Dabur Shilajeet Regular (30caps)

Dabur Shilajeet Regular (30caps)

General Men Tonic For Strength, Stamina And Vigour, In Nervous Debility, Helps In Memory Weakness

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Dabur Shilajeet Regular (30caps)

Dabur Shilajeet Regular (30caps)


Useful in



Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting



94 (gms)
4.4 (cm) x 4.4 (cm) x 6.5 (cm)

About Shilajitwadi Vati 

 Shilajitwadi Bati is an Ayurvedic medicine, in tablet form containing herbal and mineral ingredient that is useful for  managing blood sugar level and sexual disorders. There are many versions of this tablet. This one is Swarna yukta – meaning it contains Swarna bhasma (gold calx).  it acts mildly as an antiseptic and has cooling properties. It is useful in treating hyperacidity, ulcers etc. it is astringent and also useful as a diuretic. 


Shilajit –  it is effective in renewing vitality. It acts as like nectar. It has powerful anti-oxidant properties and thereby delays aging. It is useful in treating kidney diseases, liver diseases, digestive disorders, mental illness etc. it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It also helps in alleviating the body's excessive heat. It helps liver to work normally therefore helps in proper secretion of all the juices and enzymes important for proper metabolism in body. Because of its laghu (light) and ruksha (dry) nature, it is also useful in treating diabetes. It is also effective in improving one's immunity and bodily strength. 

Abhraka Bhasma –   it is helpful in curing skin diseases and those who are emaciated and weak. It is effective in treating liver disorders and enlargement of spleen. It is useful in curing anemia. It also serves as an anti-pyretic and useful in curing debility, gynecological disorders, and anemia, bleeding disorders etc. it acts as digestive stimulant and carminative and hence it is also useful in conditions like loss of appetite, hyperacidity, burning sensation etc. it is a very good rejuvenator and it serves multiple benefits

 Hema –   it is an excellent rejuvenator and enhances vitality and strength. It also rejuvenates the five sense organs and nourishes the whole body. It brings clarity of mind and improves the glow and shining of the body. It also cures emaciation, Psychic disorders, epilepsy and impotency. It improves the physical and mental strength enormously and also improves the immunity power.

 Loha Bhasma –  Acts as a powerful haematinic, diuretic and useful in treating various liver disorders, anemia and jaundice. The purified Bhasma is readily digestible and enhances the functions of the liver. It is also useful in reducing edema, swelling etc.It is also helpful in improving the blood count in a natural way and good for general debility.

 Guggulu –  it helps in getting rid of cholesterol by converting it into bile. It is an effective remedy for removing the unwanted fats and balancing the cholesterol levels because of its property of regulating cholesterol metabolism. It acts as anti-inflammatory and is also useful in treating indigestion and jaundice.

 Tankana –  it acts mildly as an antiseptic and has cooling properties. It is useful in treating hyperacidity, ulcers etc. it is astringent and also useful as a diuretic.

 Kesharaja – Bhringaraja – Eclipta alba


Prameha – diabetes, urinary tract disorders.

Shukrameha – spermatorrhoea

Dhat syndrome, passing of semen along with urine etc.This product also acts as a natural source of iron.


Dose is 1 - 2  tablet per day with water after meals.


1. Better to avoid this medicine in children, pregnant and lactating mothers.

2. This medicine should be taken only under medical supervision.

3. Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight.

4. Keep out of reach of children. 

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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Dabur Shilajit can also be used as a natural rejuvenator by anyone who wants to feel anti-aging benefits of Shilajit. It is an excellent natural remedy for weakness due to any reason also useful in a preventing a number of Dr. Aggarwal on May 11, 2017


Sugar patients can use this? And any age limit? Can use this with another medicine? Which time use? Reply to this Question


Shilajit is a natural product and can be used by adults of all age group, it can be combined with other treatments but in chronic cases you may consult your Anubhav on Jun 20, 2017


Is it good for women's too Reply to this Question


Shilajit can be used both by men and women and it is equally helpful to all Anubhav on Jun 20, 2017

Women can increase sex alsoby Rauf Khatri on Jan 02, 2018


Is that works for increase sex in bed Reply to this Question


Shilajit helps in increasing the overall stamina and vitality thereby improving sexual Anubhav on Jun 20, 2017


Dabar shilajit not responding Reply to this Question


Shilajit is a herbal medicine and therefor takes time to show results, continue taking the medicine for 3months to get best Dr. Aggarwal on Nov 30, 2017

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Dabur Shilajeet Regular (30caps)

Dabur Shilajeet Regular (30caps)

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