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Diseases - Nail Fungus

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Dr. Reckeweg R82 (Mycox) (30ml)

Fungal Infections of Hair, Nails and Skin Including Ringworm etc.

 230 2185 %
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Adel Pekana Adel 73 (Mucan) (20ml)

For Fungal Infections of Hair, Nails and Skin

 215 2045 %
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Willmar Schwabe India Silicea Pentarkan (20g)

Helps Healing Wounds, Fistula Openings, Hair and Nail Growth Problems

 145 1376 %
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Dr. Reckeweg R34 (Calcossin) (22ml)

Calcareous Tissues and Growth of Bones, Fragility of the Bones

 200 1905 %
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