Tynor Walking Stick (Soft Top Handle) (1pcs)

Tynor Walking Stick (Soft Top Handle) (1pcs)

Handle with Extra Soft Cushion for Comfortable Grip, Light Weight Aluminum Body

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AboutWalking Stick (Soft Top Handle)

A walking stick is a device used by many people to facilitate balancing while walking.It's single tip walking stick with L shape handle and height of the stick can be adjusted.Walking stick with soft handle  which provides a better and easy grip to user, making it better for use. 


  • Light weight
  • Good weight bearing
  • Convenient handling
  • PU Coated
  • Airlines allow to take a walking stick onto the plane.
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Long life of the coating
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Moulded PP body
  • Anatomical shape
  • Comfortable grip
  • Can be conveniently used for extended hours.
  • Comfortable in high weight bearing
  • Especially suitable for geriatric patients
  • Excellent workmanship, good functioning,


  • Made out of sturdy aluminium light weight, good weight bearing.
  • Made out of special grade of aluminium to ensure high strength, durability and light weight. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing.  
  • Convenient handling, PU coated, perfect aesthetics, long life of the coating.Available in multiple colors, 
  • Easy  size customization, good aesthetics l type, abs handle, anatomical shape, 
  • Enhances functional life of the pod and universal size (adjustable).
  • Soft and cushiony
  • Ethafoam top


  • Tynor Walking Stick is a general purpose walking aid, which can be used by geriatric or weak patients, 
  • Can be used as post operative rehabilitation aid. 

How to use 

  • People often try to use a walking stick on their weak side. In fact, it goes on the strong side, but moves with the weak side.
  • Using the walking stick in the hand opposite your weakness shifts your body weight to the stronger side
  • place it about 2 inches in front or to the side of you, not way out in front. Move the affected leg and the cane together, so that each side shares the load.
  • To climb stairs : move your good leg first. Follow with your affected leg and cane simultaneously. When going down stairs, start with the cane, then put your weak leg forward, and follow with your good leg. “Up with the good, down with the bad” makes this easy to remember.


  • Should be in the opposite hand of the injured side. 
  • The cane should always move with the injured side.
  • Walking stick does not cover white canes for the blind. In order for Medicare Part B to cover a walking stick, the patient must have a prescription for it from a doctor.

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