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B Jain Berberis Aquifolium 1X (Q) (30ml)

Clear complexion, Pimples, acne, Blotches, psoriasis, Joint pains.

 199 16915 %
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B Jain Berberis Vulgaris 1X (Q) (30ml)

Renal calculi, Arthritic pains, lumbago, Urinary incontinence

 79 6715 %
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B Jain Echinacea Angustifolia 1X (Q) (30ml)

Boosts Immunity System, Reduces UTI, Recurrent Infections, Pimples

 179 15215 %
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B Jain Allium Sativum 1X (Q) (30ml)

Abdominal Colic, Vertigo, Cough, Coryza, Ear wax, Dry Mouth, Worms

 99 8415 %
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B Jain Carduus Marianus 1X (Q) (30ml)

Nausea, Vomiting, loss of appetite, liver problems, Varicose Veins

 119 10115 %
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B Jain Avena Sativa 1X (Q) (30ml)

Sleeplessness, weakness, Energy tonic for males, Improves Immunity

 79 6715 %
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B Jain Alfalfa 1X (Q) (30ml)

Improves appetite, Helps in Weight gain, Anemia, Wellness tonic

 79 6715 %
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B Jain Hydrastis Canadensis 1X (Q) (30ml)

Mouth ulcers,Tonic for appetite, ear pain, catarrh, Coryza, eczema

 489 41515 %
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B Jain Syzygium Jambolanum 1X (Q) (30ml)

For Increased Amount of Sugar in the Blood, Urine and Related Symptoms

 79 6715 %
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B Jain Ginseng 1X (Q) (30ml)

Weak Memory, Debility, backache, sciatica, Joint pains, Ejaculation dysfunction

 299 25415 %
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B Jain Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) 1X (Q) (30ml)

Enhances Memory, Improves concentration, Headache, Increase T3 and t4.

 79 6715 %
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B Jain Passiflora Incarnata 1X (Q) (30ml)

Sleeplessness, Headache, Constant worry, Breathing difficulty, piles

 99 8415 %
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B Jain Gymnema Sylvestre 1X (Q) (30ml)

Reduces Blood sugar levels and cholesterol, Helps lose weight, Worms

 79 6715 %
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B Jain Nuphar Lutea 1X (Q) (30ml)

Absent Erection, premature ejaculation Diarrhea, Weakness, Psoriasis

 279 23715 %
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B Jain Jaborandi 1X (Q) (30ml)

Profuse Perspiration, Hairfall, Early greying of hair, Sleeplessness, Diarrhoea

 119 10115 %
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B Jain Chelidonium Majus 1X (Q) (30ml)

Jaundice, Warts and corns, ringworm, Loss of appetite, Nausea Vomiting

 119 10115 %

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