8 Amazing Tips for Winter Skincare Routine

Tullika Ganguly
February 07, 2020
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8 Amazing Tips for Winter Skincare Routine

"Winter is not just a season, it's a celebration".

Winters are pretty awesome as they bring along with them a golden opportunity to flaunt our beautiful fur jackets, hoodies, and much more. This season is indeed very happy and merry for every one of us but there are certain problems which bother us and somewhere makes us dislike this season a bit.

When we are talking about Winter season problems, how can we not mention the irritating skin issues which concern us a lot and makes us fussy and unhappy. From dried skin to chapped lips and various other skin-related issues seem to be immensely bothering during this season. This weather robs away the moisture and glow from our sensitive skin and makes it appear dull and pale.

Let's admit it, we all desire to achieve a healthy and glowing skin that is just flawless but the harmful effects of this freezing season somehow impedes us to do so.

Here are a few tips which will help you all to maintain a flawless skin during winters.

1. Avoid regular Exfoliation

Avoid regular Exfoliation

We all have been consistently told that exfoliating our skin is very important. Proper exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead cells and keeps the skin smooth and glowing. Winters already make the skin immensely dry and lifeless, therefore it is advised to minimize exfoliating the skin.

Although one should not completely avoid this process as it is somehow necessary to get rid of the dead cells which harm the skin. You should try to opt for natural exfoliators which helps in maintaining the oil secretion and simultaneously remove dead cells from the skin. This way the skin remains

One can mix oats, lemon juice, and honey to scrub away the dead cells and get a radiant face. This scrub acts as a natural exfoliator and does not harm our skin, rather keeps it soft and smooth.

2. Consume a healthy diet

Healthy Diet

'A healthy outside starts from inside'

We all desire to achieve flawless skin which imparts radiance and glow. To fulfil our desire it becomes imperative to eat healthy food which gives nutrients to our body and further helps in getting a radiant skin. Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables help our body to get all the necessary nutritive components which keep us healthy from inside, which ultimately reflects through our skin.

If you all aim to consume a balanced diet that contains all the required nutrients and vitamins, then you will notice your skin can effectively combat with the harmful effects of this season.

3. Guzzle down loads of fluids


Staying hydrated is a cure to most of the health issues. It is extremely important to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily as it washes out the toxins from the body. Consumption of water, as well as other fluids, help in getting a natural glow and it also keeps dryness at a bay.

If you feel too bored to drink just water, then you can add a few drops of lemon to it. It not only enhances the taste but also helps in detoxifying the body which ultimately reflects on the skin.

You can also consume carrot, tomato, pomegranate juice, as these help to detoxify the body and provides a natural glow to the skin.

4. Don't Ditch the Sunscreen


Well, it might be a bit amusing but the fact of the matter is that sunscreens are quite important even in winters. The sun rays may not be able to provide warmth in this season but certainly it causes immense damage to our skin. The harmful effects of this season are extremely taxing on the skin and it is important to choose a great sunscreen to shield the skin against these effects.

Applying a sunscreen with good SPF helps the skin to stay protected from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. It is advised to wear a sunscreen whenever you go out to avoid various skin issues like Wrinkles, Premature Aging etc.

So, gear up to face this season with a wide smile and a great sunscreen on your face!

5. Eat, Sleep, Moisturize and Repeat!


This Freezing season takes a toll on our skin and somehow dryness is that annoying guest who is here to stay for a bit longer. From chapped feet to dry hands and rough skin, we are constantly looking for ways to hide our skin, which is not so attractive anymore.

Moisturizing should be your go-to-activity that you perform as often as possible. It is recommended to use a nourishing cold cream which has a repair mechanism to rejuvenate the skin. One can also use natural moisturizers like Coconut oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Cocoa Butter etc which will make the skin smooth and supple. Natural Moisturizers don't harm the skin in any way and provide proper nourishment to the skin

6. Say bye-bye to the regular facewash


Your regular facewash might be very precious to you but it's time to get rid of it for this season, atleast. The regular facewash steals away the oil & moisture from the skin and makes it oil and moisture free. These facewashes might have been your best buddy during summers and autumn but they turn out to be your foe during winters.

During this harsh weather, it is advised to use a gentle facewash which helps in balancing the oil secretion and simultaneously cleanses the skin. Cleansing is quite important as it helps in removing the impurities from the skin and cleanses the pores as well.

7. Modify your skincare routine

Skincare routine

We all regularly follow a skincare routine which helps in maintaining a healthy and happy skin. Winters call for a tad bit of modification to our routine, as in this season our skin demands extra care and pampering.

One should avoid cleansing quite often and should opt for a mild cleanser which doesn't take away the moisture from the skin. One should preferably choose a toner which is alcohol-free and non-fragrant, in order to help the skin in retaining the natural oils.

Moisturing should become the priority and you should prefer to apply rich cold creams or moisturizers which eracdicates dryness and roughness from the skin. Also, it is highly advisable to frequently moisturize the face, palm and feet in order to achieve a healthy skin.

8. Exercise regularly


We all prefer to spend our days tugged in the cozy & warm blankets and getting out of it feels like a hectic task.

Winter brings along with it truck load of laziness which seems inescapable. But exercising regularly is quite important to maintain a healthy body and mind. We always lay great emphasis on the physiological benefits of working out but the fact of the matter is that also helps in achieving a healthy skin. It increases the blood flow and helps in nourishing the skin cells, therefore, one should try to work out daily in order to maintain a healthy skin that is flawless and ever-glowing.

Now that you know various tips to maintain a healthy skin, I hope that you'll inculcate these in your day to day skincare routine. These beneficial tips will definitely help you to keep your skin moisturized and radiant. Gear up to bid farewell to skin-related issues and enjoy this chilly weather and its vibes.

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