Bakson Menso Aid Syrup (450ml)

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup (450ml)

Helps Regulate Menses, scanty/profuse, Relieves pain,cramps in menses

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Bakson Menso Aid Syrup (450ml)

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup (450ml)


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Menso, mense aid


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590 (gms)
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About Menso Aid Syrup

Helpful for functional female disorders, it regulates menstrual flow, relieves colic, white discharge, lack of sexual desire, contraction and tenderness of vagina, general weakness & provides immunity against Genital Tract Infections.

Composition of Menso Aid:

Abroma augusta Ø: Colicky pains in lower abdomen. Menses are irregular, lasting for short or long time. Blood is dark and clotted. 

Abroma radix Ø: It causes the menses to appear and gives the tone and strength to uterus.

Aletris far. Ø:  Premature and profuse menses, with labor-like pains. White discharge with anemia and weakness.

Alfalfa Ø:  Alfalfa favorably influences nutrition, resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight.  

Terminalia arj. Ø: It helps to relieve the cardiac complaints associated with menstrual problems. 

Berberis vul. Ø: Burning and soreness in vagina. Menses scanty, gray mucus, with pain in kidneys and chilliness, pain down thighs. White discharge, grayish mucus, with painful urinary symptoms.  

Cinchona off. Ø: Menses too early. Dark clots and abdominal distention. Profuse menses with pain. 

Crataegus oxy. Ø: Menses with comaplaints like  giddiness, lowered pulse.

Janosia ashoka Ø: Complaints of headache associated with menstrual irregularities. pain in bac during menses.

Pulsatilla n. Ø:  Suppressed menses from wet feet, nervous debility. Tardy menses. Too late, scanty, thick, dark, clotted, changeable.

Viburnum p. Ø: Menses too late, scanty, lasting a few hours, offensive in odor, with crampy pains, cramps extend down thighs. Bearing-down pains.  

Kali. brom. 1x: Pruritus. Ovarian neuralgia with great nervous uneasiness.  

Caulophyllum t. Ø: Spasmodic and severe pains, which fly in all directions; shivering, without progress; false pains. 


Do not use during pregnancy or if pregnancy is suspected.


  • 1-2 teaspoon with water twice daily.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can menso aid be taken along with fem aid suspension?

Both the syrup have same action, you can take either of them.

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Should Menso Aid Syrup be taken before food or after food? Reply to this Question


You can take it either before or after the food. Make sure to keep a gap of at least 20 mins between the food and the Dr. Anamika Mitra on Sep 14, 2018


Can I take during periods? Reply to this Question


Yes, you can Dr. Pednekar on Sep 25, 2019


Can I take Bakson Menso Aid Syrup with utrofyne syrup? Reply to this Question


If both the medicines, Bakson Menso Aid Syrup and utrofyne has same action and same ingredients, we advise you to take one of Dr. Pednekar on Jan 04, 2020


Is it normal to have abdominal pain after consuming the syrup for 3 days?? Reply to this Question


Bakson Menso Aid Syrup does not cause any abdominal pain. You can consult your nearby homeopathy physician to know more about Dr. Pednekar on Jan 10, 2020

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Bakson Menso Aid Syrup (450ml)

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup (450ml)

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