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B Jain Guatteria Gaumeri Drops (30ml)

Controls High Cholesterol and Associated Symptoms, Hypercholesterolemia

 329 27915 %
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B Jain Omeo Kalmegh Drops (30ml)

Liver Tonic and Blood Purifier, Useful in Acidity, Dyspepsia, Indigestion

 119 9520 %
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B Jain Omeo Diabetes Drops (30ml)

Reduces High Blood Sugar, Maintains blood sugar, Weakness and Related Symptoms.

 129 10320 %
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B Jain Omeo Heart Gold Drops (30ml)

Tones Up Heart Muscles, Dissolves Deposits in Arteries, Relieves Palpitation

 139 11120 %
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B Jain Omeo Calcium Tablets (25g)

Helps to Strengthen Bones, Useful in Osteoporosis, Bone Pains and Cramps

 139 11120 %
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B Jain Omeo Ear Drops (15ml)

Antiseptic, Relieves Ear Pain, Removes Obstruction and Wax Deposits Inside Ear

 45 3620 %
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B Jain Yohimbinum 1X (Q) (30ml)

Weakness of Sexual Organs, Premature Ejaculation, Stimulates Lactation

 229 19415 %
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B Jain Heart 200 CH (10ml)

 55 4616 %
Sold Out

B Jain Chelidonium Majus 200 CH (10ml)

Jaundice, Warts and corns, ringworm, Loss of appetite, Nausea Vomiting

 55 4616 %
Sold Out

B Jain Cina 200 CH (10ml)

 55 4616 %
Sold Out

B Jain Gymnema Sylvestre 200 CH (10ml)

Reduces Blood sugar levels and cholesterol, Helps lose weight, Worms

 55 4616 %
Sold Out

B Jain Sulphur 200 CH (30ml)

 95 8016 %

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