Quick and easy tips to bid farewell to those irritating PMS symptoms

Tullika Ganguly
February 19, 2020
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Quick and easy tips to bid farewell to those irritating PMS symptoms

Someone once said A happy woman is a beautiful woman and I agree with that. Women are superhumans as they deal with loads of problems and yet never give up on their responsibilities. Women always perform every single task with a wide smile on their faces. While we are talking of problems and issues in the life of a girl, how can we dare to not mention the annoying PMS that we ladies have to face every month? Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is referred to as the physical and emotional symptoms that occur 1 or 2 weeks before menstruation. These are the not so happy signals from our body that our menses are about to happen.

Here are a few facts that we all should know about PMS:

  • On average, women in their early 30s are most likely to experience PMS.
  • PMS most likely occurs in the last half of a woman's menstrual cycle
  • 90% of women face PMS at some point in their lives

Symptoms of PMS tend to vary among females as it depends upon their lifestyle, genes, menstruation cycle, etc. Some common emotional symptoms include extreme mood swings, anxiety, stress, emotional sensitivity and lots more. And if we talk about physical symptoms, this category includes muscle pain, cramps, tenderness of breasts, acne, etc. and all these awful symptoms make our body unable to function properly.


In such a situation we lookout for life-saving options that could make us feel a bit better. Normally we opt for painkillers, which seems to be our best buddy to combat these symptoms. These work miraculously and help us in easing out these symptoms but only for a few hours, after that the PMS knocks into our happiness once again. So clearly these medicines are not a permanent solution to kick away the PMS and its related symptoms.

Ladies, don't be disappointed as you can avoid these symptoms by making certain healthy lifestyle changes that are easy to do. A combination of various natural remedies often helps in alleviating these pesky PMS symptoms. From mild exercises to healthy eating habits and lots more can help you to feel merry and joyous even in those difficult days.

Here are a few quick and easy tips that will help you to strive against these symptoms:

The magic of useful herbs

Medicines and supplements are indeed quite effective to manage PMS but certain beneficial herbs act miraculously to curb these problems. Herbal remedies are immensely helpful in dealing with PMS-related issues. Herbs like ginger, evening primrose oil, chaste berry, etc. are some of the herbs that have significant benefits to ease out PMS symptoms.

Herbal Remedies

Medicinal drugs are very useful in getting relief from PMS symptoms but natural herbs and remedies are much better as they have long-lasting effects. So, the next time you experience PMS, rather than looking out for the medicine box, try to use these natural remedies to ease out the symptoms.

  • Evening Primrose oil supports the hormones and provides nutritive support during PMS.
  • Fennel seeds help in relieving the pain caused during PMS.
  • Ginger is another natural product that has various anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving the severity of PMS symptoms.

Make some changes in your diet

Time and again we all have heard that our diet plays an important role in keeping us healthy and fit. To avoid or control the unpleasant symptoms of PMS we all should aim to consume healthy food and avoid certain eating habits that aggravate these symptoms. Mentioned below are the habits that you should avoid:

Diet Plan
  • Reduce the intake of Salt

Salt contains Sodium that retains water and ultimately bothers women experiencing symptoms like bloating and tender breasts. Therefore, it is recommended to limit salt intake while you're experiencing PMS.

Try to eat home-cooked food and avoid the junk, processed and packaged foods as they contain a higher level of salt.

  • Consume complex carbs

Complex carbs such as whole wheat, beans, and barley are extremely helpful in getting relief from certain emotional PMS symptoms. These carbs provide necessary nutrients to the body which ultimately curbs the cravings and helps in elevating the mood.

  • Avoid caffeine

We understand your undying love for coffee but it's unrequited love. You ask us why? Well, the caffeine in your coffee is extremely harmful as it disrupts sleep and worsens PMS symptoms. Therefore, stay away from your favorite cup of coffee during this time of the month.

  • Say a big NO to alcohol

Your mood swings and cravings may compel you to chug down your favorite Alcoholic drink but try to control the temptation. Alcohol tends to worsen PMS symptoms by increasing breast tenderness and lowering the blood sugar level.

Following are the habits you should inculcate:

  • Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the perfect and easiest ways to control PMS symptoms. Water aids in proper digestion and treats the annoying problem of bloating. Water also helps in flushing out various harmful toxins from the body and has various other benefits as well as boosts skin health and helps maintain blood pressure.

You can also flavor your water with slices of lime, cucumber as these effectively detoxify the body and keeps you healthy and hydrated.

  • Go green for a while

Leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, etc. contain fiber, magnesium and calcium, which are quite effective in improving the Premenstrual Syndrome. Green vegetables also contain Vitamin B, which helps in dealing with fatigue.

  • Consume calcium-enriched foods

Calcium is known as the king of minerals because it is very beneficial for the body. Calcium supplements and calcium-enriched foods help to reduce bloating and fatigue. Try adding yogurt, low-fat milk, etc. to your diet as it helps in preventing the PMS.

  • Limit the quantity but increase the frequency

In addition to eating healthy food, it also becomes quite imperative to make a proper eating schedule. You all should try to consume small meals frequently. This will help in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and will improve your condition.

Exercising is important

Staying physically active is very important to enhance overall health. Especially if you experience the PMS, then exercising may help in managing the symptoms effectively. Brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc. boost heart rate and brain chemicals known as endorphins. This chemical further helps in reducing the pain that you feel during PMS.


Yoga is another brilliant activity that helps in improving the emotional as well as physical health during PMS. Yoga helps in alleviating the unbearable cramps, bloating and fatigue. Not just that, it also helps in uplifting the mood and provides emotional stability.

It is highly advisable to indulge yourself in mild exercises during PMS as the muscles move differently and the chances of injuries are higher during this time. Consult a trainer or a doctor for better guidance.

Try meditation


The unbearable symptoms of PMS are mentally as well as physically exhausting. Meditation is a practice that helps to attain mental stability and makes the mind calm and quiet. Practicing meditation potentially improves physical and emotional PMS symptoms. It helps to relieve cramps, mood swings, stress, anxiety, etc. Inculcate this activity in your routine and watch your body combat with PMS wonderfully.


Premenstrual Syndrome is a tough time in the life of a woman but we ladies are brave enough to deal with all of this with full guts and gusto. Just keep a track of your menstrual cycle and adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep these annoying symptoms at bay. And now that you are enlightened with various natural remedies and tips for easing out the PMS symptoms, it must be easy to deal with the pesky monthly issue with grace.

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