10 Easy Fruit Facials: All You Need To Be Picture Ready

Sakhi Bhotika
August 23, 2016
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10 Easy Fruit Facials: All You Need To Be Picture Ready

Aren't you tired of spending a bomb on expensive cosmetic products to get that flawless skin? I am broke as always because of purchasing a whole range of acne products and also products for my combination skin, but is my purpose solved? No, cosmetic products don't actually work all the times; hence it might turn out to be a total waste. It's high time we keep those products aside and try out the desi gharelu nuskhe to get rid of dull and tired skin through natural fruit facial! But first, let's know why our faces feel dull and show signs of premature ageing.

Reasons for unhealthy skin

There are a number of reasons because of which our face gets dull and loses its natural glow. Following are the reasons for unhealthy skin, which I feel are quite common and relatable for all.

Dehydrated Skin

With the glaring sun above us, our bodies get dehydrated very easily, as if the sun is sucking out the water from our bodies. Dehydration is one of most common reasons why our skin gets dull with time and loses the natural glow.

Sun exposure

Summer brings with it a lot of tanning. No matter how much sunscreen you apply, sun rays tend to finds it way to darken our skin. Over exposure to the sun leads fine lines and also dullness. Carry an umbrella maybe next time?


Oh god, is there anything that is not negatively affected because of stress? Apparently no, even our skin feels the heat of your workload and worries by reducing the functioning of the skin and also leading to dehydration.

Bad eating habits

Munching on that bag of chips every now and then may satiate your taste buds, but will aggravate your unhealthy skin further. Unhealthy eating habits reduce the number of nutrients our body needs, which will obviously affect our body and our skin.

Drinking and smoking

Chilling on a beach shack with a glass of sangria, relaxing, isn't it? But higher intake of alcohol and cigarettes will give you a tough time fighting various ailments and a dull face.

Goodness of fruit facial

Goodness of fruit facial

Having read the causes of unhealthy skin, we might start coming back on the healthy lifestyle track, but let's boost up our struggle to get healthy skin with some fruit facial. We've all tried besan and multani mitti packs at least once in our lives, let's give fruits a shot? But is fruit facial treatment worth it?

Just like lemon and yogurt, fruits rejuvenate the skin and make it feel fresh. Fruits are natural sources of moisturiser, fruit extracts tend to balance the nourishment as per the skin type. Even if your skin is oily, fruit facial will draw out the excess oil and leave your face just the way you want it. Even if there aren't any signs of ageing on our faces, we women tend to obsess over this issue, fruit facials help in tightening the skin and get rid of the fine lines and freckles. Another thing we Indians obsess over a lot is having a fairer complexion; well fruit facials will not drastically improve your shade, but will remove the dead cells and give a little lighter complexion after treatment. And the proud owners of oily skin, this is a shout out for you as fruit facials cleanse the skin from deep within and works best for clogged pores, reducing the blackheads and whiteheads near the nose area. Blackheads are the worst enemy any girl can have, all the more reasons to buy more fruit?

Let's get started!!

No need to book an appointment for a spa treatment as you can easily rejuvenate your skin with the following easy fruit facial at home!

Mango and yogurt

Mango is my favourite fruit and one of the biggest reasons for the number of pimples I have on my face during the mango season. But, mango can be used as a fruit facial ingredient to get the radiant glow, as it helps in cell generation by removing the dead cells; while the yogurt helps in reducing the pigmentation and dullness. Just take out some pulp from a ripe mango and mix with thick yogurt, mix it well and apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, and rinse off. You can also use mango pulp and mix with multani mitti or besan or rose water. Make a combination of these basic ingredients and say hello to flawless skin!


Banana face packs do wonders for oily skin. Nothing treats oily skin like what bananas do. I tried a banana pack recently and the moment I washed off the pack, I could feel the freshness of my skin and also the little glow it added. Mash one ripe banana and add one spoon of milk and two spoons of oats; mix to get a thick paste and gently scrub your face in circular motions for a while and wash it off. It's like getting instant freshness, fresh face for me means a brighter day ahead! You can also try adding honey and lemon juice to the ripe bananas to get rid of the excess oil. Bananas and the almond oil pack is also an easy hack for gorgeous skin


One fruit that is extensively used for treating skin is orange. Rich in antioxidants, orange face packs deep cleanses the skin and also removes excess oil. Orange helps in toning the skin and also keeps the dullness caused by stress and worries away. It also reduces the wrinkles on the faces; one of the biggest reasons why orange is one of the most commonly used ingredients for fruit facial. There are a lot of easy homemade orange face packs, following are just a few of them.

  • Orange peel and yogurt- Next time you have an orange do not throw away the peel. Instead, dry it under the sun for at least 3 days, and then grind it to get a powdery mix. You can also buy orange peel powders from a store nearby. Mix some thick yogurts with a little bit of the orange peel powder and gently scrub over your face. This helps in getting rid of the clogged pores and dead cells. Let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water.
  • Orange peel, milk and rose water- All you need to do is mix a few spoons of milk with the orange peel powder, and a few drops of the rose water. Apply this mix and let it stay for a few minutes and wash off. This acts like a cleanser and repeated use will help you get rid of the dead cells fast. You can also add multani mitti, besan or lemon juice with the orange peel powder to make a scrub. Try out these combinations to check which pack gives you maximum benefits.
  • Orange and sugar- Another easy hack for de-tanning your skin. Take 3-4 spoons of orange juice and mix it with approximately one cup of sugar, you can also add lemon and honey to this mixture. Scrub your face and neck with this mixture for a while and let it stay for a few minutes. I felt an instant change in my complexion as the all the tanning got washed away with just single use.


A fruit which is very good for the digestive system, papaya is also very good for our skin. Papaya face packs are great in getting the natural glow and for cleansing the skin as well. Just mash some papaya pulp and apply it over your face and neck while massaging. Let it stay for some time and wash off with cool water. You can also add some honey or lemon juice for better cleansing and moistening.


Another rich in nutrients fruit, pomegranates contain a lot of antioxidants that help in deep cleansing the skin. The best way to make a pomegranate pack is grind a few beads with a blender to get a grainy yet smooth paste. You can choose the next ingredient from a wide range, for example, you can add besan/ multani mitti/ lemon/ yogurt or even rosewater. Add more than 2 ingredients if you wish to, prepare the mix and gently scrub your face with it and let it dry. Wash it off and see a new glowing face in minutes.


The only thought that occurs to my mind after hearing strawberries, is a bowl full of strawberries dipped in Nutella, yum! It will be hard to keep Nutella aside, but for the sake of our face, let's try it out. The nutrients present in strawberries help in treating acne and pimples for it dries those pink blobs and even reduces the blemishes and freckles left behind. Mash the strawberries and add 1-2 spoons of milk and gently scrub your face. You can also add honey to this paste. Let it stay for some time and then pat dry your face after washing it. You can also use blueberries instead of strawberries, or even a combination of both the berries


I grew up hearing the phrase "An apple a day, keeps a doctor away", little did I know that it applies to the skin as well! Yes, apples are rich in antioxidants that help in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles by delaying the ageing process. Peel off the skin of the apple and mash/grate a little pulp to get a smooth paste. Now it is up to you to decide the next ingredient, it can be honey or yogurt and lemon. Mix the ingredient you chose with the pulp and apply it on your face and neck, let it dry and rinse off with cool water. You can also mash some bananas and add to the paste, more fruits, better results!


Oh I love this green little tangy fruit, I could just eat kiwi for a meal! I recently got to know that kiwi has excellent nutrients in it and apparently contains two times more nutrients as compared to an orange. Orange is used extensively for face packs, so why should we leave kiwi behind! Mash the kiwi pulp and mix it with your favourite ingredient, be it yogurt, be it almond oil, it's totally your call! What else? The usual process of applying and letting it dry and washing it off.


Summer season and watermelons go hand in hand. With more than 90% of water content, watermelons keep the body hydrated during the scorching summer season. It is also an amazing ingredient for a face pack because of its nutrients. Watermelons contain a lot of antioxidants and Vitamin A that slow down the ageing process and reduce the wrinkles and blemishes. All you need is a few spoons of watermelon juice along with your choice of ingredient for an array of options like yogurt, honey, sugar and much more. Mix the ingredients and follow the usual process of applying and washing it off.

Mix it up!

Just open your refrigerator and take out all the fruits you have. Scoop out the pulp from each fruit and mix it, add honey or yogurt if you wish to! This mixed fruit pack will give you the goodness of each and every fruit along with the goodness of honey or yogurt. Mix it well, apply the pack and let it stay while you read a magazine or hum a song. Feeling like a celebrity already? Wait till you wash off the pack and look like a celebrity as well!!

With the above fruit packs, one can get flawless and gorgeous skin without emptying your wallets! Idea? Why don't you prepare any of the above fruit facial pack for the entire family and bond over face packs on a lazy Sunday! Be careful while choosing the ingredients as some of them might irritate your skin and lead to rashes. Let's start walking down the fruity path now shall we?

Sakhi Bhotika

Sakhi Bhotika

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