2020 Health Resolutions

Sabri Gain
February 07, 2020
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2020 Health Resolutions

Someone once said 'A good resolution is like an old horse, which is often saddled but rarely ridden

As this year started, you all must have made a brilliant list of 2020 resolutions and decided to accomplish it by hook or by crook. But guess what, it happened again. As the first month of this year passed, you gradually noticed your dedication and energy fading away and now you're back to the basic where you hardly pay any attention to your 'New Year Resolutions'

Deep down you know staying physically fit is important, but you can't be consistent to achieve it.

The truth is, you don't feel inspired.

You can't help, but be awed at others who don't give up, and have achieved so much that you can't even get a clinch of it.

The question is, how do you get there?

How do you find the ideal inspiration to stay on course long enough to carry on the resolution of becoming healthy?

If it's hard to find inspiration, you might be guilty of 'believing in magic' when it comes to your health resolution.

People who fail to do things say, they want to do believe in fairy tales, like

'One day for no reason, I will find the ultimate inspiration that will carry me through the end of the health resolution for myself. It will happen promptly and i'll never have to start over and over again' This couldn't be farther from the truth. Regardless of how persistent you are, there will be days when you feel uninspired. In fact, what once seemed like a passion can turn into a bit of grub after a while. Businessmen love money and fame but they don't necessarily enjoy the process of gaining it. Celebrities love recognition but they don't necessarily enjoy the process of getting through it. Fitness freaks love their physique but they don't necessarily want to train their bodies every single day. You love making resolutions to change yourself but you won't necessarily enjoy it doing each and every day.

'People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing' that's why we recommend it daily'. Zig Ziglar.

You have to learn to motivate yourself daily if you want to complete your resolution. To keep yourself inspired, you'll have to find quirky ways to get inspired. Luckily, I have 13 resolutions and inspirations for the same that you can put in your list for being healthy this 2020.

Take the stairs


Don't want to go to the gym or yoga every day, start using stairs instead of elevators and escalators. This should be your go-to because technology is making us lazy day by day.

By using stairs, you're one step closer of being fit. Following this will help you burn calories and will lead you to maintain or lose weight.

Climbing stairs will help you tone your muscles and will help you get a sexy pair of legs and will increase your stamina and energy. Not only that, this activity also reduces cholesterol levels and increases your heart rate.

In addition to this, walking may reduce your risk of developing colds and the flu. Walking regularly can enhance your mood and can reduce symptoms of social withdrawal.

I know everyone says this, but here you're getting inspiration to do this- think you'll be getting the perfect body, sexy and toned legs just similar to your favourite actor or actress, you'll be able to put on any clothes of your choice. So, stop overthinking and just start climbing stairs and watch yourself changing in a wonderful way.

Say NO to smoking and drinking

no smoking and drinking

If you've been smoking or drinking for a while, you must stop it immediately. Cigarette and Alcohol is a slow poison for the body and with time, it makes it weaker from the inside. Intoxication also makes you feel guilty and it leads to a never-ending vicious cycle.

Most people are aware that smoking and drinking are injurious to health, but not many realize just how much harm they can cause. Eliminating smoking and; drinking from your life will leave you with no stress, a peaceful mind, healthy heart, glowing skin, and a perfectly working kidney and liver.

Hydration, hydration and more...

drinking water

The old saying about drinking eight glass of water is outdated, staying hydrated is trending for good health and skin. #stayhydrated

Don't wait for thirst to hit you, sip fluids regularly throughout the day. You might have heard that water is essential for your health, But why?

This substance makes up a majority of your body and is involved in many important functions, including

  • Flushing out waste from the body
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Helping your brain function

There are times when you feel your lips and eyes are dry, this is a sign that your body is not hydrated. As the tag says';hydration', it's not necessary that you only drink water to stay healthy. You can always add fluids and foods that contribute to your daily water intake.

Finger-licking Junk food

junk food

You love junk food, don't lie.

Admit that, you love them, be it the big cheeseburger, pizza, candy and chocolates, pasta, etc.

Your mouth is watering, isn't it?

But trust me, it's one-sided love, as it does no good to your body. Junk food increases unhealthy fats, cholesterol levels because of which your kidney and liver start struggling and your body becomes a hub of many uninvited diseases.

Sure, it's a quick bite and sometimes a cheap way to quell your hunger pangs. But the joy of regularly indulging in junk food takes a toll on your health. The good news is, most people are aware of this and are taking baby steps towards staying away from this junk for good, and so can you. Listed below are some inspiring tips -

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced health risk
  • Clean and glowing skin
  • Better mood
  • Sound sleep

Love for Green Vegies

green veggies

Spinach, cabbage and turnip greens - they all provide health benefits. Green vegetables contain calcium, iron and folic acid, which may help to prevent cancer and heart diseases. Leafy veggies help to manage weight and high blood sugar.

Along with green veggies, you can also inculcate another healthy eating habit to your daily routine. Breakfast - An essential meal of the day, that helps to kickstart your day on an energetic note. You should try to consume a balanced and healthy breakfast no matter how rushed you are in the mornings. Commit to eat a heavy breakfast and try to include leafy veggies in each and every meal of yours.



Meditation is the best thing you should be doing right now. It is a synonym for relaxation. It's not about concentration, but de-concentration. It's about entering a state of mind that has no thoughts. The overall benefits of meditation include a calm mind, improved clarity and communication, and relaxation of mind and body.

With regular meditation one can -

  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Improve emotional stability
  • Increase Happiness
  • Develop Intuition
  • Increase Imagination and Creativity

Try new things and meet new peoples

social interaction

Breaking away from the daily routine can be a boon for your health. Challenge your body in new ways, or take a new dance, fitness or any other activities. Develop a new hobby like gardening, pottery, calligraphy, learn to play a new musical instrument or learn a new language.

Challenging your mind with a new hobby helps to improve your mental acuity and gives your life a new direction filled with excitement, which automatically will make you happy. Meeting new people exposes you to new ideas, a diversity of opinions and can help you with the feelings of isolation, depression.

Pamper yourself


Everyone needs a break to get some distance from the daily grind. Promise to take a break from your daily routine and plan for a vacation. Going for a vacation or taking monthly breaks can improve cardiovascular health and decrease depression and stress. Vow to put yourself first this year by giving priority to your health first. This will at least help you eliminate some stress, which is good for mental and physical health.

Fix it in your mind that you'll do things that make you happy. You will not convince yourself for things that you don't feel like doing.

In addition to this, you will spend on pampering yourself like getting a spa, taking a herbal massage, gifting yourself a pet or anything that you like or going for a shopping spree. In short, make yourself feel special.

In addition to that, you should also aim to distant yourself from frequently using technology. Avoid checking your phone just after waking up, or turn it off an hour before you go to bed. Instead of staring at the screen, try engaging more with the people and environment around you. This will make your mind and soul a bit happier and more relaxed.


Every single day is a new and blank page for us. It becomes our responsibility to fill these empty pages with great experiences and amazing memories. And to successfully build happy memories and good times, you all need to be fit and healthy.I hope that the above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you in becoming a healthy and better person. 2020 is yours so, strive to make it perfect by completing your healthy resolutions and stay happy and fit.

Sabri Gain

Sabri Gain

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