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Diseases - Alopecia & Bald Patches

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Dr. Reckeweg R89 (Lipocol) (30ml)

Alopecia, Baldness, Hair Loss and Graying

 255 2406 %
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SBL Scalptone Tabs (25g)

Falling of Hair, Premature Greying, Dandruff, Strengthens Roots of Hair

 140 12610 %
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New Life Hairgrotone Drops (30ml)

For Dandruff and Hair Falling, Baldness and Premature Gray, Promotes Growth

 100 9010 %
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Adel Pekana Adel 9 (Cri-Regen) (20ml)

For Premature Hair Loss, Thinning of Hair

Sold Out

Bios Lab Hair Care Falling Tablet (25g)

For Loss of Hair, Baldness, Thinning of Hair, Promotes Hair Growth

 85 806 %
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Bios Lab Hair Care Dandruff Tablet (25g)

For Dandruff, Hair Falling and Itching of Scalp, Alopecia, Bald Patches on Scalp

 85 806 %
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