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Health Aid & Fitness

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David & Johnson Knee Support Open Patella Neoprene (Free Size)

Relieves Pressure on Patella, Provides Compression and Support, Keeps Knee Warm

 990 9405 %
Sold Out

Tynor Weight Cuff (0.5kg)

Cushioning with Steel Balls & Fillings Inside, Ideal for Exercise and Rehabilitation

 275 2615 %
Sold Out

Tynor Knee Cap (with Rigid Hinge) Elastic (M)

Strong Hinges with Straps Provide Better Grip and Ensure Proper Blood Circulation

 392 3725 %
Sold Out

Tynor Mallet Finger Splint (Free Size)

Simple, Strong, Sleek and Comfortable, Provides Rigid Immobilization & Excellent Grip

 68 646 %
Sold Out

Aktive Hinged Knee Brace Front Open Neoprene (S)

Metal Hinges for Support and Front Open Design with Straps for Wearing Comfort

 1550 14725 %
Sold Out

Dr. Morepen Non Contact Infrared Thermometer (1pcs)

Led Backlight Display, Accurate Results in Few Seconds, User Friendly and Auto Off

Sold Out

Coronation Hot Water Bag (1.5liter)

Can be used for Heating, Effective in Sport Injuries and Pains

Sold Out

Flamingo Electric Heating Pad/Heat Belt (XL)

Digitally Controlled Heating System for Heating and Pain Relief

Sold Out

Tynor Knee Cap (Pair) Elastic (M)

Elastic Outside and Cotton Inside Ensures Knee Support and Comfort in All Seasons

 231 2195 %
Sold Out

Tynor Anti Embolism Stocking Knee High (L)

Provides Controlled Compression to Ensure Proper Blood Circulation, Light Weight and Comfortable

 1225 11635 %
Sold Out

Aktive Anti Embolism Stocking Below Knee Pair (M)

Compression Support to Control Thromboembolism, Relieves Tired and Aching Legs

 900 8555 %
Sold Out

Aktive Compression Stockings Below Knee Pair Nylon (XL)

Improves Blood Circulation, Helps in Varicose Veins, Swelling of Legs and Cramps

 1396 13265 %
Sold Out

Tynor Knee Support Hinged Neoprene (M)

Strong Hinge for Weight Bearing, Relieves Knee Pressure, Pain and Dislocations

 1069 10155 %
Sold Out

Tynor Weight Cuff (2kg)

Cushioning with Steel Balls & Fillings Inside, Ideal for Exercise and Rehabilitation

 863 8195 %
Sold Out

Oppo Knee Support Open Patella Short Coolprene (Free Size)

Open Patella Relieves Pressure on Knee Cap, Provides Support and Stability

 1995 18955 %
Sold Out

Aktive Fever Strip (1pcs)

Convenient and Cost Effective Fever Strip Thermometer, Reads Temperature in 15 Seconds

Sold Out

Flamingo Cool Pack (L)

Non Toxic Gel, Leak Resistant, Flexible Even When Chilled, Washable Cover

Sold Out

Johnson & Johnson Dynacrepe Cotton Crepe Bandage (6cm)

Elastic Crepe Roll for Uniform Compression and Support in Injuries and Sprains

Sold Out

Tynor Elbow Crutch Adjustable (Free Size)

Flipping Elbow Piece with Loop Tightening Ensure Better Confidence & Free Use of Hands

 695 6605 %
Sold Out

Tynor Ankle Splint Elastic (Free Size)

Molded Splint Ensures Immobilization and Straps Improve Grip and Movement Control

 670 6365 %
Sold Out

Tynor Hernia Belt Elastic (M)

Foam Pads Press the Inguinal Aperture at Correct Angle for Enhanced Support

 471 4475 %
Sold Out

Dr. Morepen Stream Inhalator (1pcs)

Steam Inhalator and Facial Sauna That Produces Steam Vapors in Seconds, Plastic Body to Control Shocks

 450 4275 %
Sold Out

Dr. Morepen Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor (Mercury Free) (1pcs)

High Quality Mercury Free Dial BP Monitor, Precise and Accurate, Provision of Wall Mounting

Sold Out

Tynor Contoured Lumbar Support Belt Elastic (XL)

Rigid Splints & Strong Elastic Ensures Good Compression & Maintain Correct Posture

 540 5135 %

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