Lemon and Honey Water: 10 Benefits of the Magic Potion

Sakhi Bhotika
August 27, 2016
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Lemon and Honey Water: 10 Benefits of the Magic Potion

I have heard a lot of celebrities and fitness freaks mentioning that they start their day by drinking a glass of warm water with a tinge of lemon juice in it. Some also prefer drinking warm water with a spoon of honey, while mix both lemon and honey. But, why is it that drinking lemon water or honey water is so highly appreciated by them? Apparently, starting the day with a glass of warm lemon water or honey water is the key to a healthy and fit life which is why people across the globe follow this mantra. With a lot of persuasion from my mother, I have tried a number of times to start this habit but tend to stop it within a week. But this time, while writing this article, I have got many reasons to continue this habit for life!

Let's Get Lemony!

Lemons come with truckloads of Vitamin C and a lot of antioxidants that help in nourishing the body and also do wonders for the digestive system. They stimulate the bowel movement making it easier to flush out the toxins. Mild infections are also treated by lemons. Moreover, drinking a warm glass of lemon water in the morning also replenishes and rehydrates the body, as the tissues get dehydrated over the night.

Let's have a quick look at the benefits of drinking lemon water every day!

Detoxify Your Body

Lemons contain a lot of enzymes and nutrients that help in detoxifying the body properly. Although lemon is a citrus fruit, it is a great source of alkaline compounds that reduces the acidic effects on our body and helps in detoxification.

Key to Weight Loss

Key to Weight Loss

Widely preferred habit, drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is a great way to lose that belly fat and cut on calories. This is because; it contains a specific compound that tends to make one feel fuller after drinking lemon water. This helps in preventing unnecessary hogging on fatty foods and also helps in cutting down the calories. Metabolism rate of the body is also taken care of by drinking lemon water and helps in faster digestion of fats. It turns out to be a perfect post-workout drink, helping the body to get rehydrated and feel relaxed.

Energy Drink

For those who drink a lot of black coffee as a source of energy in the morning, try drinking lemon water. Not only will it help in boosting up the energy level, it will also help in cutting down the caffeine content in the body.

Say bye to stress and anxiety

Ever spent a day at the office in stress, which forced you to grab a bag of chips and munch away the stress? Stress and anxiety tends to make one feel hungry, which leads to mindless munching and adding the calorie count in the body. Not to forget the headache that is accompanied by stress. Gulping down a glass of warm lemon water not only satiates that hunger, it also refreshes the mind and makes you feel relaxed. Say no more headaches and stress!


Drinking lemon water every morning helps in waking up the digestive tract. The nutrients in lemon help in proper absorption of food in the digestive tract, helping in the better nourishment of the body and it also keeps the liver active, which further helps in flushing out the toxins easily.

You could also drink lemon water after a heavy meal to feel relaxed and avoid gas or bloating. Try this out when you an upset tummy, works well in those situations as well!

No Fever, Flu

No Fever, Flu

With truckloads of Vitamin C, lemons help in replenishing the body with Vitamin C and keeping cold, fever and flu at bay. Mild fever can be treated by drinking lemon water as it helps in bringing down the temperature.

Smooth Skin

Since lemon aids in digestion, it also aids in flushing out of toxins. Lesser the toxins in the body, happier is our skin! Lemons detoxify the body from toxins so well, that it helps in getting a happier, smooth and healthy skin.

Even pimples and acne occur less and less with the presence of lemon nutrients in our body. Wait, there's more, not only the acne and pimples reduce, drinking lemon water also reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the face, For better results, rub some lemon juice on your face to get rid of aging signs faster.

Oral Health

Drink lemon water a fresher breath and bid adieu to that bad breath! Toothaches can also be relieved by drinking lemon water. Don't forget to gargle your or brush your teeth with water once after drinking lemon water, as lemon might erode the enamel.

Only Vitamin? Nah, Potassium as well!

Lemon is a great source of potassium which keeps the body healthy. It also stimulates the functioning of the brain and nervous system, giving an overall advantage to the body.

Kidney Stones

For those who suffer from kidney stones very often should definitely drink lemon water on a daily basis. It helps in dissolving the stones and calcium deposits as well. Drinking lemon water is also beneficial for UTI issues.

Enough with benefits of the yellow coloured sour fruit, lets sweeten it up now!

Heloo Honey!

Heloo Honey!

Honey, or liquid gold as it is called by some people, is also filled with a lot of nutrients and benefits. It also acts a sweetening alternate and also boosts up the immune system. Exactly why, it is also known as liquid gold!

Cancer, what's that?

Though not scientifically proven, it has been widely observed that drinking honey water every day helps in preventing the multiplication of the cancerous cells, and it also slows down the process. And for those who keep worrying about this disease, start drinking this magic potion soon, because prevention is better than cure!


I am sure that almost all of us have been to some house party and wake up in a trashy state the next day. If not that extreme, but it is a given that most of us have experienced that 'high state'. Recall when someone gave you some lemon water or lemon to get rid of that hangover, and the way you twitched at the sour taste. Next time when you're at a house party or wake up with a hangover, try drinking a glass of warm honey water, and see that tensed forehead vanish in some time!


Remember having some weird allergies during a particular season and the way you gulped down capsules to get rid of it? Try drinking honey water when you suffer the allergy; honey tends to treat it right away. The nutrients present in honey helps in getting rid of mild allergies, especially the seasonal ones. I'm going to recommend drinking honey water to my relative during the winter season when she has white patches all over! Hopefully, it will work.


As a child, and as an adult as well, I keep getting scolded by my mother for misplacing things in my room; rather keeping it safely and forgetting where I kept it. There isn't anyone on this planet who hasn't forgotten the safe place where they kept something! Chuck the idea of eating soaked almonds every morning, and start drinking honey water; it will not only help improving your memory but will also give an overall positive effect on the functioning of the body!



Is drinking lemon water the only way to get weightless as soon as possible? No, for days when you don't feel like drinking the sour potion, try out the sweet potion! Even though the calorie count is higher in honey, yet it activates the metabolism of the body and thus plays an important role in getting rid of that extra weight!

Home-made Probiotic Drink

With a number of nutrients and anti-bacterial compounds, and some friendly bacteria as well, honey water can be replaced as a probiotic drink that you get in the supermarket. So for days when you get over with your stock of the packaged probiotic drink, don't worry and just mix a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water and feel probiotic!

Red and White Blood!

No, don't worry your blood won't turn white; I'm talking about the red and the white blood cells. We all have studied in science that our blood is made up of red and white blood cells. So, drinking honey water not only detoxifies and purifies the bloodstream, it also increases the production of red blood cells which means better oxygen supply throughout the body. The white blood cells fight against the infections and viruses, honey tends to maintain the level of these soldier cells.

Heart Disease

In the busy lives that we lead with stress and pollution around us, everyone is in the risk of suffering from heart diseases. So why to take the risk when you can easily prevent it? Drinking a warm glass of honey water prevents the onset of all kinds of heart diseases as it slows down the oxidation process caused by cholesterol.

Healthy Skin

Physical appearance changes the game these days. It so happens that people with good looks but lower capabilities have a higher chance of getting successful, while people with average looks might feel the pressure of not getting successful. Everyone is pretty, no one is good looking or average looking, yet those scars and marks on faces tend to lower the points on physical appearance. Moreover, the pollution around us adds to the already dull face! An interesting way to get rid of all these issues is to drink honey water. This is because honey contains a lot of antioxidants that helps in detoxifying the body, which means a healthier body, which also leads to a healthier skin.



Ever felt snow falling all over your shoulders when you wear a dark shirt? Doesn't ring a bell? Ok, recall when automatically your hand moves up to your scalp and start scratching and scalping out the dry skin? I suppose now that rings a bell! Yes, for all those suffering from the flaky situation, should start drinking honey water to get rid of the snowy stuff! While applying honey hair masks is the best way to reduce dandruff, drinking honey water acts as an add-on effect for the flakes.

Phew, that was some knowledge to gain in one article right? But isn't it great how easily available natural things can help us getting rid of a number of problems and lead a healthy life? Indeed it is. What is it that you need? Water, lemon or honey. Either drink lemon water or honey water or even mash it up at times; you're always at a win-win situation, for you gain a lot of things by this potion! Call it elixir maybe? Put a red light on buying those expensive cosmetics to get rid of skin issues like pimples, acne, scars and aging signs, and switch on the green light for the magic potion!

Feeling stressed and weak? All you need is lemon water or honey water to feel relaxed and refreshed! Bid adieus to those aerated sodas that satiate your taste buds or help you refresh, say yes to a mixture of honey and lemon in water for the same! Wanting to run that extra kilometre without feeling all tired and weak? Honey and lemon water is your new energy drink; no more hard and bitter coffee!

With so many benefits of both lemon water and honey water, I don't think I need any more reasons to not drink it every morning! Start this healthy habit soon, and make everyone around you understand the goodness of this drinking habit. Making children used to this habit at an early stage is the best thing any parent can do, as your child will grow into a healthy person with no minor health issues!

Sakhi Bhotika

Sakhi Bhotika

Hi, I'm Sakhi, and I love to meet new people and learn new things from them. I strongly feel that make-up can make you look pretty on the outside, but eating healthy keeps you pretty on the inside!

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