SBL Liv-T Syrup (180ml)

SBL Liv-T Syrup (180ml)

Helps in Enlarged & Fatty Liver, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Acidity, Constipation

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SBL Liv-T Syrup (180ml)

SBL Liv-T Syrup (180ml)


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About Liv-T Syrup

Liv-T Liver Tonic is specially formulated to combat various liver disorders caused by bacterial & viral infections, drugs, alcohol and chemicals. Liv-T Liver Tonic rejuvenates hepatic cells, tones-up the liver, removes hepatic toxins, promotes the flow of bile and checks its thickening & crystallization, promotes appetite and strengthens the digestive process thus restores good health.


  • Hepatitis (acute, chronic and alcoholic), cirrhosis, enlargement of liver, sluggish liver, jaundice, loss of appetite.
  • Also useful in malignancy of liver and gall bladder.


Carduus Marianus

Chelidonium Majus

Aandrographis Paniculata

Hydrastis Canadensis


Podophyllum Peltatum


Action of Individual Ingredients in Liv-T

Carduus Marianus:  This remedy establishes a healthy flow of bile, the action of this drug is centered in the liver, and portal system, causing soreness, pain, jaundice. 

Chelidonium Majus: It has an action in Jaundice, due to hepatic and gall-bladder obstruction. Gall-colic.

Aandrographis Paniculata: Antiviral, antipyretic, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, Improves immunity, Liver protecting. It exhibits hepatoprotective and hepatostimulative property.

Hydrastis Canadensis: Liver area tender and dragging pains.

Taraxacum: Enlarged and Indurated liver, gastric headaches, bilious attacks, with characteristically mapped tongue and jaundiced skin.

Podophyllum Peltatum: Liver region painful, Torpidity of the liver; portal engorgement with a tendency to hemorrhoids, hypo-gastric pain, fullness of superficial veins, jaundice.

Ipecacuanha:  The principal feature of Ipecacuanha is its persistent nausea and vomiting.

Dosage/Directions for use:

Adults: 2 teaspoonful, 3-4 times a day.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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Should I take it with water or plain Reply to this Question


liv T is a syrup base. you can take it Dr. Mugdha on Jul 22, 2017


My son is 7years old can he take this of the doctor has suggested..or is there any other option for kids Reply to this Question


Yes liv t syrup can be taken by kids Dr. Mugdha on Aug 17, 2017


Should I take for fatty liver? Reply to this Question


Yes, you can take it for fatty Dr. Pednekar on Dec 28, 2017


I am 44 a teetotaller. My SGOT and SGPT levels are elevated. Will it help? What dose should I take? Reply to this Question


SBL Liv-T Syrup tones-up the liver, eliminates hepatic toxins, promotes the flow of bile, strengthens the digestive process and thus restores good health. this can help you but we would recommend you to take it under guidance of your physician and take a proper treatment to rule out if any other cause is to be verified for your elevated SGOT and SGPT values. by Dr. Pednekar on Jan 10, 2018


I have an enlarged liver due to not taking adequate rest while suffering from jaundice. I would like to know if SBL Liv-T liver tonic can cure it. If yes, how should it be taken and what diet shoud be followed while taking the tonic? Reply to this Question


Take 2 teaspoonful, 3-4 times a day before meals everyday for atleast 2 months. It will help to relieve the complaints of pain in abdominal region. Make sure you take rest and avoid eating spicy food. Keep taking the medicines prescribed by your physician for the complaints of Dr. Pednekar on Jan 19, 2018

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SBL Liv-T Syrup (180ml)

SBL Liv-T Syrup (180ml)

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