How To Deal With Stress In 23 Ways!

Sakhi Bhotika
August 23, 2016
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How To Deal With Stress In 23 Ways!

Stress, isn't it quite a common word for us these days? "Yaar, bahut stress ho raha hai!" we've all said these words or heard someone saying it. Be it exams, work problems, crisis situations, we keep using this term. Even casually, we do not realise how many times we use the word stress on a daily basis. But, is stress that casual?

Stress is nothing but a way our body tends to react when in pressure. For example, if I apply some stress or pressure on an inflated balloon, what do I observe? The balloon first starts to expand, and with increased stress/pressure, the balloon finally bursts. Similarly, our body reacts to stress. It can be a positive or a negative effect; it depends on how we accept the pressure. Some of us may have a very important presentation the next day, for which we work all day, all night. The level of stress is high; it might even rise further if our promotion is in question. In this situation, how we react or respond, explains whether the promotion is justified or not. If the person takes the stress as a challenge and accepts it with the sportsman spirit, then he will surely come up with a better output, and hence get his much-deserved promotion. But, if the person worries way too much and doubts on his capability, then he might end up making a bad presentation or even fumble while presenting it. End result? His much-deserved promotion is awarded to someone else.

In the busy robotic lives that we lead these days, we come across many hurdles. In this situation, we try to assess whether the hurdle can be crossed easily or not. If we can resolve the matter easily, it does not end up as a stressful situation for us. But, if the hurdle is hard to cross over, we get tensed and worried. This tension puts stress on our bodies; physically and mentally. So, the moment the pressure increases, our body responds with various negative effects, and gradually leads to major health issues, just like the way the balloon exploded.

Look out for signs!

I have seen that the most general way a body responds to stress is through frequent or prolonged headaches. Those tensed muscles might even lead to migraines. Anxiety also leads to stress.

Remember when you waited desperately and in curiosity for your exam results? I can recall that my stomach used to growl, and my heart beat kept racing! Similarly, in situations of stress, we come across the same feeling, but on a larger scale. Our heart beats faster leading to blood pressure issues, digestive system gets affected; you end up either eating way too much or nothing at all. Our respiratory system also feels the impact as you tend to breathe rapidly, which is definitely not good. STRESS puts an impact on our body in numerous ways; each and every bodily function (internal and external) gets affected. So why should we let stress affect us so severely?

De-stress, to relive!

There isn't any specific drug or way that will help you get rid of stress forever. In this situation, stress busters come to the rescue. Read on for "how to manage stress" ; easy ways to relax every day and forget stress for a while!

Go out for a stroll

I clearly remember the day I had my first interview; being stressed was not an option but by default. My stomach growled, and I could hear sounds inside my head; which further made my situation worse. At that moment, I kept walking down the corridor, so that my focus shifts to walking and not brainstorming for no reason. Walking is the best way to forget stress. Just go out for a 5-10minute walk in fresh air while you're at work, or tired of doing the mundane home chores.

Listen to music

To avoid stress listen music

Another stress buster which I personally use is listening to my favourite playlist! Try it out and you will get to know which genre helps you relax. For some, it can be soothing instrumental music, for some it maybe rock and roll, and for some EDM!

Push the accelerator

Another instant stress buster for me is going out on a 15minute drive with my favourite songs on; just scream your heart out and sing. This is my personal favourite way to relieve myself from stress! And, be careful not to get excited and push that accelerator way too much!

Get your posture right

Stressful situations cause anxiety, which will lead to laziness and slouching. Have we ever seen an actor slouching while giving an interview? No. Slouching, not only reduces your level of confidence but also adds up to stress; and anyway, a slouchy person does not look good. So sit straight with confidence, and keep your chin up!

Drink water

Doctors keep telling us to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. When I was walking down the corridor waiting for my turn for the interview, I kept taking sips from my bottle; it helped my calm my mind and also relax my quenched up throat. Keep drinking water time to time, it cools down the stressed mind and is also beneficial in long term.


If you are a cleanliness person or seem to have slight OCD, clean your way through stress! Sitting at office and feeling stressed? Just start organising your desk and wipe away those small specks of dirt that are visible to your eye!


No, I am not talking about socialising on the virtual platforms! Call up an old friend and go down the lane of nostalgia; can work as a great stress reliever. If you stay away from family, call up your mother or partner and ask about their wellbeing, talking and sharing each other's problems helps in relaxing.

Just switch it off!

Take out some hours from your daily life and switch off that gadget that keeps you engaged all the time! Notifications and continuous calls on your mobile phones are not more important than your health. Switch it off and put it away from you for some time, and spend that time with your friends and family.

Book a spa or a massage appointment

To avoid stress take a massage

Just thinking about a spa treatment or a massage, relaxes my mind. Imagine the level of relief you can get by actually getting one massage? Oh, somebody massaging that tensed forehead, those tensed muscles; a pathway to relaxation!

Aroma shower

Might sound odd, but this works. Oils like rose oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, cinnamon oil, fennel oil and chamomile oil help a great deal in relieving stress. Just pour a few drops of any of these oils on your shower floor, and let the amazing aroma relax your mind, body and soul. You can also use a scent diffuser in your office or at your home and let the aroma do its work.


Take out a few minutes every day from your busy life and devote it to breathing. Just sit on your chair while at work, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Taking deep breaths helps in controlled breathing, gives some peace to the mind and heart. The tensed muscles also get relaxed by taking in deep breaths.

Say no

Ten files already on your desk, and another five on its way? If you can avoid those extra files for the day, then do it; otherwise do not commit about its completion. Overcommitting about a particular job takes your stress level to another high.

Complete the pending tasks

Tasks that are left unattended block a part of your brain and constantly reminds you of it. Finish that bugging presentation right away! Don't let those dirty dishes bother you!

Avoid stress eating

Stress and anxiety can affect one's digestive system. Try avoiding munching on a bag of chips throughout the day. If you still feel like munching, grab a fruit or some nuts to munch.

Avoid caffeine

Those who drink coffee every day, tend to increase their consumption during their stress phase. Avoid increasing your intake as the caffeine takes your mind on a stroll, and would definitely not help you relax.

Tulsi tea

To avoid stress drink tulsi tea

Go to any nearby store and ask for herbal tulsi tea. Tulsi turns out to be a very good stress reliever, for it calms down the brain, improves the functioning of the digestive system and also enhances the immune system.


Staying active is a great stress buster. Vent out your stress while jogging or while practising your karate kicks!

Yoga and Meditation

Just like exercising helps you vent out your worries, yoga and meditation also help a lot. Stretching and focusing thoughts is quite terrific in terms of bursting away stress.

Smoking and drinking is not the way out!

I have seen in Bollywood movies that when the actor is stressed or depressed, he starts smoking or drinking. Please get this fact cleared, that smoking or drinking might give you a temporary relief, but the long-term impact is harmful. Think about it, smoking your way through work stuff, and going towards cancer in future. Do not indulge in drugs like weed and hash to relieve yourself! Doesn't seem like a good option, does it?

Play with pets or kids

Joyful pets and kids are one the best way to relax. No matter what the situation is, you will always feel relaxed after having a joyous time playing with little kids or pets.

No pet or kids?

Go out and buy those yellow sponge balls with a huge smiley on it; squeeze it and throw it on a wall. If you like sketching, then grab a pen and paper and sketch the moment you feel stressed. I have seen people strumming their dusty guitar strings to get rid of their worries.

Help others

If you are someone who likes to give rather than take, then go ahead and spend your time with those who need love and affection. Meet the residents of any old age homes, play with the mentally challenged kids, teach the poor kids, or go on a rescue mission for animals!

Take a break

To avoid stress Take a break

Go out on one-day trips or a vacation from time to time and let your mind relax. Go to the beach, or to the mountains, whichever you prefer; but a small vacation is a must!

Everybody has their own way of relieving themselves from stress. Some might feel better after watching television; I at times feel better after going to park and sit on the swing for a while. Look out for ways that make you feel better instead of consulting a physician right away. Try out your methods or the ones mentioned above, I'm sure these would help.

Help your children who might suffer from exam stress, your colleagues suffering from stress at work; love and affection from close ones help a lot while dealing with stress. One should consult a physician if stress level keeps on increasing. You might see someone behaving irrationally, attempting self-destruction measures or suffering from immense mood swings. Drinking and smoking is also one way people tend to relieve themselves, but it is surely not a good way. People who already indulge in smoking or drinking might increase their consumption during their 'stress phase'. Please do not hesitate in consulting a physician when you observe tremendous negative changes in the stress victim. You might feel uncomfortable while sharing your reason for stress, but the physician needs to know your problem to help you better; they cannot read minds! Physicians would counsel you according to your problems, and might also prescribe some mild tranquillizers, sedatives or antidepressants; but make sure not to get addicted to these drugs.

God has given one life to live, and let's not waste it on stress! De-stress your life and enjoy every bit of it, every moment is precious!

What the doctor recommends!

Dr. Mohit, our in-house homeopathy doctor recommends some very effective medicines for cases when people suffer from extreme stress and are not able to calm themselves down.

Acid phosphoricum (30/200) is a medicine that works for everything; be it stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or depression. This is very effective for people who suffer from hair fall due to stress. Acid phosphoricum is more of a lifestyle medicine; tends to soothe an individual from all kinds of lifestyle problems like stress, anxiety or depression.

Arsenic Album (30/200) should be taken by those who get irritated very easily if things don't go their way, those are very orderly in nature and tend to have fears of minute things. With irritation and fears of minute things, the person gets prone to stress and anxiety. Hence, Arsenic Album is a very good option to calm the nerves.

Lycopodium (30/200), this medicine works well for people who suffer from prolonged sadness which leads to stress. They might even lose their confidence and try to hide their weaknesses from others. This medicine will help you overcome those fears and loss of confidence, automatically relieving you from stress. This medicine can also be taken by students who have a lot of stage fear and exam fear.

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