Fruit & Vegetable Juices You Need To Know About

Gunjan Lal
July 27, 2016
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Fruit & Vegetable Juices You Need To Know About

You know for a fact that eating an appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables is very important. The more you have them, the better it is for your health. But it's also an undeniable fact that we're all too busy to keep track of our daily intake of fruits and vegetables and we end up consuming far less every day than we're supposed to. It comes as no surprise that this then leads to various kinds of deficiencies in our body. Our body becomes less resistant to diseases and we often tend to realize it when it's too late.

There's a simple solution to this genuine problem, fruits, and vegetable juice. While eating whole fruits is more advisable, it isn't really practical. You can't go on munching fruits while working or in a meeting, what's easy is that if it's not possible for you to eat fruits you can simply sip them on in the form of juice. Fruits and vegetable juices are helpful in enhancing your immune system, improving your overall health, boosting focus, energy, and mood. They're also useful in losing weight, detox and achieving glowing and healthy skin.

Here's a list of the best fruits and vegetable juices that have enormous health benefits:

Fruit and vegetable juices for great hair

Fruit and vegetable juices for great hair

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice helps to get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff. It prevents the loss of hair. The rich vitamins which are present in Aloe Vera juice help in making your hair stronger and less prone to damage due to breakage. Aloe Vera juice is also beneficial in moisturizing and nourishing the scalp. It is one of the best juices for hair growth.


Spinach is loaded with various kinds of vitamin and minerals; it is also rich in iron. Itchy scalp and thin mane can be cured by drinking spinach juice. It is abundantly concentrated with vitamin B which helps in restoration of dry hair by bringing back the lustrous shine. Vitamin B also promotes hair growth. Magnesium is an important mineral present in spinach, deficiency of magnesium often leads to hair loss. Drinking spinach juice will maintain your magnesium levels reducing the threat of hair loss.


The huge amount of antioxidants present in amla (or Gooseberry) helps in getting rid of the damaged cells that cause hair fall and also reduces the premature graying of hair. Amla juice also helps in regenerating pigmentation in hair making them thicker and darker. Amla also possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and anti-microbial properties that help in preventing inflammatory scalp condition and keeps dandruff away.


Do you really need a reason to have yummy strawberry juice? Well if you do, then here are the reasons. Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C. This acts as an antioxidant and supports the immune system. It helps to protect your hair follicles. Vitamin C encourages iron absorption and accelerates hair growth. Strawberries contain Silica which helps in preventing hair loss and promote hair growth.

Fruit and vegetable juices for Glowing Skin

Fruit and vegetable juices for Glowing Skin


Carrot juice can do wonders for your skin it is abundantly rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, potassium, antibacterial substances, caroteniods and antioxidants. They help in the prevention of early wrinkles; it evens the skin tone and hydrates the skin.

The presence of important minerals in carrots contributes in the prevention of cell degeneration. It is rich in antioxidants which help in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Potassium and antioxidants also make the skin resistant to dryness, reduces blemishes and scars.

Aloe Vera

Everyone knows that Aloe Vera is beneficial for skin, but who has the time and patience to apply it regularly on the face and sit still for a couple of minutes? It's easier to drink Aloe Vera juice and achieve the same skin glow. Aloe Vera is packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it also has Beta Carotene these altogether give Aloe Vera its amazing anti- aging qualities. It can be used by people with dry skin as well as oily skin. Aloe Vera juice is easily available in concentrated form in markets and online stores.


Noni juice is full of protective chemical constituents which prevent the formation of wrinkles. The presence of important fatty acids and high concentration of proxeronine (a biochemical component) in noni juice helps in better functioning of cell membranes and normalize abnormal cells which help in the restoration of damaged skin making the skin healthy again. anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components of Noni juice work on a cellular level and are highly beneficial in curing various skin disorders, allergic skin reactions, acne, and burns. Noni juice is (like Aloe Vera juice) easily available in concentrated form in markets or online stores.


Tomato juice is stuffed with antioxidants. It helps in getting rid of tan, preventing and treating acne and discoloration of the skin. It also helps in shrinking large pores to lessen sebum secretion in the skin of people who have oily skin.

Fruits and Vegetable Juices for Detoxification

Fruits and Vegetable Juices for Detoxification

Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot Juice

The mixture of these three highly detoxifying foods will give you the mineral and vitamin boost that you desire. The sweet taste of Apple adds to the bland taste of beetroot and carrots (the combination of a fruit with two vegetables is great if you decide to go on a detox fast or a detox diet). Foods that are rich in antioxidants are extremely necessary to include in your diet because they assist in clearing up toxins from your body and what better way to do it than to mix it all up in one delicious tasting juice that you can sip on all day!

Orange, Carrot and Ginger Juice

This yummy juice is packed with the richness of Vitamin A and Vitamin C present in orange which reduces bad cholesterol and boosts the immune system. The beta carotene and vitamins added by carrots enriches your health and helps in flushing out toxins from your body. Ginger's digestive properties serve to cleanse the collected waste and toxins in the liver, colon and other organs. This combination is good for digestion and another benefit is that it's awesome for your hair and nails.

Pomegranate, Pineapple, and Lemon Juice

Pomegranate is a great fruit for detox, it contains many more antioxidants than Green tea (and Green tea is full of antioxidants). Pineapple contains multitudes of vitamins and Lemon helps in balancing out the sweet flavors of Pomegranate and Pineapple. Lemon also boosts the body's metabolism.

Detoxification increases the body's natural ability to cleanse. It allows our body to build a better defense against illness and disease. It also assists to stimulate blood circulation and prevents clotting.

Fruits and Vegetable Juices for Diabetics

Fruits and Vegetable Juices for Diabetics


Jamun (or black plum) is a fruit contains anti-diabetic features. With its low glycemic index which helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check, it also cures common diabetes' symptoms and complications such as excess thirst and urination. It also serves as a great medium for purification of blood which makes to good for skin


Noni juice isn't just beneficial for glowing skin, it has an ample amount of other health benefits. People suffering from diabetes must drink Noni juice. A research proved that drinking Noni juice has an amazing effect as a remedial herb, it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Along with this, Noni juice works towards increasing insulin sensitivity and stimulates the uptake of glucose.

Drinking Noni juice reduces the risk of cancer and helps you in maintaining a healthy heart. Its healing powers also provide relief to arthritis patients and create a stronger immune resistance.

Karela Juice

Karela, also known as Bitter gourd is immensely beneficial for diabetic patients. It may taste a bit harsh (there's a reason why it's called 'bitter' gourd) but it has highly rewarding benefits. It has a chemical (Charantin) that reduces high blood sugar levels. Medicinal drugs mostly target in the improvement of a particular organ or tissue's metabolism, but bitter gourd or karela improves the blood sugar's metabolism all over your body. A glass of karela juice will help you regulate and lower your blood sugar levels. It also possesses blood purifying qualities which help in aiding other kinds of blood- related ailments.

Fruits and Vegetable Juices for a Better Heart

Fruits and Vegetable Juices for a Better Heart


Researchers have found that Pomegranate juice reduces blood vessel damage which assists in preventing hardening of the heart arteries (atherosclerosis) which causes decreased blood flow which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.


Beetroot juice is useful for heart patients, it enhances muscle power. Studies suggest that using dietary nitrates (present in Beetroot juice) enhances muscle performance in the world of sport. Nitrates are transformed into nitric oxide which has many effects on cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

Many other studies have suggested that increased consumption of vegetable juice such as beetroot juice diminish the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. It was also found that it enhances energy and promotes healthy hair and complexion.


Cranberry juice floods the blood with many disease-fighting antioxidants, it also improves certain cholesterol components which I turn proves to be beneficial in fighting heart disease. Studies have found that two glasses of cranberry juice a day raises the level of Good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the levels of Bad cholesterol (LDL).

More Fruits & Vegetable Juices with Multiple Health Benefits

More Fruits and Vegetable Juices with Multiple Health Benefits
  • Apple: Apples carry antioxidants that help the body in resisting cell and tissue damage and premature signs of aging such as wrinkles. Apples are also rich in potassium, polyphenol and flavonoids (antioxidants) which are beneficial for your heart's health. It helps cleanse your liver and reduces cholesterol. Apples are rich in Vitamin C, boron and iron these combine to make the bone structure strong and healthy. And this is why people say, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away!'
  • Cucumber: Yes, you can juice it up. Silica which is present in Cucumber is known to improve the complexion and improve the overall health of your skin. Cucumbers are also very hydrating with their rich water content - properly hydrated skin being is an absolute must for glowing skin.
  • Papaya: Papayas (quite like apples) are rich in antioxidants, and have an enzyme called papain which is known to cure impurities in the skin.
  • Triphala: Triphala juice is an extract of Haritaki,Bibhitaki, and Amla fruits. Their combination is very beneficial for various kinds of conditions and diseases. Triphala juice purifies the blood controls sugar levels, cures acne, boosts eyesight and promotes weight loss. Triphala juice is easily available in markets and online stores.
  • Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass juice is a good source of chlorophyll it helps in improving blood sugar problems, purifies the liver and improves digestion. Besides being full of Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B- complex, it contains almost all useful minerals known to man. It also prevents premature graying of hair.
  • Brahmi: Brahmi is an ayurvedic herb and its juice is full of important and unique benefits. It is wonderful for your skin and hair (its present as an ingredient on many ayurvedic shampoos and face care products). It has the ability to enhance cognitive ability, prevent cancer, relieve stress, treat respiratory conditions, cleanse your body of toxins, protect against mental degeneration, lower inflammation, and boost your immune system. A glass of brahmi juice everyday will be amazing for your overall well-being.
  • Karela and Jamun: Karela and Jamun Ras (or Bitter Gourd and Black Plum juice) is a blessing for people suffering with diabeties. Bitter Gourd as well as Black Plum are low in calories and high in diatery fiber. They also act as natural blood purifires. This super combination is also great for various other problems such as, joint pains, muscular pains, and jaundice. They're also beneficial for liver and spleen problems, controls stomach worms and regulates digestion.

While Karela acts like insulin and improves blood sugar while Jamun juice is good for kidney stones and improves the production of red blood cells.

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