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Dr. Wellmans Lema Forte Drops (30ml)

Helps Reduce Weight, Improve Lethargy and Fatigue

 170 1615 %
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Dr. Wellmans Rheuma Sol Syrup (200ml)

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lumbago, Gout, Knee and Back Pain, Stiffness Joints

 195 1855 %
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Dr. Wellmans Folli Clean Hair Tonic (60ml)

Controls Hair Loss, Dryness of Scalp, Dandruff, Strengthen Roots of Hairs

 250 2394 %
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Dr. Wellmans Au Care Drops (30ml)

For Black Heads, Acne, Pimples, Skin Rashes and Dark Circles Around Eyes

 170 1615 %
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Dr. Wellmans Anti Tox Drop (30ml)

Reduces the Craving and After Effects of Nicotine and Alcohol

 170 1615 %
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Dr. Wellmans Leuco F Tonic (200ml)

Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal), with Itching and Burning.

 195 1855 %
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Dr. Wellmans Grizag Forte Drops (60ml)

Helps Promote Height in Growing Children

 575 5465 %
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Dr. Wellmans Stimasiac Drops (30ml)

Nervine Tonic for Males, Helps in Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation

 250 2375 %
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Dr. Wellmans Astha Cure Syrup (200ml)

Broncho Dilator, Asthma with Cough and Wheezing, Chest Congestion, Expectorant

 195 1855 %
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Dr. Wellmans Digecom Syrup (200ml)

Acidity, Flatulence, Dyspepsia, Gastritis, Loss of Appetite, Constipation Etc.

 195 1855 %
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Dr. Wellmans Ferrum 5 Syrup (200ml)

Iron Deficiency, Anaemia due to Blood Loss or Pregnancy, General Debility

 180 1715 %
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Dr. Wellmans Rauwolfia Forte Syrup (200ml)

Regulates High Blood Pressure,Palpitation,Restlessness,Sleeplessness

 180 1715 %
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Dr. Wellmans Tropodin Z Drops (60ml)

For Osteoarthritis, Pain and Inflammation in Knee and Joints Aggravate Movement

 575 5465 %
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Dr. Wellmans Elixir Vita 8 Syrup (200ml)

Restorative Male Tonic for Lack of Appetite, Anaemia, Fatigue and Indigestion

 195 1855 %
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Dr. Wellmans Kof Nac Syrup (100ml)

Allergic Cough, Decongestant, Anti-Tussive, Dyspnoea and Bronchitis

 120 1145 %
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