Nagarjun Aaragvadhadi Kashaya (200ml)
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Nagarjun Aaragvadhadi Kashaya (200ml)

Useful in Vomiting, Maintain Blood Sugar, Skin Diseases, Non Healing Wounds.

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270 (gms)
5 (cm) x 5 (cm) x 13 (cm)

About Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

Aragwadhadi Kashaya (also called Aragwadhadi Kwatham) is an ayurvedic decoction formulation recommended for Kapha diseases, skin diseases, wounds, ulcers, pruritus (itching), urticaria, scabies, diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, frequent urination, urinary turbidity, and other urinary disorders. The main symptoms of using Aragwadhadi Kashaya are itching, abdominal heaviness and excessive phlegm production.

Ingredients of Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

  • Cassia fistula – Amaltas
  • Holarrhena Antidysenterica – Indrayava (Kutaj seeds)
  • Stereospermum Suaveolens – Patala
  • Pongamia Pinnata – Karanja (Karanj)
  • Azadirachta Indica – Neem
  • Tinospora Cordifolia – Giloy (Guduchi)
  • Capparis Sepiaria – Kakatikta (Kanthari)
  • Marsdenia Tenacissima – Madhurava
  • Cyclea Peltata (Cissampelos Pareira) – Patha
  • Andrographis Paniculata – Kalmegh (Bhunimba)
  • Barleria Prionitis – Sairyaka (Pila Piyabansa)
  • Trichosanthes Dioica – Patola
  • Holoptelea Integrifolia – Putikaranja (Chirabilwa)
  • Alstonia Scholaris – Saptaparna (Satona)
  • Plumbago Zeylanica – Chitrak
  • Momordica Charantia – Sushavi (Karela or Bitter gourd)
  • Randia Dumetorum – Mainphal or Madanphal (Emetic Nut)
  • Strobilanthes Ciliatus – Sahachara
  • Tephrosia Purpurea – Sharpunkha

Medicinal Properties of Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

Aragwadhadi Kwatham has following healing properties.

  • Antipruritic
  • Aam Pachak (Detoxifier)
  • Anthelmintic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antihyperlipidemic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antipyretic
  • Depurative (purifies blood)
  • Digestive Stimulant
  • Febrifuge
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Mild laxative
  • Mucolytic
  • Anti-urticaria
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Antihyperglycemic

Therapeutic Indications of Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

All types of Kapha diseases and skin diseases

  • Pruritus (Itching)
  • Urticaria
  • Scabies
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Wounds
  • Ulcers
  • Diabetes
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer
  • Frequent Urination
  • Urinary Turbidity

Benefits & Medicinal Uses of Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

Aragwadhadi Kashaya can be used when the patient has intense itching, white coated tongue, and excessive phlegm production, heaviness in the abdomen, weeping eczema, edema, skin rashes, oozing skin and feeling numbness or rigidity in the skin.

Pruritus (Itching)

Pruritus (Itching) may have several underlying causes, but Kapha aggravation is the most common cause of itching that occurs without burning sensation. However, it itching occurs with burning sensation or heat sensation, and then Pitta Dosha is also involved. Aragwadhadi Kashaya is beneficial when Kapha Dosha is dominant and the patient has a body smell with the excess oiliness of the skin. Allergies are also the cause of itching.

In cases of skin allergies, Aragwadhadi Kashaya should be taken in combination with Mukta Shukti Pishti, Arogyavardhini Vati or Kutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa) and Haridrakhand.

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

However, many patients with eczema have dry skin, itching, red and scaly patches on the skin. In such cases, Nalpamaradi Thailam is highly efficacious. But, some patients also have tiny blisters that contain clear fluid and these blisters get infected with bacteria, which results in weeping skin, also called weeping eczema. In such cases of oozing skin, Aragwadhadi Kashaya is highly useful internally. Externally, Nimbadi Thailam should be applied.

Frequent Urination & Urinary Turbidity

Aragwadhadi Kashaya reduces the frequency of urination and turbidity, bad smell and urinary infections. It should be used along with Chandraprabha Vati for the best results. It disinfects the urinary tract, urinary bladder and also helpful for reduces debris in the urinary bladder.


Aragwadhadi Kashaya contains several herbs, which are anti-diabetic and antihyperglycemic in action. Therefore, its regular intake alone can help to manage the diabetes mellitus and prevent the hyperglycemia.

Dosage of Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

  • Children - 15 to 30 ml
  • Adults - 30 to 60 ml
  • Maximum Possible Dosage - 120 ml Per Day (in divided doses)
  • Twice a day
  • Best Time to Take: Before Food

Side Effects of Aaragvadhadi Kashaya

  • There are no known side effects of this medicine.
  • A very high dose may cause gastritis.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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