14 Easy Home Remedies For Treating Burns!

Sakhi Bhotika
September 27, 2016
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14 Easy Home Remedies For Treating Burns!

One of the most common household injuries, nobody is spared from burns! Remember when you were frying your child's favourite French fries and few drops of the steaming hot oils land on your skin. Recall when you were lighting a candle during Diwali and you by mistake burn your skin. What do you do? You shriek a little and then instantly apply some toothpaste over the skin. Electric shocks can also lead to burnt skin! Yes, we all have burnt our skin some time or the other. But not every burn is as minor as we experience on a daily basis. Read on for a brief introduction about the types of burns and effective home remedies to treat the minor burns. The article is all about burns, and you can also find some very effective homoeopathic remedies for burns.

Types of burns

First degree Burns

This type of burn only affects the outermost layer of skin, hence first-degree burn cause minimal skin damage. Redness, inflammation and dry peeling skin are the signs of the first degree burns.

Second Degree Burns

Types of burns

These burns are more serious because the damage extends beyond the top layer of the skin. This type of burn causes the skin to blister and become extremely red and sore. The blisters can get worse if they pop open. In cases of a second-degree burn, trying to cure the burns with the home remedies without a doctor's consent should not be done, as it may lead to infections. Consult a doctor immediately.

Third Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the most severe type of burns. The irony is that knowing that it is the most severe type of burn, we only wonder about the amount of pain that the victim goes through, but actually the victim might not even feel any pain due to nerve damage. Third-degree burns damages each and every layer of the skin. The skin turns dark brown in colour, and might be life threatening if not treated on time. Call an ambulance or visit the hospital immediately!

14 EasyHome Remedies for Burns!


Well, this is the easiest and fastest way to treat a minor burn. All you need to do is simply apply toothpaste over the burnt skin and let it dry. The cooling agents present in toothpaste soothe the burning sensation instantly.


Citrus fruits like orange contain a lot of properties that help in improving the immune system that further helps in healing the burn easily. Tomatoes and green leafy vegetables also contain magical properties that will help in faster recovery.

Aloe vera

14 EasyHome Remedies for Burns!

Aloe vera has been used since ages to treat skin afflictions and reduce inflammation. It is used and recommended by doctors to treat minor, first-degree burns and can be used on some second-degree burns. The enzymes present in aloe reduce inflammation and improve the blood flow to the damaged tissues. It also accelerates the growth of new skin cells which speeds up the healing power. To get instant relief from the burn, use aloe. It also prevents blistering and scarring of the skin. But before applying aloe on the burnt skin, you must make sure whether the burn is minor or not. If the burn is second degree or third degree, applying aloe might worsen the situation. Now how to use aloe for treating the burnt skin? Try using aloe directly from the plant. Aloe, when applied directly from the plant, works better as compared to diluted products that are available in the market. If you cannot catch hold of the plant, use aloe products that have high aloe concentration. Just apply the aloe cream or aloe gel over the burnt skin and let it stay for some time. Don't forget to test the aloe on a patch f skin to check for allergies or rashes.

Running water

We have always been told or seen people applying ice over the burnt skin. But it has been observed that applying ice over the burnt skin lowers the blood supply and might also increase the chances of frost bites. Instead of ice, you can pour clean running water, cold water or warm water over the burnt skin to cool down the temperature of the burnt skin.


Honey is like one of the power foods in our kitchen. Honey or liquid gold as some might call comes with a lot of benefits for our body. The goodness of this golden liquid is being used since the ancient times. Honey contains a lot of properties that help in treating burns, faster way of healing as compared to other gels and creams. Applying honey over the burnt skin has been observed to be a better and an easy of relieving the victim. All you need to do is apply honey over the burnt skin. Wash the skin with cold water before applying honey. You can apply this multiple times a day until you feel some relief. You can also put some honey on a soft cloth or a bandage and keep it over the burnt skin for a few hours. This will also relieve the burning sensation. So just grab that jar of honey the moment you touch that hot pan by mistake!


You can use milk as well to soothe the burning skin. The fats present in milk help in soothing the skin and also accelerate the healing process. You can even use non-fat milk for treating burns, as it contains enzymes that heal the wound. Now how to use milk? Keep the burnt skin submerged in milk for a few minutes. If that's not possible, then simply soak a soft cloth in milk and place it on the burnt skin. Let it stay for a few minutes and repeat the process for a few hours until you feel better.


Yogurt has been used for making home-made face packs and hair packs since ancient times. What many of us are not aware of is that yogurt can also be used for treating burns. It contains cooling agents and enzymes that also present in milk, which help in cooling down the skin and helping in faster recovery. All you need to is apply a good amount of yogurt over the burnt skin and let it stay for a while.


With a lot of anti-irritating and soothing properties, a potato can come to your rescue for treating burns. It also helps in preventing the formation of blisters. You can apply potato immediately after the skin gets burned. Just cut a thin slice of raw potato and rub over the burned skin. Do not apply pressure; just gently rub it over making sure that the juice is released from the potato. You can continue rubbing potato slice until you feel better.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is the most common essential oil used across the globe. It has a lot of benefits that help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This essential oil contains antiseptic and painkilling properties that help in faster recovery. Simply apply 1-2 drops of lavender oil over the burnt skin. Alternatively, you can also pour a few drops of lavender oil on a soft cloth and place it on the burnt skin.


Vinegar has the antiseptic and astringent properties in them that can help in treating any kind of minor burns in a human skin. It also prevents any kind of infection from happening to your skin. Mix a spoon of vinegar in a cup of water and mix well.


The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties present in onion help in soothing the first degree burns. Moreover, it also prevents any kind of infection. Also, the sedative properties present in onion calms the irritation caused due to burns. The easiest way to use onion for treating burns is to simply rub a slice of onion over the burnt skin.

Lemon juice and Coconut oil

Coconut oil is present in every Indian household. This evergreen oil contains antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidising properties soothe the burnt skin. You can also mix lemon juice with coconut oil, as the acidic compounds present in lemon juice lighten the scars. All you need to do is mix equal proportions of coconut oil and lemon juice, and apply it to the burnt skin. Apply this mixture on the burnt skin using a soft cloth.


Yes, the breakfast cereal can help in getting relief from the burns. What happens is that once the burn starts healing, it starts getting a little itchy. The burnt skin and the skin around it becomes very itchy and forces you to scratch it. Applying oatmeal over the burnt skin reduces the itchiness. The best way to use oatmeal for treating the itchiness is to add some crumbled oatmeal in lukewarm water and soak the burnt skin for a few minutes. Do not wipe away the oats, but simply let it dry so that the oatmeal sticks to the skin.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda contains antibacterial properties and healing agents that reduce the pain and burning sensation. It also restores the pH balance of the skin, aiding in faster healing. Simple mix a spoon pf baking soda in little water and apply it on the wound. Let it stay; this also acts as a shield and avoids the germs entering the wound. This further reduces the chances of infection.

With the above-mentioned home remedies, I'm sure you would not panic whenever you suffer from a minor burn. Just look out for the correct ingredient and soothe your skin instantly. Always stay alert and avoid doing things that might cause any kind of burn. Read on for doctor's prescribed homoeopathy medicines for treating and healing burns.

Doctor's Recommendations

Apart from the home remedies for treating burns and scalds, there are various other medicines that can help in soothing the burning sensation and also help in faster recovery. Specialising in homoeopathy, Dr Mohit prescribes some medicines that will speed up the healing caused due to burns.

Cantheris Q (MT). This medicine can be applied just after a few minutes of the burn. Just dab this medicine over the affected skin. This medicine contains alcohol and hence serves as a cleanser; prior cleaning of the wound is not required. Cantheris Q will definitely reduce the burning sensation and prevent the formation of blisters. Always keep this medicine in your first aid box at home and office.

After dabbing the affected skin with the above medicine, apply Cantheris ointment on the burnt skin. This will help in faster healing.

Another version of Cantheris is Cantheris (30/200) which needs to be taken internally (4 drops/ 6 pills) every 3 hours for internal healing.

Using this combination of the three medicines will help in reducing the pain, preventing blisters and also aid in faster recovery.

Causticum (30/200)-This medicine can be used in cases where only the outermost layer of the skin is affected and the skin is badly burnt. This medicine is to be used after 2-3 days of the accident when the patient feels that the skin is less elastic and that the scars still remain. You can use this medicine after using the Cantheris combination for 2-3 days. Causticum (30/200) will gradually restore the skin elasticity and also fade away the scars if any. This medicine is to be taken internally.

Hyperium (30/200)- This medicine is to be taken internally when the nerves get affected due to burns. Continue dabbing Cantheris (MT) on the affected area, and take Hyperium few times a day regularly for faster recovery. This medicine heals the nerve and reduces the nerve pains.

Ledum (30/200)- This medicine is to be taken in cases of septic burns and pus formation after the blister pops. The pus formation leads to infections and the wound becomes septic. The patient might also catch low grade fever in this situation. Hence, with continuous dabbing of the wound with Cantheris (MT), take this medicine internally to avoid infections and accelerate the healing process.

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