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Hevert Story

Worldwide, Hevert is one of the ten most important manufacturers of Homoeopathic medicines

With more than 100 medical products, the company’s extensive product portfolio has something for early every treatment area relevant to natural areas of psyche/sleep, colds, and vitamin deficiencies. Founded in 1956 by Dorothea and Emil Hevert, Hevert-Arzneimittel is an independent family-run company. After being led by Dr. Wolfgang Hevert, the company is being run today by Marcus and Mathias Hevert, the third generation to do so.

For several years now, Hevert-Arzneimittel has been working on strengthening its presence in foreign markets. The company also distributes its products internationally, under the brand name Hevert with the promise of “Made in Germany” quality ad homeopathics from the homeland of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. True to the company’s mission, “Hevert means health”, the goal is to make the natural, low side-effect Hevert remedies available to therapists, pharmacies and patients worldwide with the strict quality control process to ensure 100% purity.

Hevert strives for the highest quality possible in the production of its extensive range of homoeopathic and herbal medicines and vitamins. All raw materials, active ingredients and excipients are inspected for quality before use in production. Identity and active substance content are just as important as purity and microbiological quality during this process. Raw plant materials are also tested for pesticide residues, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

After final testing is done to demonstrate that the medicinal product is stable until the end of the usability period, so that maximum efficacy for the medicinal product can be guaranteed for the user.

Hevert’s goal is to continue to combine the long tradition of homoeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicinal products with the high quality standards of modern pharmaceutical production. 

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