11 Easy Home Remedies Of The Liquid Gold : Honey

Sakhi Bhotika
August 23, 2016
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11 Easy Home Remedies Of The Liquid Gold : Honey

Remember the last time you watched Winnie The Pooh on television as a child or with one? Winnie The Pooh and Baloo from the Jungle Book reminds me of fat and fluffy bears, going crazy over honey! I remember watching episodes of Pooh, where he would try and try to catch hold of some honey from the tall trees! If poepye taught kids to eat spinach, pooh and baloo did their best in the case of honey. Honey or liquid gold as some might call comes with a lot of benefits for our body. The goodness of this golden liquid is being used since the ancient times. Earlier stored in large pots, storing of honey is easy as it does not get spoiled. This natural sweetener is used in cooking fancy dishes and drinks, remember eating honey chilli potatoes or honey noodles with vanilla ice-cream?

Liquid Gold Benefits

Honey is like one of the power foods in our kitchen. We've all heard someone or the other mentioning the inclusion of honey in our regular diet; but why? Let's have a look at the various benefits and the goodness of the liquid gold!

Energy Booster

Honey is considered to be one of the best sources of instant energy. Honey helps in getting rid of the fatigue and laziness in our muscles; acts like an energy charger! The glucose present in honey mixes in the body and gives an instant boost, while the fructose content helps in sustaining energy. Give a spoonful or honey to your children for better performance physically, or just spread it over a toast and pack it as lunch. Whenever you feel lethargic, have some honey and see the instant energy booster do its job!

Reduces Cough

I always come across the cough relief tablets coming in a lot of flavours, one of them being honey. Yes, honey is amazing when it comes to soothing coughs; be it for children or for adults. All you need to do is have at least one spoon of honey before going to bed and you will some relief when you wake up the next day. So, have those cough relief toffee during the day, but do not forget to drink one spoon of honey before going to bed!


Liquid Gold(Honey) for blood

We all know that our blood contains red blood cells and white blood cells, summing up to be very essential for our body. The inclusion of honey in the regular diet helps in better performances of the red blood cells and the white blood cells. Whenever honey enters our body, it boosts up the mechanism of the red blood cells, whose main job is to supply oxygen to each and every part; and honey also maintains the level of white blood cells, which fights against infections and viruses.

Sugar level

Honey is a natural sweetener and is considered to be better than sugar by many people. Its contents are different from that of sugar, yet it is considered to be safer than sugar. The exact combination of glucose and fructose in honey makes it good for health, and also maintains the sugar level in our bodies.


After some surveys and experiments, it has been observed that regular intake of honey, generally, boosts up the memory of the individual. So why not a spoon of honey every day along with those soaked almonds for better memory?


Along with maintaining the sugar level in the body, honey also improves the digestive system reducing chances of suffering from gastric problems like gas and constipation. This is because honey has a slight laxative content as well, which helps in improving the digestive system. Recall watching advertisements of probiotic drinks which contain the friendly bacteria. Honey also has some probiotic content, which helps in improving the immune system of the body, just like those drinks do. Next time when you over eat, just have a spoon of honey and it will reduce your discomfort.


Liquid Gold(Honey) for skin allergies

Just like honey relieves an individual from cough and throat irritations, it has also been observed that allergies can also be alleviated from our body by consuming honey. It is more effective on seasonal allergies, but also tends to keep other allergies at bay.

Wounds and burns

Not just internally, honey has a tremendous impact externally as well. It has been observed that local application of honey on wounds and burns heals the wound much faster as compared to other medicines. Many leg ulcers have been treated by local application of honey.

Weight loss

Even though the calorie content of honey is higher than normal sugar, honey is still considered to be best for those who watch their weight. Drinking honey with lukewarm water is the most used remedy for losing weight as it works on the metabolism of the body making it easier to digest fats.

Aids in sleep

Due to the composition of honey, the nutrients present in it helps in regulating the sleeping patterns of an individual. People who have disturbed sleeping patterns or those who cannot sleep easily must have some honey, as it aids in sleeping. Honey also improves the mood of the individual along with giving aid to sleep.


As mentioned earlier, honey tends to contain friendly bacteria which improve the immune system of an individual; honey is also used as an ingredient for making medicines. Honey also contains anti-fungal properties that keep the allergies at bay.


Honey contains lots of antibacterial properties and antioxidants which make it a great ingredient for making face packs. There are many face packs that include honey as an important ingredient due to its contents. For example- I mix curd with some lemon juice and honey and apply it as a face pack. The results are tremendous as honey tends to help in cleansing of the skin and also in removing the extra oil.


Liquid Gold(Honey) for dandruff treatment

Honey has magical powers to treating and giving temporary relief to those who are tired of their dandruff problems. The contents in honey reduce the redness and itchiness of the scalp due to dandruff, and hence reduce dandruff. So, along with using the anti-dandruff shampoo, use honey hair masks for an added benefit.


For those who go with the flow and might end up drinking more than they should, honey can come to your rescue! Honey helps in reducing the hangover the headache that comes with it. Just drink 2-3 spoons of honey and let it do the work.


Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that one can have. Honey tends to stop the multiplication of the cancer cells and is now being widely used for treating cancer.

Well, I'm sure that with the above list of benefits of honey, most of you would be encouraged to include it in your diet from this very moment; at least I am very much interested in trying out honey for weight loss and improving my immune system! Enough with the knowledge, let's jump to the interesting part. Read on for some very commonly used honey remedies/ face packs/ hair packs etc., which you can easily use in your daily life.

Easy Honey Hacks!!

The golden liquid is present in every kitchen and most of the times the jar of honey sits on the shelf for days together. Following are easy honey hacks which can be used in our daily life, not only will the jar be used, but also the little problems that we face every day get resolved.

Make-up Remover

It is a fact that leaving makeup for a long time damages the skin, it necessary to remove it before sleeping. For most women, removing make-up can be a task if they do not have those make-up removing gels. Not to worry, honey will do that work for you! All you need to do is mix a tad bit of baking soda with some honey, add tea tree oil if you have and gently apply it using a soft cloth and massage, and wash. You get two benefits out of this: make-up is removed, and your skin gets a mini-facial as well!

Dark circles

Liquid Gold(Honey) for dark circles

Most of have prominent dark circles under our eyes because of the busy and stressful lives we lead. Honey is a great way to get rid of those panda eyes easily! Mix a few drops of coconut oil or almond oil with some honey and gently apply it on the black area. Let it stay for some time and rinse off; repeat this twice a day and see the magic!


Going out for a holiday with your little one? Travelling with infants creates a problem for Indian mothers as they need to make the child wear diapers every day during the trip. In these situations, rashes are normal but painful for the child. Next time when you apply the rash cream on your child, add a few drops of honey as well and apply it; reduces the redness faster.

Face mask

There are plenty home-made face masks that include honey as the main ingredient due to its composition. Honey can reduce acne and pimples, and also extract the extra oil from the skin. Look out for some honey face packs for a beautiful you. The one I use includes 2 spoons of yogurt, one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice. I am very satisfied with the results of this face pack. Try it out now!

Run some more

Drinking honey in lukewarm water and a few drops of lemon juice give an instant energy to the body and helps you run that extra kilometre on the treadmill or increase the weight in your weight training. Drink honey in warm water every morning and say goodbye to lethargy and laziness!

No more chappy lips

All of us hate chappy lips don't we! Mix some olive oil with 2 teaspoons of honey and mix well. Apply this mixture for a while and wash off; you will be able to see the changes just after the first use!

Eyelash love

Liquid Gold(Honey) for eye-lash

Honey is not only great for skin and lips, it can also work as an eye-lash balm. Mix some honey with castor oil and let it stay for a few days until you get a homogenous mixture. Apply this balm on your eyelashes to make it shinier and lush; this mixture can also be used to remove makeup.

Bye dandruff

As mentioned earlier, honey can do wonders for those suffering from scalp itchiness and dandruff. All you need to do is mix honey with very little warm water to get a paste, not too thick, not too flowing. Apply this mixture on your scalp and gently massage while applying and cover your head with a shower cap. Let it stay for at least 2-3 hours and rinse off. Repeat this every day for around two weeks and you will feel the difference.

Wounds and burns

Honey is widely used for treating wounds and burns. All you need to do is apply honey on the wound (6-7 teaspoons of honey), cover with a bandage or a gauge and change the dressing every 12 hours. This method can also be used for treating burns.


Not only does honey treat wounds and burns, it also reduces the scars. Though the impact is slow and will not show results immediately, it still works well. Apply the mixture or baking soda and honey in a 1:1 portion and let its stay for at least 20 minutes, wash off with warm water. Scars won't vanish immediately but will gradually reduce and be less and less prominent.

Essential for pregnant women

As we all know, pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during their pregnancy phase. Drinking either honey in lukewarm water or honey tea with some cinnamon or ginger helps a lot on relieving pregnant women from their morning sickness.

I am sure that with the above-mentioned benefits and uses of honey in everyday life, you would definitely prefer using honey wherever possible! Let me tell you, the home remedies that are mentioned above is just like a drop in the ocean; there are much more easy hacks of honey that can be used in day-to-day lives! So go ahead and add honey in your water, spread honey instead of Nutella on your toast and make desserts like honey noodles!

Sakhi Bhotika

Sakhi Bhotika

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