German Homeo Care & Cure Flu Drops 506 (30ml)

German Homeo Care & Cure Flu Drops 506 (30ml)

For Sore throat, body ache, Dry Cough, Lowers Mild to High Temperature

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German Homeo Care & Cure Flu Drops 506 (30ml)

German Homeo Care & Cure Flu Drops 506 (30ml)

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Useful in

Flu & Fever

Flu & Fever


Also known as

Flu, influenza drops


80 (gms)
3.5 (cm) x 3 (cm) x 9 (cm)

German's Flu Drops 506

Effective for acute fever with pain in the limbs, prostration, restlessness, dull headache, dry skin and burning. 

Influenza is a viral infection, commonly people call it as Flu. The flu causes a fever, body aches, a headache, a dry cough, and a sore or dry throat. It includes malaise, body ache and muscular soreness as well.

Indications of German's Flu Drops 506

Influenza, pneumonia, carditis, infection in lungs and abdomen. 

Other Indications of German's Flu Drops 506

  • Runny nose, Rise of body temperature
  • Sore throat, cough with bodyache.
  • Headache associated with nasal congestion.

Action of Ingredients used in German's Flu Drops 506

  • Eupatorium perf: Coryza, with sneezing. Influenza, with great soreness of muscles and bones. Chronic loose cough, chest sore.
  • Ferrum phos: Chill with thirst. Heat with thirstlessness. Pulse full, short, quick flowing. Used for sudden high rise of temperature due to exposure to cold air or cold drinks, over exertion.
  • Gelsemium semp: Acute coryza, with dull headache and high body temperature. Throat feels rough with painful swallowing. Dry cough, with sore chest and fluent coryza. 
  • Sabadilla: Chill predominates; from below upwards. Heat in head and face; hands and feet icy cold, with chill. Lachrymation during paroxysm.
  • Baptisia: Heat all over, with occasional chills. Constriction of chest.
  • Bryonia alb: Mucous membranes are all dry.Dry, hacking cough from irritation in upper trachea. Easy, profuse perspiration.
  • Causticum hah: In high body temperature, sweat after chill without intervening heat. 
  • Camphora: Shaking chill with cold skin. Covers during fever, uncovers once skin becomes cold. Sudden inflammatory fevers with rapid alternation of heat and cold, followed by rapid prostration.
  • Eucalyptus gl: Chronic catarrhal, purulent and fetid discharge. Enlarged, ulcerated tonsils and inflamed throat. Profuse expectoration of offensive muco-pus. Irritative cough. Elevation of temperature. Discharges show a tendency to foulness, high temperature, accelerated but not strong pulse. 

 Dosage of German's Flu Drops 506

In acute case 15 drops in some water at the interval of every 30 minutes till the relief and afterward 15 drops at every 2 hours, or as per the directions of the physician. 

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

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