Deal with Dark Circles in 10 easy ways!

Sakhi Bhotika
August 24, 2016
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Deal with Dark Circles in 10 easy ways!

Have you ever admired those beautiful eyes celebrities have even without makeup? I just can't stop staring at their no makeup pictures and wonder why they don't have any dark circles or puffy eyes! Oh God curse those dark spots under eyes and those puffed up skin! The skin under our eyes is very thin, hence, the blood vessels get quite visible and that is what we call dark circles. We've all seen our parents and grandparents having those dark blemishes and puffed up eyes. But is old age the only reason for dark circles?

Causes of Dark Circles

No, old age is not the only reason one might have a brownish eye, there are plenty more. Read on for some of the most general causes of dark circles and baggy eyes!

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

As doctors suggest, 7-9 hours of sleep is a must for every human being. But, in the monotonous busy routine that we all follow these days, getting enough sleep is a bonus. Sleep deprivation reduces the blood circulation, which kind of darkens the skin under the eye. Moreover, since you already are tired, the presence of dark circles makes you look tired and fatigued.


And for all those lazybones out there, oversleeping can give you baggy or puffy eyes. More reasons to wake up on time huh?


Well, old age and work load might not be the only reasons for dark circles. Blame it on your genes; while you might be boasting off your pretty eyelashes inherited from your mother or your crisp jawline inherited from your father; you might have also inherited their genes that cause dark circles. I have seen instances where children show prominent dark circles, not because they don't get enough sleep, but because they have inherited from their parents. This young age dark circle might vanish naturally or might even get darker as the child grows. Scroll down for ways to get rid of dark circles!

Excessive rubbing or allergy

Remember when you wake up early in the morning and keep rubbing your eyes for a few seconds? If you're skin under the eyes is very thin, then your regular "massage" for the eyes might leave you with brown eyes. Allergy is also one of the reasons that can lead to dark circles; rubbing your eyes due to an itch can increase the chances of these dark circles.


Medicines also lead to you're looking like a panda, as some drugs tend to dilate the blood vessels which makes veins look even more prominently beneath your eyes; hence, dark circles.

Blocked nose

Having ice-cream or drinking cold water during winters gives me a very bothering blocked nose! Wondering the connection between ice-cream and dark circles? It so happens that due to blocked nose, the veins beneath our eyes tends to look darker since there is a lot of connectivity between our nose and eyes through the veins. Some allergies also lead to nasal congestion, which makes our skin below the eyes look darker than usual.


Your consumption of alcohol puts an impact on your brain, and also on your eyes. Recall when your sibling suspected you having a gala time last night just by looking at your eyes? Dark circles after partying is a signal of dehydration, increased consumption of caffeine also leads to dehydration. Let's try and cut a little slack?


Dark circle by sun

Applying lots of sunscreen might prevent tanning on your arms and legs, but what about your eyes? A long duration spent under the skin leads to eye tanning as well or simply dark circles. Sun exposure increases the production of something known as melanin, which makes your eye look darker. Do not even try to apply the sunscreen below your eyes; scroll down for better options to get rid of dark circles.


Lower level of iron in our bodies, also known as anaemia, leads to dark circles. This happens because of low oxygen supply to the tissues in our body, which aggravates the dark circle under our eyes.

Hormonal changes

A woman experiences lots of changes in her body during pregnancy. Another bad effect of hormonal changes is dark circles. Also, people who gain weight can see their eyes getting a darker shade, and also getting puffed up.


Sudden change in the shade below eyes must not be taken lightly. It might also be a signal of a sign for a liver issue or a dysfunction. Consult a doctor if you feel your liver is the cause of the dark eye shade!

Fluid retention

Excessive salt in the diet can lead to water retention in the body and leave you with dark circles, as well as baggy eyes.


Ladies watch out! The frustrated feeling that we get after not getting into those old jeans like we used to, forces us to follow a crash diet routine. Because of this, many important minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and other food supplements does not reach our body, hence, dark circles.

Easy home remedies to deal with dark circles

Home remedies to deal with dark circles

With the above causes of dark circles, it's quite evident that most of us face these problems and hence, the black eye. Forget your quick fix aka concealer and your dark circle creams, and walk down the path of nature. Read on for tips to get rid of dark circles naturally!


Let's accept it, putting a slice of fresh cucumber over the eyelids is a HUGE relief! Cucumbers have skin lightening and astringent properties, which helps a lot in getting rid of the panda eyes. Slice two pieces of cucumber and chill for it about 20 minutes, place it over your eyes for about 5-10min and relax. You can also mix a little cucumber juice with some lemon juice, soak it in a cotton ball and gently rub on the dark shaded area under the eyes. Repeating this twice a day will give your faster results!

Raw Potato

One of the most cooked vegetables in Indian household is potato, and it is also used for lightening those black eyes. With bleaching properties, potato just like cucumber helps a lot. Just grate a raw potato to extract its juice, soak it up in a cotton ball and gently cover the dark shaded area. Let it stay for about 10minutes and rinse off. You could chill slices of potato and place it over your eyes, just like we do it for cucumber. Potato also helps in getting rid of the puffy eyes.


Just like oiling does wonder for your hair, it is also good for the eyes. Almond oil works best for delicate skin, just like the skin beneath our eyes. Gently massage the lower portion of your eyes with almond oil before going to bed. Let it stay overnight and rinse it off in the morning. You can also add a bit of coconut oil and make an eye mask for yourself.


Tomatoes also contain bleaching properties in them. Mix some tomato juice with a few drops of lemon juice and massage it on the dark circles. Let it stay for a while and then rinse it off. You could also drink tomato juice with lemon and salt twice a day to get rid of dark circles.

Cold milk

We've all heard our mothers and grandmothers forcing us to gulp some cold milk to get instant relief from acidity, right? Applying some cold milk below the eyes also reduces the dark shade to help you get rid of dark circles. Apply cold milk soaked in a cotton ball and rub it over your eyes, let it stay for some time and rinse it off.

Cold spoon

The easiest ways, put a spoon in the freezer overnight, and place it over your eyes till the spoon feels warn again.

Cold tea bags

Basically anything cold helps in getting rid of dark circles. Dip two tea bags in water and freeze it for a while. Place it over your eyes for about 10 minutes and your eyes will feel fresh. You can also wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth and place it over your eyes for a while; this also helps in getting rid of the exhaustion from pulling out an all-nighter.

Rose Water

Gulaab jal is something every girl has used it in her life. Be it for glowing face or getting rid of pimples, gulaab jal turns out to be a life saver for us girls. All you need to do gently massage some rose water over the dark shaded portion, and rinse it off after some time. Another quick fix huh?

Orange Juice

Orange juice tops the list of my favourite juices, and learning about the benefits of it for getting rid of dark circles gives me more reasons to drink more! Another way out is to mix orange juice with a few drops of glycerine and apply it over your eyes. It will help reducing the dark shade and will also give a natural glow, sounds like a good option?

Mint leaves

The only thought I get after hearing mint leaves is the soothing mojito with loads of mint leaves, quite refreshing! Let's crank it up a notch; crush some mint leaves with a few drops of water to get a smooth paste. Apply this paste every night before going to bed for about 10minutes and rinse it off. Mint leaves have Vitamin C which helps in lightening the dark shade and leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.

Need more ways to get rid of those dark eyes?

Well, using the above home remedies will lightening that dark shaded portion instantly, but you can also follow the following steps to get faster results!

Sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite!

Yes, get your beauty sleep and keep a record of the number of hours you sleep, 7-9 hours of sleep is a must, so follow the 'early to bed, early to rise' funda asap!


Yoga is like a medicine to all the ailments one can suffer from. Few asanas help a great deal in getting rid of the puffed up and panda eyes. Suryanamaskar and singhasana are two yoga postures that work best for this purpose. So, wake up a little early every morning and spend a few minutes doing yoga, get rid of the dark circles and also the little belly that has been bothering you!

Avoid stress

Do not over commit yourself with work, the larger the workloads, the higher the stress level, the higher chances of having dark circles. So try and avoid extra work and limit yourself a little when it comes to the workload.

Face yoga

Busy schedule and no time for the body? Start the easy face yoga routine to keep yourself fresh and your eyes far away from dark circles. Simply, massage the eye area with your fingertips, gently and not with a lot of pressure. The moment you massage, you will be able to feel the blood circulation under the eyes improving; which not only lightens the skin but also keeps your fresh.

Watch your lifestyle

Observing your sleeping pattern is not enough. Avoid excessive partying and intake of alcohol and cigarettes on a large scale, for as mentioned above, it leads to dehydration which further leads to darkening of the soft skin beneath your eyes.

Allergies and blocked nose

As mentioned above, presence of blocked nose and allergies also lead to dark circles. Therefore, you should get yourself treated first to get rid of the allergies to avoid the dark shade. Visit a doctor and take the prescribed medicines and say bye bye to allergies and dark circles.

Healthy Diet

Last but not the least, a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep yourself fit internally. Drink lots of water as well to keep yourself hydrated.

I've already incorporated a cocktail of the above hacks to avoid the dark circles I might get by pulling off an all-nighter reading novels. What are you waiting for?

Sakhi Bhotika

Sakhi Bhotika

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