Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets (30tab)

Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets (30tab)

Multivitamin and Multi mineral supplement for healthy functioning of body, meant for all age groups

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Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets (30tab)

Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets (30tab)


Useful in

Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Arthritis & Rheumatism



44 (gms)
4.5 (cm) x 4.5 (cm) x 7.5 (cm)

About Baksons:

Today, Bakson is a leading manufacturer of homoeopathic medicines in India.

About Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablet:

A health supplement in the form of multivitamin with a special focus on Vitamin D. Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablet is used to prevent the deficiency of Vitamin D. 

Vitamin A, B, C and E have multiple functions in maintaining health including growth and development, maintenance of the immune system, healthy skin and good vision. 

Importance of Vitamin D:

If you suffer from milk allergies, or adhere to a strict vegan diet, you may be at risk for vitamin D deficiency, known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. It also occurs naturally in a few foods including some fish, fish liver oils, and egg yolks and in fortified dairy and grain products.  Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, because it helps the body use calcium from the diet. 

Traditionally, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with rickets, a disease in which the bone tissue doesn't properly mineralize, leading to soft bones and skeletal deformities. But increasingly, research is revealing the importance of vitamin D in protecting against a host of health problems. 

Symptoms and Health Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency: 

Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness may indicate vitamin D deficiency. However, for many people, the symptoms are subtle. Yet, even without symptoms, too little vitamin D can pose health risks. Low blood levels of the vitamin have been associated with the following:  

Vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of a number of different conditions, including type1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency: 

Vitamin D deficiency can occur for a number of reasons: 

  • You don't consume the recommended levels of the vitamin over time: This is likely if you follow a strict vegan diet, because most of the natural sources are animal-based, including fish and fish oils, egg yolks, fortified milk, and beef liver
  • You are obese: Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells, altering its release into the circulation. People with a body mass index of 30 or greater often have low blood levels of vitamin D. 
  • You have dark skin: The pigment melanin reduces the skin's ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure. Some studies show that older adults with darker skin are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency. 
  • Your exposure to sunlight is limited: Because the body makes vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight, you may be at risk of deficiency if you are homebound, live in northern latitudes, wear long robes or head coverings for religious reasons, or have an occupation that prevents sun exposure.  Also, Applying skinscreen inhibits Vitamin D production. 
  • Your kidneys cannot convert vitamin D to its active form: As people age, their kidneys are less able to convert vitamin D to its active form, thus increasing their risk of vitamin D deficiency. 
  • Your digestive tract cannot adequately absorb vitamin D: Certain medical problems, including Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis, and celiac disease, can affect intestine's ability to absorb vitamin D from the food one eats.  

Health Benefits of Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablet:

  • Baksons Vitamin D plus Tablet is a health supplement for strong bones.
  • Bakson Vitamin D plus Tablet  helps to boosts immunity.
  • Bakson vitamin D plus Tablet speedens convalescence. 

Suitability of Vitamin D Plus Tablet:

Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablet is suitable for all age groups.

Side Effects of Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablet:

Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablets is a Multi vitamin and Multi mineral supplement. If it is consumed according to the prescription, there would not be any side effect.


1 Tablet, once daily, or as prescribed by the physician. Food First, then the supplements.


Protect from heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

Terms and Conditions

Vitamin Supplements have several uses and should be taken on the basis of nutrient deficiency. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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Does Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablets have any side effects? Reply to this Question


Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablets is a Vitamin Supplement. It should be consumed as per body requirements judged by your nutritionist/dietitian. Consult them for the correct Urvi Bhandari on May 26, 2017


Is Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablets an allopathic or homeopathic product? Reply to this Question


Baksons Vitamin D Plus Tablet is a homeopathic Vit D Rattika Chawlla on Jan 09, 2018


Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets are made by natural resources or made by chemical compound ? Reply to this Question


Natural source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Since no medicine can be made out of sunlight, Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets is made up of a chemical compound that provides human body adequate Vitamin Rattika Chawlla on Apr 15, 2018


Does this tablet contain lactose? Reply to this Question


The ingredient list of this product does not include Aastha Ahuja on Sep 16, 2020


Can I use Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets for hair fall problem? Can you suggest me the medicine? Reply to this Question


You can use Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets for hair fall complaints, but we advise you to take our free consultation on the website for the Dr. Pednekar on Aug 12, 2020

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Product delivered incorrectby Santoshvad on Sep 17, 2019

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No. 1 medicine for HEEL PAINby SALIL CHOWDHURY on Sep 28, 2019

good effects after 1 week. suffering more than 2 years.

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Best Product so farby Nitin on Dec 21, 2019

Effective medicine received so far

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Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets (30tab)

Bakson Vitamin D Plus Tablets (30tab)

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