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Himalaya Himcolin Gel (30g)

Acts well in Erectile Dysfunction, Has Soothing and Lasting Effects

 140 1335 %
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Dr. Loonawat Wartosin (3ml)

For all kinds of Wart Removal

Sold Out

Aimil BGR 34 Tablets (100tab)

Very Effective in Type 2 Maintain Blood Sugar, Helps Glucose Absorptions

 505 45011 %
Sold Out

REPL Orthovit Capsule (30caps)

Stiffness and Back Pain, Joint Pains, Osteoarthritis, Relieves Rheumatic Pains

 210 1995 %
Sold Out

Baidyanath Mahayograj Guggulu (40tab)

Joints Pains, Multiple Joint Pains, Gout, Piles, Maintain Blood Sugar, Conceiving/Child Bearing problems, Indigestion

 171 1625 %
Sold Out

Himalaya Ashwagandha Tablet (60tab)

Calms Nerves, Mind and Body, Helps in Stress Induced Male Sexual Dysfunction

 135 1285 %
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Himalaya Neem Tablet (60tab)

Derma Specialist, Acne and Pimples, Skin Allergies and Infections

 135 1285 %
Sold Out

Charak Cephagraine Tablet (40tab)

Allergic Rhinitis, Nasal Blockage, Sinusitis, Cold and Running Nose

Sold Out

Baidyanath Chandraprabha Vati (80tab)

UTI, Urinary Calculi, Indigestion, Respiratory Disease, Skin, Piles, Anemia, Fistula

 93 885 %
Sold Out

Dabur Triphala Churan (500g)

Laxative, Useful in Constipation, Weight Loss, Blood Purifier, Eye Tonic

 126 1196 %
Sold Out

Baidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet (50tab)

For Bleeding and Painful Piles, Anal Fissures, Burning and Itching of Anus

 175 1665 %
Sold Out

Dabur Brahma Rasayan (250g)

Nourishes Brain and Body, Improves Digestion, Builds Strength and Stamina

 134 1275 %
Sold Out

Vyas Arjunchaal Churna (100g)

Heart Tonic and Blood Pressure Regulator

 65 616 %
Sold Out

Baidyanath Saraswat Churna (60g)

Reduces Convulsions, Mental Weakness, Nervous Strain, Improves Memory.

 48 456 %
Sold Out

Baidyanath Jatyadi Tail (50ml)

Antiseptic, Good Healer for Boils, Cuts, Wounds, Burns, Piles and Fistula

 105 996 %
Sold Out

Himalaya Lasuna Tablet (60tab)

Cardiovascular Guardian, Lowers Cholesterol and Lipid Levels, Antioxidant

 150 1425 %
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Baidyanath Arjunarishta (450ml)

Tonic and Cardiac Stimulant, Used in Diseases of Heart, Angina, Palpitation Etc.

 128 1215 %
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Baidyanath Saptvisanti Guggulu (80tab)

Inflammations of Body Parts, Urinary Disorder, Joint Pains.

 176 1675 %
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Zandu Haritaki Tablet (40tab)

Helps in Constipation, Useful as Carminative & laxative, Improves Digestion

 34 326 %
Sold Out

Hamdard Sualin Tab (60tab)

Soothing effective relief from sore throat, cough and bronchitis

Sold Out

Vyas Ashwagandha Churna (100g)

Helpful in General Weakness and Improves Memory, Increases Stamina and Vitality

 115 1095 %
Sold Out

Himalaya Abana Tablet (60tab)

Cardiovascular Acts well in Heart Diseases Management and Hypertension, Controls High Blood pressure.

 100 955 %
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Charak Extrammune Syrup (200ml)

Natural Immunity Enhancer, Helps to Improve Resistance and Faster Recovery


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