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Diseases - Leucorrhoea

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SBL Bio Combination 13 (25g)

Reduces Weakness In girls with White acrid, watery discharge (leucorrhoea)

 75 715 %
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Dr. Wellmans Leuco F Tonic (200ml)

Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal), with Itching and Burning.

 180 1715 %
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SBL Pelvorin Tabs (25g)

Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal) with Pain Back and Abdomen, Itching and Burning

 140 12610 %
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Dr. Reckeweg R20 (Euglandin-F) (22ml)

Functional Endocrine Disturbances of Glands Women

 220 2095 %
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Adven Leuco Forte Syrup (180ml)

Effective Uterine Tonic, Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal), Painful Menses.

 140 1335 %
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REPL Dr. Advice No 41 (Sterlin -F) (30ml)

Regulates Hormones in Female, Premature and Profuse Menses with Pain

 170 15310 %
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Dr. Reckeweg R50 (Sacrogynol) (22ml)

Gynaec Pains in Sacral Region, Lower Back, Pains in the Breasts

 220 2095 %
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Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination 13 (20g)

Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal) Thick White, Acrid, Watery & Weakness.

 150 1425 %
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REPL Dr. Advice No 110 (Leucorest) (30ml)

Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal), Itching and Burning.

 130 11710 %
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Adel Pekana Adel 15 (Fluofin) (20ml)

Reduces White Discharges (Vaginal) and relieves other problems associated with it.

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