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Diseases - Heart Tonics

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SBL Tonicard Drops (100ml)

Reduces Palpitations, Relieves Anxiety, Pain in Heart and Strong Pulse

 330 29710 %
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Dr. Reckeweg R2 (Aurin) (22ml)

Palpitations, Relieves Anxiety, Pain Heart and Strong Pulse

 220 2095 %
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Willmar Schwabe India Essentia Aurea Drops (30ml)

Cardiac Weakness, Hypertension, Cardio Tonic Action, Angina, Palpitations

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Baksons Bee Pee Aid Drops (100ml)

Helps to Maintain Blood Pressure, Useful in High BP, Relieves Anxiety, Stress

 270 2565 %
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Willmar Schwabe Germany Essentia Aurea (20ml)

Stress, Fatigue, Dysfunctions of Circulation.

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REPL Dr. Advice No 215 (Palipit-Gone) (30ml)

Reduces Heart Palpitation, Irregular and Rapid Heart Beat, Relieves Anxiety.

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Willmar Schwabe India Angioton Drops (30ml)

Low Blood Pressure, Hypotension, Exhaustive Illness and Weakness

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Medisynth Angio Card Gold Drops (30ml)

Heart Tonic for Cardiac and Aortic Complaints, Angina, Tone up Heart Muscles

 145 1376 %
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Adven Rolfia Tablet (25g)

For Controlling High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Tones Heart Muscles

 110 1045 %
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SBL Tonicard Drops (30ml)

Reduces Palpitations, Relieves Anxiety, Pain in Heart and Strong Pulse

 145 13010 %
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New Life NL-11 (High Blood Pressure Drops) (30ml)

Blood Pressure with Systolic Above 140 and Diastolic Above 90,

 100 955 %
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Hamdard Aujai Capsules (60caps)

Relieves Pain, Stiffness and Swelling of Joints & Muscles

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Adel Pekana Adel 43 (Cardinorma) (20ml)

For (Angina: Weakness of Heart Muscles) and Irregular Heart Beats

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Baksons Card Aid Drops (30ml)

Cardiac Tonic, Palpitations, Angina

 145 1376 %
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New Life NL-5 (Odema Drops) (30ml)

For Swelling in Body due to Weak Kidney, Heart Functions or other Reasons

 100 955 %
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New Life NL-12 (Low Blood Pressure Drops) (30ml)

Low Blood Pressure with Weakness, Lack of Strength, Hypotension

 100 955 %
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Dr. Reckeweg R3 (Corvosan) (22ml)

Cardiac Fatigue, Blockage, Heart Failure with Cardiac Dilatation

 220 2095 %
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Dr. Reckeweg R66 (Arrhythmin) (22ml)

Disturbances of Cardiac Rhythm, Irregular Heart Beat

 220 2095 %
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Himalaya Abana Tablet (60tab)

Cardiovascular Acts well in Heart Diseases Management and Hypertension, Controls High Blood pressure.

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Dr. Reckeweg R12 (Multojodin) (22ml)

Helps in cerebral arteriosclerosis and Coronary Sclerosis, Vertigo.

 220 2095 %
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REPL Dr. Advice No 1 (Golden Drops) (30ml)

Congestive Heart, Pain in Chest, Controls High Cholesterol

Sold Out

Dr. Reckeweg R58 (Vernadon) (22ml)

Reduces Oedema and Swelling of the Legs

 220 2095 %
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Himalaya Oxitard Capsule (30caps)

Natural Antioxidant, Maintains blood sugar.

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Dr. Wellmans Rauwolfia Forte Syrup (200ml)

For Controlling High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Insomnia, Relieves Anxiety and Stress

 180 1715 %

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