Baidyanath Gulkand (500g)

Baidyanath Gulkand (500g)

Loaded with the freshness of Gulkand, that calms your body and provides inner peace

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About Baidyanath Gulkand

"Gul" means rose and "Kand" means sweet.Thus, Gulkand is a sweet preserve made of rose petals. It can be called Rose Petals Jam, as well. Gulkand is native to India and Pakistan. An Ayurvedic tonic, Gulkand is one of the ingredients used in Paan - the traditional Indian mouth freshener and digestive. It is a fact that, like wine, it becomes better as it ages.Traditionally, gulkand is made from the rose petals of the desi, or the wild rose plant. However, due the predominance of the hybrid rose varieties, it is difficult to find the desi variety everywhere. Not to worry, Baidyanath Gulkand is all prepared from the rose petals of wild/desi rose.

 Health Benefits of Baidyanath Gulkand

  1. Gulkand is very useful to treat body odour and excessive perspiration. It detoxifies your body from inside and its cooling effect prevents internal heat during summers.
  2. It is very useful for those suffering from dermal diseases like scabs, itching, boils, blisters, wrinkles, acne and many more. It is a natural anti-aging treatment.
  3. Gulkand is rich in antioxidants thus acts as an energy booster. The regular intake of gulkand aids in severe ulcers, constipation, stomach heat and heart burning.
  4. During summers, gulkand is advisable because it protects you from sun strokes, nostril bleeding and dizziness.
  5. Gulkand aids in heavy menstruation. During periods, gulkand is a very essential diet. It prevents irregular periods and excessive bleeding. It provides you glucose potential that keeps you energetic and prevents anaemia. Gulkand lso helps cure women's problem like Leucorrhea.
  6. Gulkand is regarded as the health tonic that keeps your metabolism healthy and fit.
  7. It treats mouth ulcers, makes teeth and gums strong and also reduces redness and inflammation of the eyes.
  8. It is an excellent tonic, reduces stress, strengthens the heart, liver and central nervous system.
  9. It corrects skin issues like pimples, blemishes etc.
  10. It corrects sperm defects in males like less or weak sperms.

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Baidyanath Gulkand (500g)

Baidyanath Gulkand (500g)


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