromatherapy as it evokes positivity, spiritual relaxation, positive thoughts & feelings. Rose oil’s antiviral properties assist as a resistant shield against any type of virus and viral infections. Its astringent properties have many uses, it strengthens your hair roots (aids in resisting hair loss) and helps in lifting and toning the skin. It also strengthens your gums and protects you from loss of teeth and assists in stopping the flow of blood from cuts and wounds as it contracts the blood vessels.

Rose essential oil has bacteria killing (bactericidal) properties, therefore it is used in the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and food poisoning. It can cure bacterial internal infections like the ones in the stomach, intestines, colon and urinary tract, as well as external infections on the ears, eyes, skin and wounds.

Have you ever felt nervous or anxious before doing something important? Like before your first job interview, introducing your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to your parents for the first time, giving a speech in front of a thousand people. A bit of rose oil can help you with that. It will help you calm down and it is good for your nerves (medically referred to as a Nervine) as it strengthens them to shock and anxiety.

Rose oil can also help in calming you down when you experience high fever by sedating the inflammation. It also helps in sedating inflammation in the stomach (a stomachic). It helps (and soothes) your stomach to function properly and resist infections. It protects your stomach from ulcers too. These often develop because of over production of acids and their spread into your stomach. Excessive acid production may lead to indigestion, impacted bowels, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, excess gas and heartburn.

A word of caution, this oil can cause a headache and should not be used by pregnant women.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil

Like Rose oil, sandalwood (Chandan) essential oil also has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities. We’re all familiar with it we’ve seen advertisements on T.V of creams, soaps, toothpastes and lotions that include sandalwood or Chandan as an important part of the product. It’s been used in Indian households for multiple purposes since centuries.

Sandalwood oil is great for your skin. It makes your skin soft and assists in controlling the breakout of pimples and acne making your skin look clear. It has a toning effect on the skin, helps it with shrinking pores on your skin and gives it an even texture. It also prevents premature aging of the skin as it tightens the drooping skin tissues to provide a youthful appearance to your skin. You can add a few drops of sandalwood oil to your regular face packs and see the magic.

Essential Oils for Skin

  • Lavender oil
  • Rose oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sandalwood oil

Its fragrance repels insects and is used as a disinfectant. If you or anyone you know have infections in internal body parts like throat, intestines and stomach. A few drops of Sandalwood oil mixed with milk (along with medication) can be consumed to boost healing in internal infections.

While many essential oils are not recommended for children, it can be said that it is safe for children to consume sandalwood oil. It is a beneficial health tonic not just for children, but for everyone. It soothes your stomach, nervous system, digestive system and circulatory system.

Sandalwood oil assists in lowering bad cholesterol, provides relief from inflammation, scars & spots, improves memory, strengthens gums and muscles and enhances immunity.

Though this oil does not have any side effects, it’s still recommended NOT to use it on your skin without dilution or blending it with other oils.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil

Orange essential oil is widely used in domestic and medicinal purposes. You can use it to add a tangy orange flavor to your drinks and cakes, you can also use it in the form of a room freshener. Orange oil is often used in aromatherapy, it instantly lifts up your mood, generates positive, happy and relaxed feelings.

Medically, orange oil is used as antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, tonics, sedative. It acts as a detoxifier, treats constipation, boosts immunity and dyspepsia and is great for maintaining smooth healthy and glowing skin.

Orange oil helps in relaxing your nervous and muscular spasms. Spasms (sudden involuntary muscular contractions) must be treated at a premature stage or prevented entirely. They can cause many serious problems such as continuous coughing, muscle cramps, convulsions, and extreme diarrhea.

It also acts as a natural sedative which helps you relax after a long and tiring day at work or college. It’s beneficial in reducing depression, anxiety and anger. Orange oil’s anti inflammation quality comes in handy with your common problems such as infections, fever, gas and excessive intake of spices.

You can use this oil to aid cuts or bruises that have a risk of becoming septic. Fungal infections and tetanus can also be avoided by using orange oil because they possess qualities that restrict microbial growth and disinfects the wounds.

A Study suggests that using orange essential oil in aromatherapy can aid in improving your cognitive function, especially in patients with Alzheimer. 

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil

Essential Oils for Your Myriad Moods

Anxiety and Depression

Lavender oil, Rose oil

Confidence Boost

Orange oil

Memory and Concentration Boost

Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil, Rose oil



Rosemary essential oil is incredibly beneficial for your hair. You can mix a few drops of this oil along with your regular shampoo and voilà! You can say good-bye to dandruff, it also stimulates hair growth. It’s also great for your skin, blend it with a bit of coconut oil and see how your stretch marks and scars disappear. Rosemary oil can prove to be effective in clearing up acne from your skin.

This oil’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties help our body to build up resistance during cold and flu season. If you already are suffering from cold or you’ve caught the flu then no worries you can try to massage two or three drops of the rosemary oil on your chest and throat every few hours but don’t stop taking your medication, it’s not a magic portion but you sure can use this oil as a helping hand to get better faster.

Rosemary oil possesses a pain relieving quality and can be used for you or anyone in your family experiences headaches due to stress. The aroma of this oil has a magical effect on the indecisive or confused state of mind, it enhances your ability to think clearly. It doesn’t just help you in thinking clearly, it also boosts your memory. A study revealed that the fragrance of rosemary essential oil can produce a considerable improvement in performance and memory of healthy adults and assisted them to stay alert.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

You must be familiar with the use of Peppermint in your everyday products like soaps, toothpaste and chewing gum. I specially love the taste of mint in my tea. Like many of the essential oils that I’ve mentioned above, Peppermint oil too isn’t just amazing to smell and taste it also has many health benefits. Did you know that peppermint oil is sold in the form of tablets and capsules and is even prescribed by doctors of alternative modern medicine? Well, I didn’t.

This essential oil comes in handy for people who catch a cold and cough easily. Menthol, which is present in abundance in peppermint oil helps in clearing your respiratory tract. Peppermint oil contains a variety of nutrients and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese it also contains omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins C & A. It assists to eliminate nausea and headaches, treat urinary tract infections, stimulates mental activity, increases blood circulation and boosts immunity.

Essential oils are easily available in stores. They’re also available in online stores. You never know how or when these oils can come in handy. Giving a little pack of essential oils to your loved ones will definitely prove to be a very thoughtful gift.

Gunjan Lal

Gunjan Lal

Hi! I’m Gunjan, a self-proclaimed tea fanatic and intrigued with alternative ways to lead a healthy life. I firmly believe that we should take care of our bodies because it’s the only place we live in.

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