8 Reasons Why Lavender Oil Is Important For You

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July 27, 2016
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8 Reasons Why Lavender Oil Is Important For You

Don't you love the calm and refreshing smell of lavender? Doesn't it instantly lifts up your mood and makes you happy? Well, lavender essential oil has the same kind of effect. Lavender is being used since time immemorial, the ancient Egyptians, the Romans, as well as ancient Ayurvedic healers in India used it. Did you know that presently Lavender oil is the most used essential oil in the whole world? Why wouldn't it be, it practically cures and prevents all your common ailments.

Here is how you can benefit from using Lavender essential oil in your everyday life:

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Treats hair loss

Treats skin

Treats insomnia

Treats acne

Treats pain

Enhances blood circulation

Enhances immune system

Reduces anxiety

Defends the body against diseases

Lavender oil is beneficial for insomnia

Stress or worries keep you up at night? A good night's sleep is essential for everybody. Your body needs at least 6-7 hours of sleep. We are all aware of it but most of us are burdened with work pressure or exam's stress that we not only neglect sleeping we often find it difficult to sleep properly. Your brain needs to slow down and relax in order to function properly. Did you know that sleep deficiency can increase your risk of High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and even stroke?

I'm not trying to scare you, just reminding why sleep is important for you. Lavender essential oil is beneficial for inducing sleep. You can try dropping two drops of lavender essential oil on the side of your pillow and see the magic. Or can rub a little bit of oil on your temples, neck or chest, this will improve the quality of your sleep. This oil is used as an alternative method for inducing sleep in patients with insomnia. It has a relaxing impact on your body making you feel less stressed and hence inducing sound sleep.

Lavender oil is a boon for your hair

Recipe For Dandruff Using Essential Oils

You'll Need

2 teaspoons of carrier oil (Olive/ Jojoba/ Coconut)

2 Drops of lavender oil

2 Drops of peppermint oil

1Drop of rosemary oil

5 Drops of lemon oil

Mix all the oils and massage into your scalp for good 3-4 minutes.

Rinse after 4-5 hours

I don't think that I need to give you a lecture about how important it is to take care of your hair. Hair care and skin care are two things that girls and boys equally are concerned about. Don't you agree? Lavender essential oil cares for your hair as well as your skin.

Lavender oil will come to your scalp's rescue if you have hair fall, or itchy scalp, or nits. It is highly beneficial for people who suffer from an autoimmune disease called alopecia. In this, your body rejects it's very own hair follicles. As per a study, 40% of patients suffering from alopecia reported that they experienced an increase in hair growth then they massaged their scalp regularly with lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil makes your hair softer, it basically serves as a conditioner. Its effects get enhances when paired with rosemary essential oil. Both of these essential oils are can do wonders for your hair.

Lavender oil is a blessing for your skin

Advantages of lavender essential oil is because of the antifungal and antiseptic properties that it possesses. As mentioned above, it is used for the treatment of acne, it can also reduce the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. It can also prevent your skin against allergic reactions.

10 drops of lavender oil mixed with approximately 30gms of aloe vera or coconut oil can sooth the worst sunburns and bring rapid healing to minor cuts, dry skin, and scraps.

Lavender oil is also an insect repellent (whaaat? Yes, it is). You can apply it on your skin when you step outside your house or if you decide to go on a hike. It will repel as well as sooth your skin irritation if you do get bit by a bug.

Lavender oil is beneficial in reducing and preventing acne

Lavender Essential Oil Blends Well With

Orange essential oil

Peppermint essential oil

Sage essential oil

Cedar wood essential oil

Nutmeg essential oil

Acne is one awful thing that we all experience. It doesn't happen to just adolescents but also to people who are in their thirties as well as forties. The root causes of acne are clogged pores, dead skin, excess oil production, and bacteria. Lavender essential oil hinders the growth of the bacteria that causes the initial infection which leads to the formation of acne. It is one of the most beneficial oils that is used for the treatment of acne by dermatologists and aroma therapists.

Have you noticed that whenever you're stressed for a continuous number of days, acne surprisingly develops on your face (hasn't happened to me yet, but I know people who experience this). If it hasn't happened with you, you better believe that it can because studies have shown that stress and acne are connected.

Don't worry, if you have lavender oil at home, it'll come to your aid. Add 2-3 drops of this essential oil to your daily face cream, it will help in the prevention of acne. It will also help in reducing the inflammation, redness of the skin, scars or any sort of nasty reminder that you ever had acne on your face. This benefit of lavender oil will definitely come in handy for each member in your family.

Lavender oil is an insect repellent

Having an insect repellent in an Indian household is an absolute must. This quality of lavender essential oil amuses me greatly. While we (humans!) find it's fragrance calming and refreshing, insects are repelled by its smell. Yes, Lavender essential oil's smell is too strong for many bugs such as midgets, moths, and mosquitoes. You can apply a bit of this essential oil on your exposed skin before leaving home you won't just smell like flowers, it'll also prevent you from getting bit by bugs.

If you've got a bug bite right now, you can still use lavender oil to reduce pain and irritation, it has anti- inflammatory qualities that help with cases of bug bites.

Lavender oil is comforting your Nervous system

If you have even inhaled the lovely scent of lavender you would know that it has an extremely calming scent, and a calming scent makes a wonderful tonic for your nerves in times of anxiety or depression. The rejuvenating aroma of lavender oil removes restlessness and nervous exhaustion and increases your mental activity. This is precisely the reason why it is used by professionals for the treatment of insomnia.

A study showed that students who inhaled lavender oil or rosemary oil right before their test showed enhanced cognitive function and decreased anxiety and mental stress. Now I'm sure everyone could use a sniff of this!

As it is helpful in calming your worked up nerves, it is obvious that it is also beneficial in aiding ailments that you suffer due to this reason, such as headaches. Talking about worked up nerves always brings Mrs. Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) to my mind, she sure could use some lavender oil!

Lavender oil is good for relieving pain

I find the kind of pain that lingers extremely annoying. When you're in pain, (of any kind, be it a headache, toothache, a fresh wound's ache, a muscle pain or a joint pain) you can neither sleep nor stay awake without complaining and it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate on anything properly. No matter how much to try to contain it the agony of pain always either makes you angry or at least a bit irritated.

Muscle and joint pains can happen to anyone anywhere, they don't just happen to old people. You can pull a muscle while exercising! Having a bottle of Lavender oil in your bag or car will be useful to you more times than you can imagine.

Lavender oil is an excellent alternative to pain killers. It can be used to heal backaches, muscular pains, tensed muscles and sprains. If you or anyone in your family experiences joint pains, regular massage with lavender oil blended with apricot oil can provide relief.

A study done in aromatherapy for reduction of pain revealed that patients that come out of major surgeries if breath in lavender oil's vapor combined with the oxygen they experience significantly reduced the amount of pain when compared with patients who inhaled only oxygen.

Lavender oil assists in proper blood circulation

When you were a kid did you ever wrap a rubber band tightly around your finger and watched how it turned pale and slowly purple? That is what happens when blood circulation in a part of your body is totally cut off. But don't worry, improper blood circulation and cutting off blood circulation are two different things.

Poor circulation of blood is not a separate condition itself, it happens because of other health issues. A few symptoms of poor blood circulation are muscle cramps, stinging or throbbing pain in your limbs or numbness. Your body's circulation system has the mighty task of sending blood, nutrients, and oxygen throughout your body.

Lavender oil is good for enhancing blood circulation in your body. A research found that when lavender essential oil was used in aromatherapy it has great effects on coronary circulation (it is the circulation of blood in the blood vessels of your heart's coronary arteries).

Recipe For Prevention of Hair Loss

You'll need

3 Teaspoons of carrier oil (Olive/ Jojoba/ Coconut)

3 Drops of lavender oil

3 Drops of cedar wood oil

3 Drops of sandalwood oil

2 Drops of rosemary

Mix all the oils and massage into your scalp for good 3-4 minutes

Rinse after 4-5 hours

Lavender oil can enhance your immunity

The most common risk for the inception and development of any kind of disease is getting affected by free radicals such as chemicals, toxins, and pollutants in the atmosphere. They are the main reasons that hamper your immune system.

Your body's natural response to these free radicals is to create antioxidant enzymes. The main job of these antioxidant enzymes is to prevent these free radicals to cause damage to your body. What do you think will happen if the amount of free radicals in your body will be higher than its ability to create antioxidants?

There are plenty of options that are good sources of antioxidants, and obviously, lavender essential oil is one of them. This is one of its many benefits. Regular use of lavender oil will provide resistance to multiple diseases. I have already mentioned that lavender has antiviral and antibacterial qualities that make it perfect for defending the body against rare diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis and diphtheria.

Precautions that you should take while using this oil

After having listed the benefits of lavender oil, I would like to point a few things that you must keep in mind before using or recommending this oil to anyone.

  • Do not use this oil if you are allergic to lavender.
  • If you are on doctor-prescribed medication for sleep disorders then take your doctor's suggestion before using this oil to induce sleep.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should avoid using it. Enough research has not been done prove that it's perfectly safe for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Parents are advised to use this oil with caution on children. Frequent use with children is not recommended.
  • Because this oil is highly concentrated, it has very high level of antioxidants. Ingesting more than 2-3 drops is not advisable if you have a sensitive digestive system.
  • Never massage with undiluted lavender oil. Always blend it with some other oil or cream.
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