Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta (450ml)

Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta (450ml)

Blood Purifier, Acts well in Skin Problems like Pimple, Boils, Acne, Etc.

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487 (gms)
6.5 (cm) x 6.5 (cm) x 19 (cm)

About Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta

Mahamanjishthadharishta is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine. Kashaya are decoction (Kadha) of medicinal herbs. These preparations are very effective in management of Vaat-vikar assosiated with Kapha doshas. Kashay are antioxidant and also detoxify body and removes body toxins. 

Mahamanjishthadharishta has broad spectrum activities and indicated in skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (vaat-rakta), Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve), numbness, hemiplegia, eye diseases etc.Mahamanjishthadharishta has broad spectrum activities and indicated in skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve, numbness, hemiplegia, eye diseases etc.

Indications of Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta

  • Helps to control itching and burning sensation of skin.
  • Helps to improve the complexion of skin.
  • Helps in healing the wounds.
  • Helps to dissolve the obstructions in blood flow.
  • Helps to reduce the fat in body.
  • Helps in purifying the blood and eliminates the waste products from body.
  • Helps to reduce the pains of joints due to vitiated air in blood.
  • Helps to provide healthy and lustrous skin.
  • Helps to control itching, burning and cracked scaly skin between the toes of athletes.
  • Helps to control the white discharge with foul smell from vagina in females.
  • Helps to control burning sensation of urine in both males and females.
  • Helps to control numbness and tingling sensation that often feel in fingers, hands, feet, arms or legs.
  • Helps to control painless, rough growth on skin.

Ingredients of  Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta 

  • Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
  • Musta – Cyperus rotundus
  • Kutaja – Holarrhena antidysenterica
  • Guduchi – Tinospora cordifolia
  • Kushta – Saussurea lappa
  • Nagara – ginger
  • Bharngi – Clerodendron serratum
  • Kshudra – Solanum xanthocarpum
  • Vacha – Acorus calamus
  • Nimba – Azadirachta indica
  • Haridra – Turmeric
  • Daruharidra – Berberis aristata
  • Triphala – Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), Amla (Emblica officinalis)
  • Patola – Luffa acutangula / Trichosanthes dioica
  • Katuka – Picrorrhiza kurroa
  • Murva – Marsdenia tenacissima
  • Vidanga – Embelia ribes
  • Asana – Pterocarpus marsupium
  • Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica
  • Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus
  • Trayamana – Gentiana kurroo
  • Krishna – Long pepper
  • Indrayava – Holarrhena antidysenterica
  • Vasa – Adhatoda vasica
  • Bhringaraja – Eclipta alba
  • Mahadaru – Cedrus deodara
  • Patha – Cyclea peltata / Cissampelos pariera
  • Khadira – Acacia catechu
  • Chandana – Santalum album
  • Trivrit – Operculina turpethum
  • Varuna – Crataeva nurvala
  • Kiratatikta – Swertia chirata
  • Bakuchi – Psoralea corylifolia
  • Kritamala – Cassia fistula
  • Shakhotaka – Streblus asper
  • Mahanimba – Melia azadirach
  • Karanja – Pongamia pinnata
  • Ativisha – Aconitum heterophyllum
  • Jala – Pavonia odorata
  • Indravaruni – Citrullus cholocynthis
  • Ananta – Hemidesmus indicus
  • Sariva – Hemidesmus indicus
  • Parpata – Fumaria indica

Dosage of Baidyanath Mahamanjishthadharishta 

  • It is usually advised to add equal amount of water to the kashayam.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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Baidyanath Mahamnjisthadharista can be taken safely along with Dehlvi Skin Clear Syrup. Please keep a gap of half an hour between the two Dr. Srikant on Aug 16, 2018


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