SBL Rite Hite Tabs (450g)

SBL Rite Hite Tabs (450g)

Useful in Slow development in Children, Less Height

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SBL Rite Hite Tabs (450g)

SBL Rite Hite Tabs (450g)


Useful in

Low Height

Low Height


Also known as



527 (gms)
9.5 (cm) x 9.5 (cm) x 12.5 (cm)

About Rite Hite Tabs

Rite-Hite is a combination of well proven drugs of homoeopathy for the growth of children. It helps to achieve the optimal balance and development determining factors and thereby helps in promoting height.

Height of an individual is determined by many factors:

  • Genetic
  • Hormonal balance
  • Nutritional status
  • General Health

Rite-hite helps to achieve the optimal balance of these factors & thereby helps in promoting height and development to their full potential.

Indications of Rite hite:

For children who have imperfect assimilation, who do not grow and develop. For children who are anaemic having feeble digestion. Children with lack of concentration and poor memory.

Composition of Rite Hite Tabs:

Baryta Carbonica - 3x

Silicea - 6x

Calcarea Phosphorica - 3x

Natrum muriaticum - 3x

Excipients q.s. to one tablets of 250mg

Action of Individual Ingredients

Baryta Carbonica - 3x: It is useful in children who are physically and mentally underdeveloped.

Silicea - 6x: Silicea is vital to the development of bones, the flexibility of cartilage, and the health of skin and connective tissues. 

Calcarea Phosphorica - 3x: It helps in children who are slow in walking, helps in improving the development of Bones.

Natrum muriaticum - 3x: It acts as a distributor of required elements in the body

Dosage/Directions for use:

1 tablet daily for children below 13yrs.

2 tablets daily for children above 13yrs.

Side effects: No side effects are known.


1. Maintain half an hour gap between food/drinks/other medications and the prescribed homeopathic medicine.

2. While on homeopathic medication, there shouldn't be any strong smell like that of an onion, garlic, camphor, coffee, hing, in your mouth.

3. Avoid use of alcohol and tobacco while on homeopathic medication.

4. Put the homeopathy medicine in your mouth under the tongue and allow them to dissolve for maximum benefit.

5. Store homeopathic remedies away from strong odors such as menthol, mint, camphor, essential oils, lip balm, deep heat liniments, cough lozenges, chewing gum, aromatic toothpaste, chemical fumes, perfumes etc.

Use under medical supervision

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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How long should Rite Hite Tabs be taken to see positive results? Reply to this Question


You can take Rite Hite Tabs along with proper diet and regular exercise until you get the desired Dr. Anamika Mitra on Oct 23, 2018


I'm 19 years old. My height is 170 cms. Can I use SBL Rite Hite to increase my height? Reply to this Question


Rite hite tablets are useful to improve the height till the age of 18 years. As the development and fusion of the bones take place till the age of 18. We cannot assure you with the results as it depends upon person to person, yet you can try and take 3 tablets 3 times a day, along with take proper diet and exercise for better Dr. Anamika Mitra on Nov 05, 2018


I am 19 years 9 month old can I take this? Reply to this Question


Yes, you can take it along with proper diet and regular exercise for effective Dr. Anamika Mitra on Dec 05, 2018


I am 15years old what dosage should I take?Will be any memory loss or any side effects to this medicine? Reply to this Question


Homeopathy medicines do not have any side effects. There will be no memory loss or any side effects of Rite Hite Dr. Pednekar on Dec 25, 2018


Sir I'm 24 year old , and my height is 5.3 inches , can I take rite Hite . Can it effective for me ? Reply to this Question

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Good effectby Saranraj Saranraj on Apr 22, 2017

I am 25 year old, used this medicine for 4 months. Totally satisfied with the product. So happy. Thank you Rite Hite

Verified Buyer

worst product i have ever seen sonu on Oct 05, 2018

did nothing ,....absolutely nothing ,,,,...... dont buy this product

Verified Buyer



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SBL Rite Hite Tabs (450g)

SBL Rite Hite Tabs (450g)

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