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Sri Sri

Sri Sri

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Sri Sri Liv - On (60tab)

Sri Sri Liv - On (60tab)

A herbal tablet that enhances appetite and helps to treat jaundice and indigestion

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Sri Sri Organic Jaggery (500g)

Sri Sri Organic Jaggery (500g)

Organic cleanser to make you extra fit and healthy

99945 %
Sri Sri Aloe Vera Vit-E Cream (100g)

Sri Sri Aloe Vera Vit-E Cream (100g)

Formulated with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and antioxidants.

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Sri Sri

Sri Sri

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Sri Sri Story

About SriSri,

Sri Sri Tattva has been established by committed individuals with nearly four decades of experience. With a 360-degree approach including a College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, a state of the art Hospital, inspired Doctors and Therapists, Panchakarma Wellness Centers, Spas and Clinics, Manufacturing facilities driven by technology and stringent control systems and widely growing Franchise and Retail presence, the brand has a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Sri Sri Tattva comes with a goal of promoting health and wellness to every household. The brand presents a strong commitment to social responsibility and proudly supports the Art of Living foundation’s rural and social welfare projects. Over the years, the goodwill earned is a result of their attention to bringing across safe, effective, high quality and responsible products.

 Modern lifestyles call for any offering to be user friendly, and in that, Sri Sri Tattva ensures maximum touch points across the nation, be it by way of highly experienced Ayurveda Vaidyacharyas, health and Pulse Diagnosis (NadiPariksha) camps, ailment specific as well as rejuvenating treatments at it’s multiple centers.

Sri Sri Tattva comes with a goal of promoting health and wellness to every household. They take immense care in maintaining hygiene and safety standards in manufacturing their products right from sourcing of raw material till they reach their end customers. Their front runner products like Ojasvita (Health Drink), Sudanta (Herbal) Toothpaste, Cow’s Pure Ghee, Honey, their certified range of Organic Products, and ready to eat snacks are immensely popular and are part of their continued endeavor to present high quality products for wholesome and healthful living.

Sri Sri Tattva has developed strong multi dimensional capabilities across the Ayurveda value chain making it a leader in service excellence in the field. There is a major focus towards their rapidly growing retail presence. Through multiple mediums including modern trade, general trade, and their own Sri Sri Tattva franchise stores that enhance the presence of their range across India. 

The world at large is turning back to traditional and natural systems of wellness and is beginning to rediscover the benefits of Ayurveda in day to day life. The need for a holistic approach towards lifestyle and health is gaining importance in today’s fast paced life and people are adopting natural, authentic products for long-term betterment of health. Sri Sri Tattva is on an upward curve with the continued support of their loyal customers and a constant aim to provide the best of products to meet the ever increasing needs of their stakeholders through innovation, research and development and presenting them in interesting, palatable formats for their times, for a wider audience.  

Some of the Best Selling Sri Sri Products:

  • Sri Sri Flaxseed Oil Veg Capsule
  • Sri Sri Amlapittari Vati
  • Sri Sri Anti Acne Gel  
  • Sri Sri Aloe Vera Triphala Juice 
  • Sri Sri Sudanta Gel 

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