Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (450ml)

Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (450ml)

For Pimples, Acne, Psoriasis, Itching, Effective Blood Purifier

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Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (450ml)

Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (450ml)


Useful in

Psoriasis & Dry Skin

Psoriasis & Dry Skin



Acne & Pimples

Acne & Pimples


Also known as



Ingredient Base
575 (gms)
7.3 (cm) x 7.3 (cm) x 18.8 (cm)



Blood Purifier

Other Indications

  • Helps in Reducing pimples, acne, psoriasis, scabies, pustules, urticaria.
  • Burning before and after urination.
  • A safe blood purifier against seasonal infections of the cutaneous tissues.

Action of Composition used

  • Sarsaparilla Q:  Eruptions following hot weather, boils, eczema, Herpetic eruptions; ulcers. Rash from exposure to open air; dry, itching; comes on in spring; becomes crusty. Summer cutaneous affections. Dribbling urine with pain at the end of urination.
  • Sulphur 2x: Pimply eruption, pustules, rhagades, hang-nails. Excoriation, especially in folds, Dry, scaly, unhealthy; every little injury suppurates. Burning in urethra during micturition.
  • Phytolacca Q: Papular and pustular lesions. Most useful in early stages of cutaneous diseases. Disposition to boils, warts and moles.
  • Echinacea Ang Q: Irritations from insect bites and poisonous plants. Recurring boils. It strengthens resistance power and internal antiseptic with the influence on lymphatic system.
  • Azad. Ind Q:  Much itching of body, burning and prickling, Useful in acne, blackheads. Useful as an antispetic, antiacne and even for abdominal diseases. It detoxifies the body and act as a blood purifier.
  • Gentiana L Q: Useful in stomach related complaints. Helps to improve the appetite.
  • Tinospora Q: It helps to boost the immunity of the body.
  • Veronia A Q: Used in complaints of difficult urination, In complaints of stomach,to expel worms.
  • S. Chirata Q: Its an excellent blood purifier, helpful in scanty urination. Effective in all types of skin diseases. Used as an anti helminthic to expel worms. Cleanser of the body.


Adults: 1 teaspoonful 2-3 times a day

Children: Half teaspoonful 1-2 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long do I take Wheezal Sarsa syrup?

You can take it under your physician advise or till the symptoms start to subside.

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Can u display the contents of all Sarsa Syrup. Reply to this Question


Composition: sarsaparilla, suphur, phytolacca b., echinacea, azadirachta ind., gentiana, tinospora, vernonia, s.chirata.by Dr. Mugdha on Mar 28, 2017


Does the overdose cause any problems in health? Reply to this Question


Mostly Over dose doesn't cause any problem. But its recommended to take as per the Physicians advice.by Dr. Pednekar on Dec 29, 2017


Can we take Wheezal Sarsa Syrup, SBL alfalfa ginseng tonic, and R41 same day? Reply to this Question


You can take them. Keep a gap of 15 minutes between them.by Dr Vaishali Sharma on Jul 10, 2020


Can Wheezal Sarsa Syrup permanently remove or reduce boils in the body? Reply to this Question


Wheezal Sarsa Syrup helps to remove or reduce boils in the body.by Dr Vaishali Sharma on Jul 10, 2020


Can Wheezal Sarsa Syrup reduce permanently fungal infections? Reply to this Question


Wheezal Sarsa Syrup helps in the fungal infections. Take 1 teaspoonful 2 times a day.by Dr Vaishali Sharma on Jul 10, 2020

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Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (450ml)

Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (450ml)

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