Willmar Schwabe India Lycopodium Clavatum 1000 CH (30ml)

Willmar Schwabe India Lycopodium Clavatum 1000 CH (30ml)

Bloating, Liver complaints, backache, joint pains, digestive troubles

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Tonsilitis & Throat Pain

Tonsilitis & Throat Pain

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Arthritis & Rheumatism


Also known as

lyco, lycop


1000 CH
75 (gms)
3 (cm) x 3 (cm) x 9.4 (cm)

About Willmar Schwabe Lycopodium(Dilution)

Common Name: Club Moss/ Wolf's-claw 

Causes & Symptoms for Willmar Schwabe Lycopodium(Dilution)

  • Complaints that arise from Fright, chagrin, anger, vexation, anxiety, Over lifting, Lycopodium works in the most effective way. When there is disturbance or weakness of digestive power, functional weakness of liver, kidney complaints.
  • Symptoms that are seen mainly on the right side of the body; direction of symptoms that go from right to left; and above downwards.
  • Sensitiveness runs throughout lycopodium personality, cannot tolerate cold, craves for warmth. Complaints that are aggravated from warmth.


  • Fear; of being alone, of own shadows, of men, of taking resposibility, runs through the remedy lycopodium. 
  • Obstinate, once he/she decidess to do he does not listen to anyone. Uses wrong words, spells words in a wrong way.
  • Lycopodium patient loves to rule and gives command to others, irritable and cunning in nature, keeps finding fault in the work done. Cannot take decisions.
  • Cannot take stress, loss of self confidence and no desire for company. Loves to have power in hands.

Nose, Ear and Throat:

  • Stopped up nose, breathing difficulty and has to breathe through mouth, child keeps rubbing the nose.
  • Crusts that form around the nose and face with eczema, red eyes with inflammation, conjunctivitis and dischrage from eyes, nose ear is thick.
  • Eruptions of the ear, otitis media, pain over the ear, eczema that starts behind the ear and travel upto the scalp area.
  • Tinnitus, humming heard in the ear, echo is heard in the ear.
  • Ulceration of throat, tonsils, with dryness of throat, food and drink that comes up in the mouth after swallowing.
  • Bad odor from mouth, blisters on tongue. 

Stomach and Abdomen:

  • Appetite and Headache are associated with each other.
  • Bloating sensation in the stomach with flatulence, wind that is aggravated after eating. Weakened digestion, with associated liver troubles. 
  • Desires for sweets, oysters, but easy satiety in small period of time. Good appetite but as soon as eats little fills up to the throat with fullness of stomach that is not relieved by belching or eructations.
  • Complaints of stomach are mostly after drinking cold, beer or coffee.
  • Pains in the stomach after eating, Gall stone colic, Flatulence cannot pass easily that causes pain.
  • Complaints of stomach and abdomen that are aggravated after eating.

Urinary and Rectal complaints:

  • Desire to urinate, with constant urging mainly associated with increased sugar levels, pain while passing urine, itching in urethra while passing urine. Severe pain over the right side lumbar area due to renal stones associated with crying.
  • Constipation with no desire to pass stools. Pressure at the anal area due to hard stools with distension of abdomen.
  • Itching eruptions at the anal region with hemorrhoids that protrude during hard stool. Piles that cause pain and burning sensation while sitting.

Male and female complaints:

  • male: Weakness or total loss of erections, prostatic complaints. Penis is small, cold and relaxed.
  • female: Dryness of vagina with burning pains at the vulva region. Menses that are profuse, clotted, party bloody, with clots and swelling of breasts with nodules.

Extremtities (Upper and Lower Limbs):

  • Pain in bones of arms, fingers, joints with difficulty in movement and pain in the palms.Itching, dryness of palms with gouty stiffness of fingers.
  • Pain in multiple joints, after pressure, sitting down, Cramps in the calf muscles with trembling of feet especially in the evenings and at night.
  • Corns over the feet with shooting pains. Great tendancy to get cold. Numbness, weakness with emaciation in children. 
  • Great tendancy to take cold, warts and corns. Painful corns and warts on the hands, sensitive to touch, pain on touch.


  • Aggravation of all the complaints between 4 pm to 8 pm, from heat or warmth.

Side effects of Willmar Schwabe Lycopodium(Dilution) 

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Willmar Schwabe Lycopodium(Dilution)

Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating. Homeopathic medicines have several uses and are prescribed on the basis of symptom similarity.

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What is the use of this medicine? What directions to be followed? Reply to this Question


Homeopathic medicines have several uses. It is precribed on basis of symptom similarity. Lycopodium is commonly used for bloated abdomen, flatulence, excess appetite and tremendous hairfall. You can take 5 drops in half cup water thrice a day.by Dr. Pednekar on Apr 24, 2017


Hi Doctor, i am suffering from below symptoms is lycopodium enough for below as my major problem ia stomach issues headaches skin itch and lethargy due to body pain sleepy during day 1. Stomach bloating 2. Pain in stomach naval area 3. Lower back pain shoulder pain leg pain is continuous 4. Feel like food is pushed back to throat 5. Heaviness in head chest head pain neck pain but no burning sensation. 6. Irregular stools sometimes hard dry sticky loose mucos in stools. 7. Morninga are very bad i cant get up from bed. Too much of headache body pain more of leg pains heel pain shoulder pain in morning and is thruout the day. Joint pains too. 8. Dry skin itching on skin whole body dry face skin pimples on nose. 9. Lack of sleep during night hours 10. Feel hungry during late night.. 11. Sleep during day time. 12. Urge to maaterbate a lot as am living a seperated life from my spouse for last 8 yrs so too frustrated and irritated fear of loosing my job. I feel good and get sleep also of i masterbate but i cant do that daily as that harms me.. i have too many mood swings. 13. I get angry easily too emotional and lack confidence i think too much so have a restless mind. Please prescribe me correct medicines from homeopathy as i have been taking homeopathy from last few years but my doctor passed away..and i dont know what he was presciribing Reply to this Question


Take the following: natrum mur 1m- 4drops in water once a week lycopodium 200- 4 drops in water thrice daily kali phos 6x- 4 tablets 3 thrice daily For further assistance, please write to us on our online consultation page.by Dr. Mugdha on Aug 29, 2017


Dear Dr. MUGDHA, Below medicine of which brand to buy? Natrum mur 1M Lycopodium 200 kali phos 6x. Reply to this Question


You can prefer the following brands to buy medicines: Schwabe, SBL, Dr Reckeweg, REPL, adel pekana.by Dr. Pednekar on Aug 30, 2017


My p.size is small and my hair premature grey hair & skinny body . Please tell me medicine Reply to this Question


Lycopodium has several uses. It can be effectively used in complaints of indigestion, headaches, greying of hair and improving the appetite. It also has good action on skin complaints. For early greying hair you can use Arnica hair oil. Alfalfa tonic for skinny body.by Dr. Pednekar on Dec 27, 2017


I am 35, Male, have scalp dandruff and 30% of my hair grayed in just 3yrs. I have tried ayurvedic scalp therapy, Neem, amla and mustard oil etc, but not get good result. Kindly suggest good remedy to get rid of scalp and graying of hair. Kindly prescribe product name with company name. Reply to this Question


We would recommend you to take SBL drops no 1 for hair care, 10 drops in 1/4th cup of water three times a day. You should also apply Arnica hair oil mixing it with equal quantity of jabornadi oil and apply on the affected area. Take scalptone tablets 2 tablets 2 times a day. by Dr. Pednekar on Jan 23, 2018

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