Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina) (500ml)

Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina) (500ml)

Helps Reducing Excess Weight, fights Urinary Trouble, lowers bad Cholesterol, and helps lower increased blood pressure

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Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina)

  • Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice contains 96% water and 100gm of it contains around 12 Kcal.
  • Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice has sodium of 1.8mg per 100gm and 87 mg of potassium making it suitable vegetable for hypertensive patients.

Health Benefits of Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice

  • Low in Calories and Fat yet high in dietary fibre.
  • It is rich in iron and also has vitamins C and B complex. 
  • The high water content makes it very cooling.
  • It is also effective against constipation and other digestive disorders.
  • It serves as an alkaline mixture for treating burning sensation in urinary passage due to high acidity of urine.
  • Good for balancing liver function.
  • Useful in treating insanity and other nervous diseases.

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How to consume Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina)? Reply to this Question


Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina) is believed to treat acidity, indigestion and ulcers. If you are a first timer, consume 50 ml of Lauki juice with 100 ml of water empty stomach in the morning. Once you are comfortable with the taste, gradually increase the consumption from 50 ml to 100 ml in 200 ml of Urvi Bhandari on Dec 20, 2017


Does Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina) helps to reduce high blood pressure? How shall a high BP patient take it? Reply to this Question


Being a blood pressure patient, please consult your doctor for any drug interaction if you consume any ayurvedic juice. Basic Ayurveda Lauki Juice (With Tulsi and Pudina) does not reduce high blood pressure instead it maintains a normal level of pressure of blood in the body. Hence, consult your doctor prior its use strictly if on Rattika Chawlla on Feb 06, 2018

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