Korean Beauty Regimen 101 - Everything you need to know about Korean Skincare

Jahanvi Gupta
June 08, 2019
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Korean Beauty Regimen 101 - Everything you need to know about Korean Skincare

Korean beauty has always been a bit of mystery for all of us. We all long for that hourglass clear skin and glossy glow.

There are various products that claim to treat and make your skin flawless just like those Glowing Korean Women. But here’s the thing, Koreans are naturally blessed with beautiful and clear skin from their ancestors. Koreans have always been known for their beauty. But can you achieve such a glow on your skin? The answer is Yes!

Your skin has been out there all day in dirt and pollution for all these years, so be specific that treating your skin from within is a long process but the results are to die for. The key is to stop using chemically made skin care products on your skin. The makeup products you are using already contains a mixture of different chemicals, so you need to treat your skin with natural ingredients to make it healthy.

I know, reaching out for natural ingredients every day is a bit of a task, but then, there are a thousand brands that provide natural products for your skin that you can actually rely on.

So here is a guide on how you can achieve that Korean glass skin with the natural remedy of Ayurvedic products.



Exfoliating your skin is the first and foremost step to start with your Korean regimen of beautiful skin. Exfoliating your skin helps in removing dead cells and also, regulates blood circulation. When your skin pores are deeply cleaned, all the products that you use are able to get completely absorbed in your skin to actually start treating the skin cells from deep within. Also, while washing your face don’t forget your neck area. The main Korean secret to their lean face and symmetrical neck is rubbing and pressing your scrub properly on the face as well as neck area.

Gently rub the scrub on neck area by pressing the product deeply inside your skin in circular and upward motions. This helps in lifting up your skin and makes it less saggy, overtime.

The scrub that I recommend is Qunita Essentia Organic Rose-Vanilla Face Scrub

Face washes

Face Wash

There are basically 2 stages of washing your face according to Korean secrets.

The first step is using an Oil based face wash. An oil-based face wash makes your skin glossy and also, provides the required nourishment to the skin.

The glossy appearance of Koreans is mostly based on every oil-based product, whether skin care or makeup.

For Oil based Face Wash, one can consider using : Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Tea Tree Face Wash

The next is to use a water-based face wash. Obviously, an oil-based face wash can make your face too much oily, especially if you have oily or combination skin.

To overcome this situation, using a water-based facewash helps in preserving the natural oils of your face, that otherwise are washed away when using a normal face wash.

When your natural oils are preserved with an oil-based face wash, water-based face wash actually helps to reduce that excess oil and also does not make your skin feel dry and patchy.

This makes a perfect base for your makeup and you can see a lot of difference in your skin texture and glow after this.

Best Face Wash that is water based and hydrating at the same time is, Khadi Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash

Face oil

Face Oil

There are a million choices when it comes to using face oils and serums. This totally depends on your skin type and concerned problems.

Like for dry skin people, one must use a hydrating and moisturizing face oil, say, ARGON oil. For specific concerns on your face like pigmentation, pimples, acne marks, wrinkles, fine lines, etc, there are a range of hundreds of oil to choose from.

Face oils help in various problems and obviously makes your skin glowing and dewy looking.

The face Serum that I personally like is Prakrta Serum of Youth with Vitamin E and CoQ10


Eye cream

Eye Cream

Eyes are the areas that can make you look old and dull. The wrinkles and fine lines are visible on your face at the age of around 30 years. Moreover, fatigue and puffiness over eyes make your face appear fatter.

To make your eyes look fabulous without using mascara or kajal, is to actually take care of your eyes regularly.

Regular use of eye cream/gel/serum makes your eye area brighter, less puffy and less tired. The type of eye cream totally depends upon your need of the hour. There are different eye cream/ gels /serums to treat the concerned problem.

The eye cream, I recommend is Amsarveda Hydrating Under Eye Cream



Moisturizing your face is always one of the most important factors while talking about skincare routine.

Moisturizing your face properly locks the natural oils of your face in place and also prevents them from further dirt and pollution. The moisturizer again depends upon your skin type. There are different types of moisturizer for different types of skin whether dry, normal, oily or combination.

So know your skin perfectly and choose the products accordingly.

One can consider Khadi Sandalwood Face Cream

Sheet mask

Sheet Mask

Now, this is not an everyday step. Using a sheet mask twice or thrice a week is more than enough. So you can actually consider using them on alternate days.

Again, sheets masks have a huge variety to choose from and concern different problems.

Also, it gives you time to just sit down and relax. What else do you need for a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Just lay a sheet mask on your face and sit back and relax. After approximately 15 minutes, take out the sheet mask and massage the serum gently into your face.

You are good to go with shiny, dewy and glowing skin. Organic Harvest Anti Wrinkle Serum Mask



Toning is one of the most important steps. Toning helps in tightening the pores of your skin and also helps in pigmentation.

When you are in a hurry and need to go with a quick skin care routine, just wash your face, apply toner and then coat a layer of moisturizer on your face and Voila! You’ll be shining lady.

So, don’t miss the step of toning your face and let your skin breathe fresh and freely for a few minutes after the application of toner.

Mantra Herbal Gulab Arka Indian Rose Water Refreshing Toner



Don’t, don’t and don’t ever miss this step before stepping out in the sun.

UV rays can actually harm your skin pretty bad and this is one of the major reasons for problematic skin. Pimples, acne, pigmentation and what not, are majorly caused by exposing your skin directly in the sun.

Using a sunscreen of at least 30+ or 50+ SPF is necessary to protect your skin from damage.

For this, my personal favourite is Biotique Bio Carrot Face and Body Lotion with SPF 40

Korean skin is not easy to achieve and actually requires great care of your skin. But ultimately the results would be a phenomenon and your skin would thank you forever.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Korean regimen at home with all natural and Ayurvedic products to make your skin healthy and glowing.

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