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Warts & Corns

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Warts are raised bumps on your skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).  It is a small growth with a rough texture that can appear anywhere on the body. It can look like a solid blister or a small cauliflower.  Types of wart include common warts, flat warts, pigmented warts, and plantar warts. Corn is a distinctively shaped callus of dead skin that usually occurs on thin or glabrous (hairless and smooth) skin surfaces, especially on the dorsal surface of toes or fingers. They can sometimes occur on the thicker skin of the palms or bottom of the feet. 

  • Viral Infection
  • Poor fitting of shoes
  • Constant pressure on bones
  • Walking barefoot on uneven surface
  • Constant friction of skin
  • Skin is flaky and dry
  • Skin is thickened and hard
  • Numerous small smooth flat lesions on skin
  • Rough round or oval lesions on soles of feet

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