Dr. Wellmans Improvex Drops (30ml)

Dr. Wellmans Improvex Drops (30ml)

Gripping Problems, Diarrhoea, Worms, Delayed Dentition, Retarded Growth

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98 (gms)
6 (cm) x 3.4 (cm) x 9 (cm)

About Improvex Drops

A drug for choice for bringing about desired growth in the child. Provides relief to children who are undernourished, week and have delayed dentition. A formula that is highly effective in intolerance of milk, impaired digestion and griping problems. It provides quantity of calcium and iron in a tasty syrup base.


Calc phos 6x: Useful in fusion of bones and important fir growth of bones and acts on fusion of epiphysis. Great remedy for bone development and teeth development as well. 

Ferr. Phos 3x: Useful in 1 st stage of all inflammatory conditions before exudation sets in. Has a good action on red blood cells which help to improve the Hemoglobin.

Kali phos 4x: 

Chamomile 5: Irritability is accompanied with all the complaints, helps to relax and Oversensitiveness from abuse of coffee and narcotics. 

China 5x: Useful in complaints of 1st satge of acute diseases, useful in exhaustive diseases, weakness and anemia with lack of power and difficult breathing an d bodyache.

lodium 3x: Losing flesh inspite of eating well, helps to improve the appetite, debility and weakness after slightest exertion and induced perspiration.

Cup Oxy Nig. 3x: 

Cypripedium 3x:

Che lone 3x: 

Cataria Nepeta 2x:

Excip. q.s.

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Doses & quantity per day please suggest for my 1 year son. he is having all symptoms mentioned for IMPROVEX including diarrhoea & fever along with teething pain & ear irritation etc. Reply to this Question

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