7 Herbal Teas & Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Gunjan Lal
July 27, 2016
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7 Herbal Teas & Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Herbal teas used to sound very dull, serious and boring to me, like something old people would drink as medicine. Then I figured that they're nothing but normal black or green tea infused with some herbs, now that sounded quite interesting. Being a self- proclaimed tea fanatic, how could I not try them out? So obviously I did and made a list of herbal teas with multiple health benefits that are without a doubt great for your health.

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi or basil is considered to be the most important herb, often called as 'the queen of herbs'. It is rightly named so because it is tremendously good for your health. It has been used as a medicinal herb by Indians for centuries. Modern research also came to the conclusion that tulsi has many constituents, including those with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Stress has found a permanent place in our minds lately. From a mere school going kid to a retired elderly person, all of our lives are filled with the stress of one sort or another be it worry, anxiety or tension. Our minds are never at peace. This should not be taken lightly, prolonged stress can cause severe effects on our mental and physical health. It can hamper your immune system's functions, impairing your digestive system and affect your memory and mood. Tulsi tea can help reduce some of the effects of stress by enhancing stamina and promoting immune function.

Basil can be beneficial in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar is caused when your body is unable to breakdown sugar (or glucose) properly. In a research done by University of Michigan Health System it was found that Basil leaves can help control the blood sugar levels of people with type 2 diabetes. Even if you don't have diabetes, you can still drink basil tea to prevent yourself from this monstrous disease. Prevention is always better than cure.

Basil has been used traditionally to treat various respiratory problems such as bronchitis, cough and cold. Other diseases commonly treated with basil tea include inflammation, fever, heart disease, poisoning, stomach complaints and malaria

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

We all crush a little bit of ginger while making tea in winters. Fusing ginger with tea not only gives it a great taste and sooth our throats it also adds a very healthy twist to your tea. If you're feeling ill, a cup of ginger tea can instantly make you feel a little better.

Ginger tea has a soothing and relaxing effect on problems related to stomach, it can effectively and quickly relieve gassiness, indigestion, and constipation. Another beneficial effect of this herbal tea is that it helps in settling overactive stomach acids.

Ginger helps in improving, supporting and strengthening your vocal chords. So if you've got an important lecture or presentation to give, drinking ginger tea can prove to be great for your voice. Research studies done in University of Maryland Medical Center suggest that ginger helps relieve nausea induced by chemotherapy or surgery as well as motion sickness and morning sickness.

Ginger tea's anti-inflammatory qualities can help your body alleviate pains and aches, it can be helpful for back pains, headaches and menstrual cramps. It also helps in reducing muscle pain. Ginger naturally possesses an anti-inflammatory called 'gingerol' which is helpful in reducing muscle soreness which is common after exercise and sports.

This herbal tea is a good source of antioxidants that can boost metabolism and encourage your body to burn fat more effectively. One of the numerous advantages of antioxidants is that they work to reverse the premature signs of aging such as dull and dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity and cherry on the top - extra hydration you receive from sipping ginger tea nourishes your skin!

Ginger tea is a good source of essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins B6, C, and D. it also carries anti-parasitic, antibacterial and antiviral benefits.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea

If you've never tried cinnamon tea then you must try it now. I love the smooth texture that cinnamon adds to the tea. Did you know that cinnamon has the third-highest antioxidant content when compared with herbs and spices that are rich in antioxidants? Cinnamon can be used as a natural antioxidant to prevent unwanted oxidation of lipids in foods.

Drinking Cinnamon tea can be useful for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Cinnamon tea can almost eliminate the IBS symptoms. Cinnamon is a natural disinfectant and that is why it is so effective in curing the IBS symptoms. Stomach cramps, constipation, accompanied by a stomach ache or a headache is usually caused by indigestion. An antioxidant (called catechins, also present in green tea) can surely be helpful in easing stomach discomfort, gas, bloating and indigestion.

Good blood circulation reduces pain and increases your metabolic rate. Cinnamon is a known blood thinner and assists in better circulation of blood. It may also help in resisting tooth decay and gum disease because the strong antibacterial and disinfecting properties of Cinnamon keeps your mouth healthy and enhances oral hygiene. Try drinking cinnamon green tea without sugar, your mouth will instantly feel fresh (if you try this with normal tea then rinse your mouth with water once or twice after it so that the tea may not stain your teeth).

Though Cinnamon tea can be effective in providing ease and relief from menstrual discomfort and cramping, pregnant women are not advised to drink this.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is a fun herb, you can find it in everyday things from toothpaste and shampoos to chocolates and juices. Mint chocolate is in fact one of my favourite ice cream flavours. But let's not drift off topic. The main component in peppermint is menthol which essentially has a cooling effect. So the next time you suffer from fever, drinking a cup of peppermint herbal tea will cause external sweating, whereas menthol will cool down your body from inside.

It is great for your stomach too. Peppermint tea and peppermint oil have been in use since thousands of years to treat a variety of gastrointestinal conditions and digestive disorders. It helps the body to get rid of accumulated gas that causes cramping, bloating, and stomach discomfort.

Peppermint tea also possesses antibacterial properties, that means it can help you fight bacterial illnesses, including coughs, and cold and fevers. Not only can it help you fight these illnesses but it can also prevent them. It also has traces of , vitamin B, antioxidants and calcium. These help your body uptake nutrients which help fight off illness and perform necessary functions to keep your body healthy.

This herbal tea boosts your immune system, helps in weight loss by naturally curbing your appetite, helps in preventing nausea and aids in relieving stress and cold and cough.

Chamomile (or Camomile) Tea

Chamomile Tea

Does your over active mind and imagination shifts into fifth gear and makes it difficult for you to sleep at night? A cup of chamomile tea can help you with that. This herbal tea has acquired for itself the name 'night-time' tea, now isn't that something? It acts as a mild sedative and helps relieve insomnia so a comfy and hot cup of chamomile tea before bed can help you fall asleep peacefully.

I've already mentioned how our stress has become a permanent member of our lives. Traditional healers recommend chamomile tea to be one of the best, simple and healthy ways to get rid of anxiety and depression. Current scientific studies also support this fact.

Chamomile has a wonderful fragrance, and chamomile oil is used by aroma therapists all around the globe to deal with patients with anxiety and depression. Chamomile tea too has a deliciously soothing and relaxing smell.

This herbal tea can ease your discomfort when you experience excruciating menstrual cramps. I'm not making a sweet sounding unfounded proclamation. It was found that if you drink chamomile tea regularly the levels of amino acid glycine in your body rises and that's a good thing because higher levels of glycine can help to ease menstrual cramps by reducing muscle spasms and in turn encouraging your body to relax.

Applying Chamomile tea (or preferably just the herb) on your skin can be great for it. Chamomile has properties that can soothe chicken pox, wounds, burns and bruises, insect bites, sunburns and rashes and itchy or inflamed skin. This herb is known for its power of easing the discomfort of acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin irritations, too.

This tea is loaded with antioxidants (and we know why they're extremely important), it's beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes as it can lower blood sugar levels considerably, it can also prevent or assist in improving complications that come along with debates such as loss of vision and kidney damage. It can also prevent you from being susceptible to debates as it enhances healthy blood vessels and organs.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea can prove to be very beneficial for some really serious diseases such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, liver disease, digestive and immune systems. It also enhances the rate of your body's metabolism. This herbal tea is rich in Vitamin C, various antioxidants and minerals.

A study conducted in a college in Taiwan suggested that hibiscus has the potential to slow down the growth of cancerous cells in your body by inducing apoptosis, commonly known as programmed cell death.

Iced hibiscus tea can be used to quench thirst, it has an amazing quality to cool down the body extremely fast (like sports drinks). It has a sweet and savory taste, you can you can try adding spices like cloves, cinnamon, and ginger depending on your taste preference to add a spicy twist to its taste

A word of caution, Hibiscus tea is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from low blood pressure. Some people can develop allergic reactions to this herb and some may feel intoxicated or experience hallucination when consumed in excess.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion herbal tea is beneficial for your gallbladder and liver. Your liver constantly works on filtering your blood, remove toxins from the body, producing and releasing bile, and perform other important functions. This tea detoxifies, cleanses, and stimulates your liver, It encourages the production and flow of bile, which is important for digestion.

It's full of rich antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium which are really good for your bones, also, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K and magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and zinc.

Dandelion tea can be beneficial during the flu season. It has strong antiviral properties, and it can successfully stave off influenza virus infections. This herbal tea can help you fight the flu as well as protect you from catching it. It is also beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis.

You can profit from the healing properties of dandelion not just by drinking its tea. Soak yourself in a nice hot and comforting dandelion tea bath or apply it over joint pain, stiffness and swelling, it can help relieve it.

It is great for your skin too, helps you in getting rid of psoriasis, acne, or inflamed or dry skin (drink it or mix it in a face pack, it works either way!). Because it supports your liver to work efficiently this, in turn, makes your skin healthy and glowing. The presence of essential vitamins and minerals helps in clearing your complexion. It will also protect your skin from the harmful effects of UVB rays.

This herbal tea is great if you're looking forward to cleanse and detoxify your body. Detoxification with dandelion tea will leave you with reduced cellulite and amazingly clearer complexion.

So you see? They're not boring, in fact, I found Herbal teas' benefits really interesting. The more I get to know the more obsessed I get about them. I hope that I have convinced you to try my favorite herbal teas if not all then at least most of them. They're easily available in markets as well as online stores. Try them out and tell me which one you liked the most!

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Gunjan Lal

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