New Life Bach Flower Mimulus (30ml)

New Life Bach Flower Mimulus (30ml)

For Fear, Stammering speech, Shyness, Sensitive, Lack of Courage

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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression


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75 (gms)
3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 9.2 (cm)

Bach Flower Mimulus

Fear of known reasons

  • Fear of illness and consequences.
  • Fear of death.
  • Fear of accidents - of pain.
  • Fear of dark, of damp and cold.
  • Fear of poverty.
  • Fear of people - of animals.
  • Fear of speaking in public.
  • Fear of losing friends.
  • Secret fears, is tongue-tied, has stage-fright.
  • Blushes easily-may suffer from stammering, shyness. Timidity.
  • Possesses love and understanding which can overcome things disliked and not understood.

Bach Flower Mimulus is the remedy for fear of known things-fear of illness, poverty, living alone, travelling, of death or injury - the fears of everyday life. Other fears covered by this Bach flower remedy are fear of heights, of pain, of water, of animals, of other people, of the dark and stage fright. The remedy will help people, whatever their personality, if they are afraid, but there is a side to Bach Flower Mimulus which describes a certain type of person. Those of the Bach Flower Mimulus nature are often afraid of people and are shy, nervous or retiring. They feel uneasy with people they do not know and tend to blush easily or stammer in their presence. They therefore dislike social gatherings because they feel too self-conscious to join in. The Bach Flower Mimulus remedy helps these timid bashful folk to have the courage to confront their fears, and as they do, so their fears diminish, just as a dark room ceases to be frightening once the light has been switched on.

Symptoms may include stuttering, blushing, sinus trouble (running nose/eyes), shallow breathing, marked sensitivity to noise, controversy and crowds; nervous disposition, shyness.

Courtesy: Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone by Farokh J. Master

Human Indication of Bach Flower Mimulus

Fear of known things such as fear of being alone, fear of spiders, fear of flying or fear of the dark.  Shyness is also a known fear.

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What is the dosage of Mimulus? How to administer and how many times in a day it should be taken? Reply to this Question


Mimulus 30- 15 drops in water 3 times Dr. Mugdha on Mar 30, 2017


I have selected 3 Bach flower remedies according to my problem.Should I take them mixing 10drops of each in a bottle of water and drinking it thoughout the day or tell me how should I take them? Reply to this Question


You can take 10 drops in water 3 times dailyby Dr. Mugdha on May 29, 2018


Is 24 years old in my stuttering illness, will this medicine work? Reply to this Question


Yes, it will surely work. take 15 drops in water 3 times dailyby Dr. Mugdha on May 29, 2018

Is 25 years old in my stammering ,will this medicine work ?by Sk Mafidul on Dec 03, 2019


For how many days the medicine has to be taken Reply to this Question


Take 5 drops in half cup of water as long as the symptoms do not Dr. Anamika Mitra on Jun 16, 2018


I m 35 yrs old. I have fear of everything in my life. Expressing my point, driving fear, fear of speaking in public. Please suggest the dosage n duration of medicine? Reply to this Question


You can take 10 drops in water 3 times daily until the symptoms Dr. Anamika Mitra on Jul 12, 2018

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